Book Review – Beg For It – Megan Hart

I always start any Megan Hart book review by saying that she’s not only one of my favorite authors, she wrote my favorite favorite book of all time – Broken. She’s written a couple more that took my breath away (Hold Me Close, Tear You Apart, Vanilla, to name but a few) – I’m convinced she can do no wrong. Beg For It was no different, it was exquisite. Erotica as it should be written.

And what’s it about? Corrine works at a diner and she sees the same group of guys every day. She knows that one of them – Reese – is into her. So one day she invites him home and everything changes. He kneels before her, he calls her “Ma’am” and she realizes this is what she’s always wanted – a submissive.

“He wants to please her for reasons he can’t fully understand, has never tried     to decipher…”

15 years later, a whole lot of hurt, a whole lot of life, and Reese is back. Only this time there’s no kneeling. He’s rich and arrogant and he just bought Corrine’s company which means he’s now her boss.

Man, the sex scenes in this one! I mean, its Megan Hart, so the writing was beautiful and the characters are everything, but I have to start with the sex scenes because wow! I’ve always loved a good BDSM story and it has never mattered to me who tops and who bottoms. But Books where the man is the submissive are so few. Or maybe I should say GOOD books where the man is a submissive are few. I’ve read less than 5 and I’ve loved much much less than that. It has to be done well for me to love it. I love Alpha males so for me to be turned on by a male sub takes some time. This one was like a switch. The first scene and I was lost – hot hot hot.

Initially I wasn’t thrilled by the 3rd person narrative but it grew on me very fast. Perhaps it is why we got such rounded characters. It’s not a long book so thats quite the feat. And I just loved Reese. Corrine was my kind of heroine but Reese stole the scene. I just love when men live to please their women.

“Because everything I’ve ever done,” Reese murmured, words slurring, “has been about forgetting you or impressing you or making you proud. I’ve lived my whole life for you without having you in it.”

Sigh, he made me melt this guy.

“I want to be better for you,” he told her, “I’ve never said that to anyone else.”

Yes, officially up there with unforgettable book boyfriends.

I just wish the book was longer😦

4.5 Stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Beg For It by Megan Hart


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Book Review – Broken Prince (The Royals #2) – Erin Watt

I was lucky enough to have an advance copy so I could dive right in after Paper Princess. In short, it was quite entertaining… Perhaps even more so than the first…

We return to the Royals right where we left off. Brook has ran away and Reed is going out of his mind. But that’s all I can say at this point since we were left with a cliff hanger and nothing bores me more than when reviews sell out the plot. I will say that we finally get alternating POVs. In fact, a huge part of the book is Reed’s POV. I mean Ella is gone so someone has to tell us how the Royals are getting on. But more than that we feel Reed’s hurt and his depth of feelings for Ella. Now, as much as I loved getting to know Reed, I missed Ella’s mind. She’s tough, a fighter, so I loved being in her mind much more than I did Reed’s.

I will also say that I enjoyed this one a bit more. Especially after we got Ella’s POV. Also, I somewhat shed the ‘these are teenagers having sex!’ mindset. I mean, I am a mother now so for some reason this weirds me out as I doubt I would be as blasé as Callum is with his kids, but well. So I was thourougly entertained. It was also a very fast read for me. BUT, I will still say that there’s nothing very earth shattering about the series. It’s still a bunch of spoilt kids pranking each other and having too much sex. Ella is definitely the best part of the book as she’s different but… Well… There’s a big but.

I suppose this one is just marketed for a specific audience and I’m just not part of that audience. I mean, it was entertaining… Like a soap opera can sometimes be entertaining but just like a soap opera, you will do some eye rolling and come across some ‘Come on! He didn’t just buy that load of crap!’ moments. And just like soap operas, there will be a cliffhanger that makes you begrudgingly tune in the next time.

It is still witty and still an easy summer read by the beach… But I personally won’t be tuning in for the next episode. Of course there was a cliffhanger and I do want to know how all this ends but I think it’s time to admit that the cons outweigh the pros for me. I’m also not very thrilled that its a trilogy – I’ve come to be wary of those.

