Book Review – Vanilla – Megan Hart

If you follow my blog then you must know that my favorite book of all time is Broken by Megan Hart. Since reading Broken, I realized I needed something more in my erotica. It couldn’t all be sex, it had to have heart, pain, love… And that’s exactly what Megan Hart’s stories have. They will rip you apart and while they might sew you back together, the pain remains… Sometimes a sweet pain, but mostly bitter sweet.

Which brings me to Vanilla. Another Megan Hart masterpiece. It introduces us to Elise, a domme. Elise has never hidden her predilections. She discovered very early on that she preferred to be on top… that she loved to be worshipped and most of all, she loved men on their knees. Elise is in an arrangement with Esteban, a sub. She sees him often enough but theirs is a sexual arrangement, nothing more nothing less.

“Our agreement wasn’t anything that would stand up in court, but it was one we’d worked on carefully to be sure it suited us both. Realistic, maybe to a fault. This was not a love affair.

Elise is also still in love with a man, George. George is no longer in her life but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think about him every minute of her day. Which is why she can’t let anything with Esteban be more than just the physical. She can’t let go of George.

“I was stupid with this love. Not so stupid that I didn’t understand that he’d become something else to me. A symbol maybe. An ideal. Something to yearn for but never have, in some twisted self-denial kind of thing I’d need years of therapy to untangle my reasons for craving it.

Then she meets Niall. Niall is not who she wants. He’s charming and handsome, yes, but he’s not and never will be a submissive. But he makes her feel. She hasn’t really felt in a long time.

“Without a word, needing none, he got up. He pulled me onto the dance floor. And we moved together as though we’d been born for it, as though our parents had met and fallen in love or lust and come together for the sole purpose of making each of us  so that we could find one another, right there, right now, on the dance floor where he put his hands on me like he owned me… and I let him, because right then, just then, I wanted to be owned.

Can she leave who she is to be with a man who makes her happy in every other way?

Ah, I loved this! Everything about the book is what I needed. The writing = flawless. The banter = witty. The characters = so flawed, so beautifully flawed. The thing with Megan Hart’s books is that she pays attention to the little details. You feel like you know her characters, or people like them. I love the way they’re well rounded… their flaws, their beauty… it’s all highlighted for the reader and you can’t help but fall in love.

I was like that with Elise. I felt as if I knew her. Her interactions with her mother, brother and older sister, her love affair with Esteban. Her longing for George and her falling and falling for Niall.

Then there’s the flawless, lyrical writing. No one does it like Megan Hart when it comes to describing feelings. I find myself nodding and pausing to reflect… I just love everything about it.

But back to the story. Elise is now torn. Can she be Vanilla? Can she let go of the kink that has for so long been a huge part of who she is? Can she finally let go of George?

I loved her journey. I loved laughing with her, crying with her and rooting for her. I haven’t even really talked about Niall. He’s every girl’s hero. Handsome, charming, attentive. He slowly drew Elise in… but he had his flaws and I for one wasn’t sure what would happen to this love affair. Mostly because Megan Hart is known to leave you wanting… and I wasn’t sure I was ready for a bitter sweet ending….

“Sometimes love takes you by the hand and leads you to run through fields of flowers while butterflies weave you a dress out of rainbows. Other times, love takes you by the throat and chokes you until all you see is the bright, sharp trail of shooting stars right before everything turns to black./ The problem is, you can never tell in advance which way the story ends, not until you’re too far into it, and you have no choice but to keep turning the pages.

If you haven’t read any of her books, you have no idea what you’re missing. Start with Broken, fall in love with it. Move on to Tear You Apart… and definitely, definitely read Vanilla.

5 stars!

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I’d like to thank the publisher MIRA for providing this ARC for my review.

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Book Review – Tight – Alessandra Torre

I’m a huge fan of Alessandra Torre… the twists and turns in her books and the scorching hot sex scenes have me addicted. So of course I was going to read her newest :)

Tight is the story of Riley and Brett who we first met in a short story – Still. Riley is on a bachelorette holiday with her friends when she meets Brett. She thinks it’s a one night stand but it turns out to be much more.

“I told you, this doesn’t have to be anything.”

“Or,” he shrugged, stepping forward, his mouth pressing softly against my cheek, my lips crying for the missed contact, the taste of his tongue, the onelastchance that might have flown by, “it could be the start of everything.”