Sigh. In the end, entertaining, but just not for me.

3 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Broken Prince by Erin Watt


I’d like to thank Nina and the authors for providing this ARC for my review.

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Book Review – Paper Princess (The Royals #1) – Erin Watt

I’m a huge fan of Elle Kennedy. Her Off Campus series is exactly why I read the New Adult genre. So I devoured her books and found out she’s co-authored an MM series, devoured and LOVED that one as well. Then I learned that she co-authored this book (with Jen Frederick under the name Erin Watt) and I had planned to be all over it. Until I read the blurb and it seemed to be all about spoiled teenagers. Since I’m neither, I decided to skip it. But then I saw all the reviews and I thought, I’m judging a book by its cover (blurb)? So I decided to give this a go.

This is the story of a 17 year old Ella who is putting herself through high school by stripping. Her mom, a former stripper, died of cancer leaving her with nothing more than a name to let her know her complete parentage. Ella is struggling, until a man shows up at her high school announcing that not only is the dad she never knew dead, he, Callum Royal, is her new guardian. Ella fights it but is eventually dragged to the Royal household. Callum is super rich and has 5 sons who all take an immediate dislike to Ella. Ella doesn’t mind it much because she wasn’t planning to stay anyway. But Callum makes her a deal she can’t say not to. Plus, one of the sons is proving to be another incentive to stay.

I admit to being immediately drawn to the story. I think I was expecting a Mean Girls/Clueless kind of story – rich mean people and a not so strong love arc. I’ll be the first one to admit to being a huge fan of both Mean Girls and Clueless (and Cruel Intentions, which it has also drawn comparisons to) but I’m no longer a teenager and I avoid YA like the plague, so I wasn’t expecting to love this. Did I love it? No. But I quite liked it. I mean, teenagers being sexually active is nothing new, its just not something I’m going to enjoy reading.

So I didn’t fall in love with the story, but I liked it for what it was. One, the heroine was quite endearing. She was strong and stood up for herself. The mean girls and boys I could have done without, because it wasn’t anything new. I enjoyed the writing, it was witty. I haven’t read Jen Frederick but I really love Elle Kennedy’s wit, in her books and in any other book she’s co – authored. So while I felt weird about the steamy scenes between the teenagers ( I donno, I just do) I kept on reading because the writing was easy and clever.

Now the most intriguing bit was the cliffhanger – it was unexpected. It’s against my better judgement to go on with the series but I can’t let that cliffhanger go… sigh. It has happened before that I’ve loved a sequel 100 times more than the first book in the series so I’m hoping that’s what ends up happening here.

3 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Paper Prince by Erin Watt

paper princess

I’d like to thank the amazing Nina and the authors for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Stay Until We Break (Hub City #2) – Mercy Brown

I could not love this book more! I have been lucky enough to read a lot of 5 star books this year but this goes right on top of that list. The best thing about this book (and there are a lot of amazing things) is that Mercy Brown knows the Indie Rock scene. She didn’t just sit and think ‘rockers are in, I’ll write a book about them’, no. She knows the life in and out and that’s why her voice is so authentic.

Stay Until We Break is Sonia’s story. You might remember Sonia as EmmyLou’s best friend who is also managing the band Soft. Sonia has always been into Cole, Soft’s bass player. But Cole is every girl’s fantasy – hot, in a rock band… so yeah, he has women throwing themselves at him.

“The only problem with having Cole McCormack as your chronic masturbation fantasy is that he’s everybody’s chronic masturbation fantasy—and he knows it.”

Only Cole seems to also be into Sonia. But Sonia has never had a boyfriend so she doesn’t really know what’s what. Now, Soft is going on a road tour and there is no better time for some hanky panky:) Only Cole has a secret, this is his last road tour. He can’t continue dreaming for their band’s big break because he has a sister and a mom back at home who need looking after. He knows girls love the rock star thing, no girl, least of all Sonia, is going to want to settle down with a plumber. And that’s where their story starts:)

I actually have no negatives to report. This book was hilarious, authentic and steamy. I loved reuniting with the band and getting to learn more about the rock scene and all their adventures. I honestly cannot get enough of these characters. They’re so real. They’re the kind of people I would want to hang out with – playful, hilarious, sweet… and it doesn’t hurt that the men are hot:)

And while everything, and I mean everything about this book was 5 star worthy, I cannot get enough of the writing. I never ever say this, but I might have to be BFFs with Mercy Brown. I was laughing so hard.

We follow him through the throng of dancing party people, some in various states of undress, like this chick in a backwards baseball hat who’s dancing to “Closer” in a pair of Adidas basketball high-tops, a pink lace bra, and a pair of baggy jeans being held up with a flannel shirt tied around her waist. Joey just happens to stop right next to her, and she wiggles for him, then grabs the crotch of his Levi’s like it ain’t no thing, and I don’t know what’s more priceless, the look on his face or on hers once she registers the horse-sized kielbasa he’s packing inside those happy-face boxer shorts.

See what I mean? Ah I love her writing! And let’s not forget how loud Emmylou is during sex.

“Ohhhh, Trrraaaavisss… Oh! Oh!… Fuccckkk” Emmy is bellowing from somewhere in the campground, her voice echoing across the lake like a crime victim’s.

*Insert teary laughing emoji* I absolutely loved this, I just can’t imagine a better book to be honest. Because not only was it witty… it was also steamy…

“What else did you imagine?” His voice is low and rough and oh so fucking sexy. “Tell me what happens next.”

“You already know,” I whisper. “All the very good and very wrong things”

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Okay, you fuck me until I forget my own name.”

“Wrong,” he says, “I fuck you until the only name you know is mine.”

Sigh, Cole Cole Cole! Even sexier than Travis!

And then I swooned, because not only was Cole sexy, he was also so so so freakin sweet!

Let me tell you about the very good, very wrong things. First of all, the very good things. The absolute best thing – Sonia. Those bright blue eyes, the way her hair smells, and the way her smile lights up my world. The way she makes me feel like a king when she comes, calling my name so everyone in Tennessee can know it. The way her skin turns to silk in my hands, draws me in and makes me warm, all the way down to my soul. She’s sunshine, all right. Brightest light of my days.

Sigh. Everyone needs to read book! EVERYONE. It needs to top that NYT list because it is so very deserving. I highlighted so many places, I paused to read it out loud to my hubby and even he was laughing out loud. (I say even him because he only reads non fiction and is quite high and mighty about it, but he also really got into this story.)

So yes, another one for my ‘favorite of all time’ list, and another author crush solidified.

5 Stars!

Amazon Book Link -> Stay Until We Break by Mercy Brown


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

Series reading order… 




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Book Review – Hold You Against Me (Stripped #4) – Skye Warren

I love Dark Erotica so it goes without saying that Skye Warren is one of my favorite authors. And not just because she writes one of my favorite genres but because her literary prowess is on another level. Her books are poetry to me… like lyrics and art and everything brilliant and good put together… all this to say, read her books!

I absolutely love the Stripped Series, its dark and naughty and so so delicious – Hold you Against Me wasn’t any different. It captured my attention on the get go. It’s the story of Clara. Clara is Honor’s sister who you may remember from Love the Way You Lie. Clara is a Mafia Princess, born in the life. She meets Giovanni when she’s about 15 and falls for him. He’s only a foot soldier, so really nothing in grand order of things. But he’s her friend, her first kiss, her protector, her secret.

Giovanni is my secret, a shard of glass buried so deep in my soul it would kill me to remove it.

Years later, Clara still can’t feel for any man the same way she feels for Giovanni. Only now that she has the chance to know him again, he’s a different man, a violent man – not the boy she left behind.

The soldier of the boy. The monster or the lover. Which one is he? I think he might be a little of both, but the two can’t exist side by side. They’re fighting each other, battling within him. It remains to be seen which side will win.