Brett is Mr. Perfect… or so he seems. He wants Riley and so he pursues her. But things about him are not adding up. He has a secret, that’s for sure, and it’s huge.

I knew what I felt. I loved him. But I didn’t know him. And I didn’t trust him. The man I had fallen for hid something. I could feel it, slipping into bed with us at night, slithering up my bare legs, looking for a vulnerable place to bite.

I’ve always been a big fun of huge plot twists, from my Nancy Drew days to my John Grisham days. So when I found Erotica, I thought I had to say adieu to plot twists because let’s be honest, there’s hardly much more than sex in most of these books. Then I found Alessandra Torre’s books and I couldn’t believe I’d found both. Tight continues in the same thread as her other books, there’s a huge plot twist. I thought I had it figured out but of course she threw in another twist meant to blow my mind.

I shouldn’t have followed them. I should have paid the cabbie, gotten out, and walked back into the lobby. Taken the elevator up to my room and waited on Brett. You see, here is where my story ends.

Thud! Yeah, that was my heart! All the while I had the feeling I knew where this was going… but when I read that I started doubting myself. Problem is, while I was dead wrong… I still felt the book would have been better with what I had in mind. I know, I know… she’s the author and I should leave her to it..AND, kudos for throwing me off the scent but… gah! The twist was a bit anti climactic :/

So what I’m I going on about? That you will have to read for yourself. It’s hard to review a book with a twist because you don’t want to sell out too much of the plot. But I will say this, expect some good erotica with a dark tale intertwined with humor. Ah, that’s the new thing, humor. I fail to remember if her other books were quite as witty… but the main character Riley made me smile a couple of times because of her wit :)

So all in all the book had some really good moments and some funny moments and it felt solid all the way till the twist was revealed and then I felt slightly underwhelmed. But that’s just me.

3.5 stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Touch (Pagano Family #2) – Susan Fanetti

I am so glad I stuck with this series! Book #1 was so-so in my opinion but this one… wow, this one! Takes me back to THE Susan Fanetti who wrote my favorite books of the year Move the Sun and Behold the Stars! Back to vintage form, she has created another hero to rival Isaac… sigh, swoon and everything in between!

Touch is the story of Luca Pagano. Luca is a man-whore and he doesn’t try to hide it. He doesn’t see himself in a steady relationship and that’s fine by him. He has a steady stream of blondes he sleeps with and he would like to keep it that way… until he meets Manny. Manny or Emmanuelle, is a masseuse and a publicist for her brother’s band. She suffers from a condition that makes her different from most other people; amongst other symptoms, she says exactly what she’s thinking. So when she decides she likes Luca, she goes ahead and says it. She’s not exactly Luca’s type but what the hey… they can have some fun. Until Luca learns of her condition and he can’t help but feel for her, want to make her life different.. and he wants to be a part of that life…

Ah I loved this book! Definitely up there with my favorite of the year! Luca was the perfect hero. Fell in love a bit too fast but the way he persevered and fought for his relationship with Manny was just beautiful.

“I don’t know how to love. That’s my whole problem. I don’t know how to do it.”

“You love your brother. Your mom and dad.:

“That took my whole life. And it’s different from what you want. I can love them from the distance I need. What you want from me is different.”

“I just want to touch you.”

See, Manny’s condition makes it difficult for anyone to get close to anyone outside her family. But Luca tries… he teaches her how to love… and he loves her enough to persevere everything thrown his way. And believe me a lot gets thrown their way. It’s as if the universe conspires to just keep them apart… from mental breakdowns to Mafia deals gone wrong…

“I’m losing you, bit. You’re sneaking away from me, I can feel it.”

Expect some hard to handle scenes… but in the end…

“You’re butterflies. Everybody else is spiders.”

That gave me goosebumps. And you’ll see why when you read the book.

I’ll end by saying that I’m in love with Susan Fanetti’s writing. Absolutely in love. I may not love all the books the same way… to be honest some have been huge hits while others have hit the mark in my opinion, but the one constant is that her writing draws me in. I could honestly read nothing but her books till the end of the year and be completely sated. In fact i have to stop myself from diving into the third book in this series because this is an Erotica Blog not a Susan Fanetti fan club (though I could turn into into the latter :) )

5 stars!