I actually squee when I get a Skye Warren book and if you know me you know I’m not a Squee-er. But from the first line I’m usually hooked, and again, this was no different. I devoured this book in a day and a half – and that’s only because I had to work. The first half was everything a Skye Warren book is – engaging, dark, dangerous with enough steam to light up a… lighthouse:) I really couldn’t put the book down.

However, the second half did something else. It was still engaging, it was still as naughty as I like it… but, it was rushed. That was one of the first things that slowed down my rush to a 5 star review. First, Giovanni didn’t need to be bad. Clara was already in love with him and would have done almost anything. I feel like he was made bad to satisfy the ‘dark erotica’ theme. I mean it made for some hot hot scenes but it felt unnecessary to me. Then to top it off, things happened very fast, they were resolved very fast and I soon found myself at the Epilogue. That was disappointing because until then, I had in my hands a 5 star book.

Ah well, still my favorite series by Skye Warren, still top of the charts for me when it comes to everything I love, hot sex scenes, possessive men with a soft side, danger and grit and tough loveable heroines.

4 Stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

Series Reading Order – click cover to read a sample


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Book Review – A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses #2) – Sarah J. Maas

Wow, hands down favorite book of 2016! Everything about it is pure brilliance – the story, the story telling, the characters, the surprises… just… stunning. And the best thing about it? 600+ pages of it!

I was initially worried, 600+ pages? I had skimmed book #1 which I felt was composed of high highs and low lows. So needless to say I was worried it would be more of the same. How wrong I was! There’s no better joy for a reader than to read all night and realize you haven’t even hit the 50% mark and you have more and more and more of this amazing story to go:)

So I’ll try to make this review as spoiler free as possible. It begins with Tamlin and Feyre, now free from Amarantha but still struggling with the memories of the horrors that took place Under the Mountain. Tamlin is worried about Rhy’s bargain and he’s vowed to protect Feyre at all costs. Which mostly starts costing him. Because Feyre is not happy – she is starting to feel suffocated. And so when Rhys comes to collect, she might, just might heave a sigh of relief. Only it’s Rhys, the High Lord of the Night Court who everyone fears. But could anything be worse that being locked up in the Spring Court?

“He locked you up because he knew – the bastard knew what a treasure you are. That you are worth more than land or gold or jewels. He knew, and wanted to keep you all to himself.”

The words hit me, even as they soothed some jagged piece in my soul. “He did – does love me, Rhysand.”

“The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be poison.”

Sigh, very true Rhys! Staying true to my spoiler free review will be hard because a lot of what happens happens quite early on. I will say that we do get what I had been craving from the beginning – a love triangle. And it is done so so good. I mean, I liked Tamlin, he just wasn’t exciting. Rhys gives us all that and more. I was swooning the entire time!

And what is done so well, one of the many many things done so extremely well, is the slow burn. There are no hasty sex scenes, and even though I’m an erotica reviewer who loves steamy scenes, I just fell for that slow simmering burn… it just felt good to want where it was going, to know that caution was key, to know but wait… because even with knowing, when we finally got there it was just so so so freakin good!

And then there was this amazing amazing adventure that the author takes us on. A world building like no other. I could see it all laid out so amazingly. I think thats the best thing about Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy… that it takes you out of your comfort zone. And when done well, it blows you away… and this one did just that. It was so well thought out. There are things that happen that take you back to book #1 and you think, oh, so that’s why he said/did that! Making you realise the author planned all this from the first word in the first book – just incredible.

And if all this couldn’t win my heart, the underlying feminist themes would. I love when a woman claims her man. I love when a woman is given free rein… and you would think duh, its the 21st century… but this genre usually has these strong Alphas while the heroines are not very memorable. Sarah J. Maas was clearly out to change that. Maybe she does that with all her books, I wouldn’t know because I’m new to her writing. All I know is that Feyre is the hero of this book.

And with the love triangle you might wonder who I was rooting for, and while I don’t want to tell you who Feyre chooses, I will tell you, Rhys remains my man. He was so much more than I expected. He was everything.

He said softly, “I love it when you look at me like that.”

The purr in his voice heated my blood. “Like what?”

“Like my power isn’t something to run from. Like you see me.”

Yup. We get a sensitive Rhys. I mean, sexy, strong yet sensitive. What more could a girl want?

“I’m thinking that I look at you and feel like I’m dying. Like I can’t breathe. I’m thinking that I want you so badly I can’t concentrate half the time I’m around you, and this room is too small for me to properly bed you. Especially with the wings.”

Gah. My heart! Sigh.

What else do we get? New characters. Lucien was my second favorite in Book #1 but this one introduces much more kick ass characters, Mor, Cassian, Amren, Azriel… and I loved that we got not just secondary characters, but the kind of deeper character building where you know you would definitely read books solely based on these characters.

And after all that excitement, and adventure and heartache and love beyond anyone and anything…

Love – love was a balm as much as it was a poison.

Bring on Book #3 please!

5 stars! Infinity stars! Favorite book of 2016, and a love affair between me and Sarah J. Maas is born.

Amazon Buy Link -> A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

mist and fury

Series Reading Order

thorns and rosesmist and fury

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Book Review -Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling #1) – Nalini Singh

I continuously shout that I’m a HUGE paranormal romance fan, but I feel like a hoax now for having never read any Nalini Singh PNR book. It’s not like they haven’t been recommended to me before, but it’s very daunting to start book #1 out of 15. This week I was in a book slump and I thought you know what, get a Nalini Singh book and see if you agree with all the critical acclaim. Spoiler alert: I do! Boy, what world building!!!!

But first, a synopsis…

Sascha Duncan feels defective. It’s not a word you normally associate people with but she’s not human – she’s Psy. The Psy do not feel. They operate mechanically and that’s what makes them strong. But Sascha feels. She can’t let anyone know or they’ll rehabilitate her which is a fate worse than death. So she hides it from everyone, and especially from her mother who is in the Psy Council and wouldn’t bat an eye if she were to be forced into rehabilitation.

Her mother however, a strong Council member, wants to work with the Changelings – the shape shifters. She appoints Sascha to work with the Alpha of the Leopards Changelings – Lucas Hunter. They’re immediately drawn to each other, but Sascha shouldn’t feel anything let alone lust. And so their story begins:)

I downloaded a sample and after the first page I knew I had to get the book. It was that simple a choice. From the first page you know this is a world worth knowing. The author’s voice is engaging enough but for me it was the need to know these creatures – the Psy and the Changeling. There’s a mystery interwoven which added more to the thrill of the read.

I hate it when I solve the mystery before the reveal or before the unsuspecting heroine but this was not such a book. I honestly had no clue till the reveal. But also I was kept so busy trying to figure out if Sascha could survive without the Psy and if she could let herself fall for Lucas. And Sascha was no unsuspecting heroine. i loved that she kept Lucas on his toes and that she was strong.

Of course I fell for Lucas. If I don’t fall for an Alpha then there’s something really wrong with the alpha in question. Lucas was hot, he was protective and of course, he had that bit of torment that made him appealing on another level. Did I wish for more steam? Yes. I have read enough Paranormal Romance to know that they don’t contain as much steam. I don’t read Paranormal Erotica where sex is on every other page. I love the world building, dare I say more than I love the steam. Which is weird because I review Erotica and beautifully done Erotica is just… everything… BUT yes, with PNR, it’s not about the steam for me.

That’s not to say I want it devoid of any steam, no. I want steam and there was steam here… especially in the first half of the book. I wish it was slightly more but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. I loved the world building, I loved the strong hero and heroine and I loved it enough to get book #2.

A new addiction is born!

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh


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Book Review – A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

I get days when I’m craving a good paranormal romance and there’s nothing better than to discover an author who you’ve never heard of before but has such an amazing following and five star reviews everywhere you look. And what a weird reading journey I had with this one! But first a synopsis.