 Amazon Buy Link -> Touch by Susan Fanetti


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Book Review – Footsteps (Pagano Family #1) – Susan Fanetti

I’ve been obsessed with this author since I read a couple of books in her Biker Series. The first two books in that series remain my favorite of the year and so when I read that she’d written a mafia series, I couldn’t wait to read it!

Footsteps is the story of Carlo Pagano… of those Paganos as they’re known all over Providence. See, his family is made of two sides, his father who leads a legitimate business and his father’s uncles who are in the Mafia. Carlo is an architect and not involved in either businesses. He has his own firm which is looking to work with the richest man in Providence – James Auberon. However, on the night he meets Auberon, he realises that there is a darker side to him… one connected to how he treats his wife Sabina. Another fateful meeting with the beautiful Sabina and Carlo knows he has to save her, even if he has to involve his uncles to do it.

As I said, I am very addicted to Susan Fanetti’s books at the moment. She is such a natural in the way she pulls you in… the writing is easy and engaging, yet with dark undertones that she does not shy away from. Be it brutal rape scenes or Mafia related activities, the author lays them out for the reader. Yet the dark scenes are surrounded by so much light… so much family, so much positivism. It’s truly beautiful to read.

I immediately rooted for Carlo and Sabina. It was really nice to meet and love the Paganos… it’s in the easy way she describes each character that you feel these people must exist somewhere. I devoured the book… I did. I enjoyed huge chunks of it… BUT… I didn’t fall in love with the book the way I expected to. The sex scenes lacked the heat that I’ve come to associate with this author. They were… sweet. That’s how I’d describe them. Sweet.

The storyline itself was such a gem. I was intrigued by James’ plans for his wife and couldn’t wait to see how it would all be handled. Yet instead of delving deeper into the grit as she did in her other series, the author chose an ‘it’s been taken care off by the uncles’ route. So while the reader finds out what happens, he/she is not a part of the action. It was a classic case of ‘tell not show’ which was disappointing to me.

While her biker books are the best in their genre, her Mafia ones aren’t… at least not judging from book #1. That being said, I’m jumping into the next book. There’s something about how wholesome these books are, how well written, how unassuming they are… there’s just something about them that makes me want to read on.

3.5 stars.

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Book Review – The King (The Original Sinners #6) – Tiffany Reisz

Excitement doesn’t even begin to cover my emotions when I open the first page of a Tiffany Reisz book! Her wit is unparalleled…. unparalleled. There’s just nothing like it… then add in all the other ingredients that make her my favorite author and I have to pace myself not to devour her books in a day!

The King is of course Kingsley Edge’s story. We’re taken back 20 years. A young Kingsley Edge, 28, living in Manhattan… sleeping with anything that moves, drinking to suppress his feelings… and basically all out depressed. Kingsley hasn’t seen Søren in 11 years and the years in between haven’t been kind to him. However, as fate would have it, Nora gets herself into trouble and only Kingsley can help. And thus, the two men are reunited.

The story definitely introduces us to a different Kingsley. I was never his biggest fan in the previous books. I found him too arrogant… I just couldn’t relate much with his character. I was actually a bit apprehensive about reading this book for those reasons, but it’s Tiffany reisz so I read the first page and was immediately hooked. But who is this different Kingsley?

“One. My parents died in a train crash when I was fourteen, Two my sister committed suicide when I was seventeen shortly after marrying the man I was in love with. Three, I used to kill people for a living for a secret organisation inside the French government. Four. I have pissed off dangerous men with long memories. Five. My closest friend is a Catholic priest, a sadist, in love with a girl in his congregation…”

And the list continues. King is a complicated man… he’s always been… but what I loved most was that we got to see a vulnerable Kingsley. It will surprise you how human he is. How much he hurt, how much he needed and how the love of Søren got him through the worst times of his life. Yes, he is still a man whore… expect him to jump from bed to bed… and expect him to be unapologetic about it… but then he gets his own version of a calling and I immediately started rooting for him.

After I was done with the book I realised I only highlighted the book twice. That hardly ever happens when I’m reading a book. I thought about it and could only explain it as an easy reading journey. It had it’s thrilling and impassioned moments… but what I loved most, what I love most about Tiffany Reisz’s writing is the fluidity. The books aren’t burdened with unnecessary drama… they are just so different… not just the subject matter: Erotica + Religion (which I could go on and on about), no, it’s more the wit, the banter… the oh so clever moments that put Tiffany Reisz in a class of her own.

Another brilliant instalment from one of the best.