Feyre’s family used to be rich, but now her family is close to starvation with an ailing father and two sisters who do nothing but moan about every little thing. Feyre is their sole bread winner. By that I mean she actually goes hunting for their family, sells some of what she hunts and single-handedly tries to save them from starvation. Then one day she kills a wolf, and her troubles begin. A beast, the wolf’s friend, enforces an age old treaty between the Faeries and humans and drags Feyre to the magical land of the Fae. For killing the wolf, Feyre has to live in the Fae world forever.

But as it turns out, the beast is actually a gorgeous immortal Fae called Tamlin. There’s no love lost between these two, but something starts to develop and Feyre starts discovering new untold things about the Fae land. Something is very very wrong, and Tamlin has to save his people. Maybe these two are more alike than they thought.

So my reading journey was a weird one. The beginning was really slow for me – I was intrigued but I could put the book down. The middle had its high moments but I also started skimming because it was all brimming with too much detail. So the entire time I was trying to decide whether to give up on the book.. but I love solving mysteries so much I couldn’t just let this one go. Then the end, wow. I almost convinced myself to give the book a high rating based on the ending alone.

Think of this book as a Hunger Games meets a Shakespearean tragedy. It had a slow build to it but for 416 pages, it was too slow (read: a bit boring) for me. Then Feyre, a mortal, gets tasked with saving the immortals and she turned into Katniss and I was back to being intrigued. But as much as the last chapters were the highlight for me I couldn’t help but feel as though I’ve seen it all before. Not because the story wasn’t unique, just a little formulaic.

Also, there was that instalove business. I don’t read much of the hate to love kind of story-lines so I’m not sure how long it takes for the emotions to shift but this one was so instant I got whiplash. Ok, so that’s hyperbole, it wasn’t that fast, but it was still faster than I expected it to be. I usually don’t mind instalove, but there’s always something at the back of my mind that reminds me how unbelievable the story-line is.

Yet at 99% I was wondering when the next book would be out. And this is why. Feyre isn’t my favorite heroine ever but she wasn’t a bad one. Tamlin was gorgeous and definitely loveable, but again, nothing too memorable. Lucien and Rhys on the other hand.. man! The author should write spinoffs on these two. Though I do know that there’s more of Rhys to come… possibly a love triangle and that’s why I’m really inclined to read the sequel. yup. These two were the highlight of the story. Maybe I love that they weren’t the good guys but that they did good things. Unlike Tamlin who was loveable from the start, these two were more conflicted. And of course, we don’t know what Rhys sees in the end… gah!

I should say there’s no cliffhanger per se, just some loose ends that I am slightly curious about. But the fact that the next book is over 600 pages worries me. I’m not sure I can sit still for another super slow build.

3 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

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Book Review – The Player (Game Maker #3) – Kresley Cole

This is my ultimate guilty pleasure! I’m a huge Kresley Cole fan, her Immortals after Dark series is one of the best Paranormal series I’ve ever read. She also does the best steamy scenes I’ve ever read – I read a lot of sex scenes as an erotica reviewer and I have to say, hands down the best scenes! So when I found out she had an Erotic Romance series coming out, I couldn’t wait. And I wasn’t disappointed. The Game Maker series is one of the hottest things out there. I actually randomly remember scenes and whip out the fan… true story.

So this is the third book in the series, the last Sevastyan brother, Dmitri. He is as sexy as the other two but even more of a loner. They all happen to be in Vegas and every single woman in the city is vying for Dmitri’s attention, but he is not interested. Which is where Victoria aka Vice, comes in. Vice is a grifter, a con woman. She comes from a long family of cons, and the opportunity to get the richest bachelor in town is one she can’t pass up. It also happens that her family is in big trouble, so she needs this rich guy to bite. She goes to meet Dmitri expecting to fail but he is immediately taken with her. And so is she. So much so that she starts questioning if she can go ahead with the con.

So I call this series my guilty pleasure for one reason, the steamy scenes are out of this world. However, the story lines I find a bit lackluster. I just never remember what they’re about and to be honest, I don’t really care. There’s a lot of insta love and unbelievable situations, and characters who are not fully formed… but there’s steamy scene after steamy scene and for that, I devour these books. Kresley Cole’s Immortals series is so well thought out, her world building amazes me, which is why it surprises me that her contemporary stories are not as deep… perhaps this is the series she gets to have fun with.. I don’t know.