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy LinkThe King by Tiffany Reisz


I’d like to thank the publisher Harlequin for providing this ARC for my review.

Series reading Order

The Red Years


The White Years


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Book Review – Into the Storm (Signal Bend #3) – Susan Fanetti

As soon as I was done with book #2, Behold the Stars, I immediately bought Into the Storm. Though Isaac and Lilli’s story came to an end in book #2, I really couldn’t imagine reading anything but the Signal Bend series!

I was so excited to find out that Into the Storm is Robert “Showdown” Ryan’s story. We met him in the previous books and we sympathised with his story. Show is a strong man. He endured a lot in the events of Book #1 and #2. Even a strong man can break, and he broke. Show now spends his days with the Night Hoarde bikers. He doesn’t feel he has a home to go to. He’s a lonely man.

The town however gets a new resident, Shannon Bannerman. Shannon is in Signal Bend to help Lilli run her B&B. The minute Shannon sees Show, she wants him. However, Show has no interest whatsoever. It’s like he doesn’t even notice her. Shannon is surprised to be so into a biker, but she can’t help herself, she wants Show. And she’s determined to get his attention. However, they both have their demons. Show’s story is known by the whole town, but no one knows much about Shannon. Even if she can get Show to notice her, can she tell him the truth about her background? And would he still want her then?

I found myself invested in the stories and the lives of the people in Signal Bend since book #1. You can’t help but hope for a happy ending after all they’ve been through. I knew Show’s story would be the most heartbreaking. I expected a lot of tears on my end… I expected to be taken through the ringer and back… it didn’t happen. While the story is beautifully told, it was not deep enough. It felt too cut and dry from the get go.

We already knew Show’s story, so there was nothing new there. Shannon’s secrets should have been intriguing, same way lilli’s were… but they weren’t. She held on to them a tad too long in my opinion. Such that when they were finally revealed it felt anticlimactic. It was hard not to compare Show and Shannon’s story to that of Isaac and Lilli’s. The latter had so much depth while the former felt a bit flat to me.

There was the amazing sex scenes that I’ve now come to associate with Susan Fanetti, but it was not as hot as the first two books. Again, I feel bad comparing the two stories. Of course the author had to make them different. Of course Show couldn’t be Isaac… but I missed the intensity between Show and Shannon.

Don’t get me wrong, Show was amazing. You feel for him, you lust after him and you root for him. He, just like Isaac, was an amazing hero. The heroine just wasn’t up to par… and when joined together, they just didn’t feel as connected as they should be. Pity really, because Show really really deserved something special. Something else that needs pointing out, this book was nowhere near as gritty or edgy as its predecessor. The storyline concentrated on the love story and not much to do with the MC…

In the end, I did enjoy their story. It wasn’t as un-put-downable as the other two, but it was sweet and steamy and to be honest, still much much better than most biker books in the market.

3.5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link – Into the Storm by Susan Fanetti

into the storm


Series Reading Order

movebeholdstorm 3

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Book Review – Prisoner – Skye Warren & Annika Martin

I’m a huge Skye Warren fan. I loved her Beauty Series and Wanderlust is one of my favorite dark erotica books… so of course I was excited to read Prisoner. Prisoner is the story of Abbie, an undergraduate student who is tasked with teaching prisoners for her class project. On her first day she meets Grayson. From all the shackles and the guards, he’s clearly the biggest and baddest of them all… yet for some reason she’s drawn to him.

As part of the project, the prisoners have to write a memoir that will appear in an online journal. Grayson knows that that’s his only chance to get word out to his people. He has to join that class… and toying with the new prim teacher isn’t too bad either :)

The book’s blurb doesn’t give away too much, so the reader more or less goes in blind. I was excited by the prospect of the story… I love when dark erotica is actually as it should be, dark, no colour coating. And what could be darker than a prisoner taking a captive. Is that even possible? I was intrigued. It however turned out to not be everything I’d hoped for.

I’ll start with the positives, an original storyline… at least not one I’ve read before. I loved the build up to their relationship… their interactions. I loved how deep the story turned out to be… how much more complicated it was… but then we have the negatives…

My biggest problem was the telling of the story. As I said, I loved that it was complicated. That there was this underlying story that made Grayson so much more than a prisoner… and another that introduced us to a not so prim Abbie. However, it was all ‘told’ to us. It was as if the authors were in a bit of a hurry… I wish we would have experienced all that happened to Grayson with him… I wish it wasn’t presented to us in such a hurried way. It was then hard to really feel for him… connect with him. I felt as if much of the important story was thrown in while if we had chapters of ‘the past’ or something similar, I would have felt as part of the story and not an outsider.

Related to this was the fact that all this ‘telling’ made for a very descriptive, easily readable book, but one that was hard to connect with. I didn’t feel as much as I wanted to. The sex scenes were hurried, even the action scenes felt odd… I didn’t feel my heart lurch,  it was just a feeling of ‘oh, that’s sorta interesting.’ Ditto the love story… insta love :/

Maybe it’s because I read a lot of thrillers… I just love to feel the energy of a story unfolding… the emotions that go with it… this one just didn’t have the same effect. It’s a pity because the underlying story is intriguing… if only the reader was given time to enjoy it.

Although it was not the execution I would have hoped for, the originality was there in spades.

3 stars.

Amazon Buy LinkPrisoner by Skye Warren and Annika Martin



I’d like to thank the authors for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Behold the Stars (Signal Bend #2) – Susan Fanetti

Can you improve on perfection? Apparently you can! I absolutely loved Move the Sun, book #1 in the Signal Bend series… and guess what? Book #2 is even better! Yes, I was as shocked as you are.

Behold the Stars is the continuation of Isaac and Lilli’s story. They are now together and even though they are deeply in love, problems surround them. For one, Lilli hates that Isaac feels the need to protect her. We know Lilli as the most kick ass heroine ever, former army pilot who is both book and street smart. She doesn’t want the protection of anyone, not even the love of her life. Signal Bend is also on the verge of a war. Ellis, the man who wants the Kellar farm for meth production, has decided to get what he wants by even dirtier means. Can the town survive the assault? Can Lilli and Isaac stay strong together?

The minute I saw that Behold the Stars would be a continuation of Isaac and Lilli’s story I was a bit concerned. I knew the conflict with Ellis had to be resolved, but how would the author improve on Isaac and Lilli’s story? Turns out she had prepared even more angst for them. Every other chapter will either shock you or bring tears to your eyes. It was such a hard fight for these two. Such a hard fight for the town. The story gets even grittier… edgier… I can’t say much more than that. But prepare for a biker ride like no other!

Everything I loved in book #1 is still there. Lilli is still a heroine after my own heart. Isaac is the book boyfriend to beat… seriously, this man could not get any sweeter or any sexier. How he protected his woman, his town… honestly can’t think of another hero I’m crushing for more at the moment!

“You made everything different for me, Lilli. I see everything different. What I want in my life is different, The thought of losing you undoes me. I’m not used to feeling like this. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know how to deal with the kind of fear I felt today, and that other day, and all the days in the hospital before you woke up. I know you’re not weal. I know you hate weakness, But Lilli, I’m weaker without you. Part of me wants to keep you in a little box where nothing bad can get to you, but I know that’s not you. That’s not the woman I love. I just – I want to do right by you.

Sigh. No one can top this hero and this heroine in my mind. They sacrifice for their love, for their town… they defeat seemingly infinite odds, but they persevere. They win.

5 stars.

Amazon Buy LinkBehold the Stars by Susan Fanetti


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Book Review – Shadowfever (Fever #5) – Karen Marie Moning

This was the perfect end to the series. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. It just had the right mix of everything I’d been craving for in the other books… sigh… so sad it’s over!

Dreamfever left us with a major cliffhanger and to be honest that makes Shadowfever a bit hard to review. I’ll try to make this review as spoiler free as I can… but by now I think the whole world has read the series :)

Shadowfever is more about tying up all the loose ends. Who killed Alina? Will anyone ever defeat the Sinsar Dubh? Who or what is Jericho Barrons? Who will Mac choose? V’lane or Barrons? Yes, it all comes together beautifully and it in no way felt rushed to me. The author took her time and continued to impress me every step of the way.

She infused this last instalment with light and love and lust :) I had felt that the previous books could have done with more of the last two and was finally happy she gave it to us. I, like everyone else who’s read this series, have a major crush on Jericho Barrons…

Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who  just bring out the most . Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.

Yup. I’m a Barrons groupie! And though I love his arrogance and his devil may care attitude, it was nice to see some vulnerability in him… but in the end…

“I’m not the hero, Mac. never have been. never will be. Let us be perfectly clear: I’m not the antihero, either, so quit waiting to discover my hidden potential. There’s nothing to redeem me.”