I spent 3/4s of the book thinking how impossible the situation is… maybe the better word is ‘improbable’. I know its fiction and we like to lose ourselves in the impossibility of marrying the rich hot guy, but this was on another scale. It did all make sense in the end, that was the saving grace. However, that last part was so hurried. I get last minute reveals, I really do. But I spent so much of this book thinking ‘pffft, that would never happen!’, so that when we got the reveal I thought, ah it makes sense now, but maybe too little too late for redemption.

All that said, if you need the kind of books that are hot from beginning to end, these are it. I did feel like these two exclaimed a bit too much. Every other word had an exclamation point. And some of what they said during sex I just couldn’t picture someone actually saying it in real life. But, if nothing else, the hotness level still rocked my world.

For the steam factor alone I want to give this book 4 stars. And also, I’ve read 2 more books after this one and I still find myself remembering the hot scenes in The player. But because the actual story-line didn’t rock my world…

3.5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> The Player by Kresley Cole

Click on the book cover for a free sample!

the player

Other books in the series…

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Book Review – Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

Best book I’ve read all year! This one will definitely stay with me.

I bought it for the same reason many did, it was compared to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and didn’t we all just LOVE that one?! For those wondering about that comparison I’ll tell you this. Imagine Mean Girls, Devil Wears Prada and Gone Girl made a child… this would be it. Weird comparison I know, you probably think, hmm, I like fries and I like ice cream but I don’t want the two mixed together… you’re wrong. Well, you’re right about the food, but wrong about the book. It worked. Boy did it work!

So what’s it about? Well it’s one of those books you can’t say too much about because it’s the kind the reader needs to experience for themselves. But without giving much away, TifAni FaNelli has a glamourous job at a top women’s magazine, is about to get married to a handsome incredibly rich guy… a far cry from the teenager she was. TifAni went to the prestigious Bradley school where something terrible happened. It haunts her, but while people might think that’s her biggest secret, there’s more. Much more. And the truth just might be about to come out.

I took a deep breath, that old desperation flaming in me like a pull on a cigarette. It makes me capable of things I don’t want to be capable of, and if I don’t watch myself with militant supervision, my blade could very easily slip, cut Luke too deep, sever me from the life I’ve worked so hard to assemble.

So if you follow my blog you might think this is out of the realm of books I normally read. It’s not. It’s only out of the realm of books I review. I prefer erotica, I mostly go for Indies, but this one called to the side of me that devoured John Grishams and James Pattersons and Jeffrey Deavers. The side that wants a bit more thrill and less sex:)

Initially I rolled my eyes quite a bit. I don’t read women’s magazines, I’m not all that much into fashion, so all the girly female stuff was lost on me. That’s the Devils Wears Prada comparison I made. In the first two chapters I still wasn’t sure about the book. Then we get to the Mean Girls period of the book and again I thought, ok, this might not be my cup of tea after all. All spoilt rich kids making lives hell for each other. Rich kids who grow up to be such shallow people.

THEN, the awful happened. And I felt so hard, I couldn’t imagine putting the book down.

It felt so much farther than that. Like another dimension, like a life of someone else who I felt sorry for now. She had been so naive and unprepared for what was to come, it hadn’t just been sad. It had been dangerous.

You just get blindsided when you finally get the reveals. That was the best part. I was reading it thinking, ok, if you watch the news then you’ve seen this happen in that school and this happen in that other school, and maybe the book is just an amalgamation of a lot of real life tragic events. But as much as I had that part of me telling me that, I couldn’t get past how witty and well written it all is. The characters so well rounded you feel like you know each and every one of them. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t know such people in real life.

By the end of the book my heart went THUD. I’m not sure I can explain why. I was blindsided by some things, sure. But most of them were not new things. Yet… the storytelling. That’s it. It’s how the events and the reveals happened. It’s how well it’s done that got me. In the end I thought, wow, brilliant.

I’ll be thinking about this one for a long time to come.

5 stars!

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