And even with him revealing it all, there was still V’lane, waiting in the sidelines.

But beyond the love story (even though, let’s be honest, that was my favorite part…) there was still the issue of the world falling into pieces and the Sinsar Dubh killing everything in sight. But why is it that only Mac can sense it? What makes her so special? And who can she trust with it? Everyone seems to want it badly enough but no one tells her why…

All in all and incredibly thrilling, exhilarating ride! I loved the truth coming to light… I could not have predicted any of it and a lot took me by surprise. Yet with all the foreshadowing done in previous books, I felt that it all came together. I absolutely loved it. And in the end…

“You’re Mac,” he says. “And I’m (him). And nothing else matters. Never will. You exist in a place that is beyond all rules for me.


5 stars!

 Amazon Buy LinkShadowfever by Karen Marie Moning


Series Reading Order

dark 1blood 2fae 3dream 4shadow 5

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Book Review – Move the Sun (Signal Bend #1) – Susan Fanetti

This is officially my newest addiction!

I’ve been in a book rut of sorts for months now. I’ve read a few good books, one excellent book and many mediocre ones in between. I’ve been looking for a new author, a new series… anything to get me out of my rut and I dare say I found it! I’ve had this series on my kindle for weeks now and just the other day I decided to give it a go… one word: Brilliant! I honestly can’t wait to finish this review so I can dig into book #2!

So what’s it about? Lilli Accardo has had a tough life. Life has definitely not been kind. But Lilli has never been one to wallow in self pity… not for long anyway. She moves to the small town of Signal Bend. A mysterious move that catches the eye of none other than Isaac Lunden. Isaac is the President of the Night Horde Motorcycle Club and de facto protector of the town and its citizens. See, the town is slowly dying, and the only way to keep it afloat is through the protection of the Night Horde and their not quite legal dealings. Signal Bend is one of those towns where time stood still. Everyone knows everyone… nobody moves into Signal Bend… most people move out. So what exactly does Lilli want with the town?

What a refreshing book! I mean, how many MC Biker series are out there? Having read some of them, I can honestly say that this is the most refreshing one yet. It’s different. It does not conform to all the other standards set by the more known Biker books. It keeps the authenticity of the biker world while maintaining a different sort of identity.

I am admittedly not the biggest fan of the ‘Biker ‘MC’ Genre.’ I mean I’ve loved some of the books and absolutely love how uninhibited these bikers are… makes for the best kind of erotica in my opinion ;) However, since reading my first ever biker series, I haven’t felt like the rest have come close to dethroning it. A lot of imitations out there. Dirty mouthed bikers and uninspiring female leads… gets monotonous. But for some reason I wanted to read Susan Fanetti’s take on things and I was not disappointed.

First, the female lead is strong and intelligent. Most female leads in biker books tend to not have a career or much of an education. They’re bossed around by the alpha male leads and well… let’s just say, they are not memorable. Lilli on the other hand was intelligent. Graduated summa cum laude and knew her way around protecting herself. I loved that she gave as much as she took, and that she kept Isaac on his toes.

Isaac is also not your typical MC President. Yes, he’s sexy as all hell BUT, he wasn’t just a hot body and a dirty mouth. What surprised me the most was how honest he was. How sweet he was. He was secure enough to love Lilli, even when things looked like they might not work out. He just stole my heart. That and the fact that he absolutely turned it on under the sheets… and everywhere else. If, just like me, you’ve been looking for well written erotic scenes, then this is it! And they are not few, let me tell you :)

So there is love and there is perfect perfect steam… but there was also conflict. I mean it IS a biker book in the end. Isaac and Lilli are both keeping secrets from each other. They’re attracted to each other, they can’t keep their hands off each other, and yes, they’re falling into something deeper… but they both have things to do in Signal Bend. They can’t risk involving each other… and that’s where the line between trust and threat stands.

Again, I absolutely loved this book. I loved how action filled it was. How I couldn’t figure out the mystery until the author laid it out for me. I hate it when I know what’s happening before I’m meant to. And worse still before the unsuspecting heroine. There was no unsuspecting heroine here. Just a lot of mystery, a lot of sex and a whole lot of loving.

An absolute must read!

5 stars to the love that moves the sun and other stars!

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