Book Review – A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

I get days when I’m craving a good paranormal romance and there’s nothing better than to discover an author who you’ve never heard of before but has such an amazing following and five star reviews everywhere you look. And what a weird reading journey I had with this one! But first a synopsis.

Feyre’s family used to be rich, but now her family is close to starvation with an ailing father and two sisters who do nothing but moan about every little thing. Feyre is their sole bread winner. By that I mean she actually goes hunting for their family, sells some of what she hunts and single-handedly tries to save them from starvation. Then one day she kills a wolf, and her troubles begin. A beast, the wolf’s friend, enforces an age old treaty between the Faeries and humans and drags Feyre to the magical land of the Fae. For killing the wolf, Feyre has to live in the Fae world forever.

But as it turns out, the beast is actually a gorgeous immortal Fae called Tamlin. There’s no love lost between these two, but something starts to develop and Feyre starts discovering new untold things about the Fae land. Something is very very wrong, and Tamlin has to save his people. Maybe these two are more alike than they thought.

So my reading journey was a weird one. The beginning was really slow for me – I was intrigued but I could put the book down. The middle had its high moments but I also started skimming because it was all brimming with too much detail. So the entire time I was trying to decide whether to give up on the book.. but I love solving mysteries so much I couldn’t just let this one go. Then the end, wow. I almost convinced myself to give the book a high rating based on the ending alone.

Think of this book as a Hunger Games meets a Shakespearean tragedy. It had a slow build to it but for 416 pages, it was too slow (read: a bit boring) for me. Then Feyre, a mortal, gets tasked with saving the immortals and she turned into Katniss and I was back to being intrigued. But as much as the last chapters were the highlight for me I couldn’t help but feel as though I’ve seen it all before. Not because the story wasn’t unique, just a little formulaic.

Also, there was that instalove business. I don’t read much of the hate to love kind of story-lines so I’m not sure how long it takes for the emotions to shift but this one was so instant I got whiplash. Ok, so that’s hyperbole, it wasn’t that fast, but it was still faster than I expected it to be. I usually don’t mind instalove, but there’s always something at the back of my mind that reminds me how unbelievable the story-line is.

Yet at 99% I was wondering when the next book would be out. And this is why. Feyre isn’t my favorite heroine ever but she wasn’t a bad one. Tamlin was gorgeous and definitely loveable, but again, nothing too memorable. Lucien and Rhys on the other hand.. man! The author should write spinoffs on these two. Though I do know that there’s more of Rhys to come… possibly a love triangle and that’s why I’m really inclined to read the sequel. yup. These two were the highlight of the story. Maybe I love that they weren’t the good guys but that they did good things. Unlike Tamlin who was loveable from the start, these two were more conflicted. And of course, we don’t know what Rhys sees in the end… gah!

I should say there’s no cliffhanger per se, just some loose ends that I am slightly curious about. But the fact that the next book is over 600 pages worries me. I’m not sure I can sit still for another super slow build.

3 stars.

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Book Review – The Player (Game Maker #3) – Kresley Cole

This is my ultimate guilty pleasure! I’m a huge Kresley Cole fan, her Immortals after Dark series is one of the best Paranormal series I’ve ever read. She also does the best steamy scenes I’ve ever read – I read a lot of sex scenes as an erotica reviewer and I have to say, hands down the best scenes! So when I found out she had an Erotic Romance series coming out, I couldn’t wait. And I wasn’t disappointed. The Game Maker series is one of the hottest things out there. I actually randomly remember scenes and whip out the fan… true story.

So this is the third book in the series, the last Sevastyan brother, Dmitri. He is as sexy as the other two but even more of a loner. They all happen to be in Vegas and every single woman in the city is vying for Dmitri’s attention, but he is not interested. Which is where Victoria aka Vice, comes in. Vice is a grifter, a con woman. She comes from a long family of cons, and the opportunity to get the richest bachelor in town is one she can’t pass up. It also happens that her family is in big trouble, so she needs this rich guy to bite. She goes to meet Dmitri expecting to fail but he is immediately taken with her. And so is she. So much so that she starts questioning if she can go ahead with the con.

So I call this series my guilty pleasure for one reason, the steamy scenes are out of this world. However, the story lines I find a bit lackluster. I just never remember what they’re about and to be honest, I don’t really care. There’s a lot of insta love and unbelievable situations, and characters who are not fully formed… but there’s steamy scene after steamy scene and for that, I devour these books. Kresley Cole’s Immortals series is so well thought out, her world building amazes me, which is why it surprises me that her contemporary stories are not as deep… perhaps this is the series she gets to have fun with.. I don’t know.

I spent 3/4s of the book thinking how impossible the situation is… maybe the better word is ‘improbable’. I know its fiction and we like to lose ourselves in the impossibility of marrying the rich hot guy, but this was on another scale. It did all make sense in the end, that was the saving grace. However, that last part was so hurried. I get last minute reveals, I really do. But I spent so much of this book thinking ‘pffft, that would never happen!’, so that when we got the reveal I thought, ah it makes sense now, but maybe too little too late for redemption.

All that said, if you need the kind of books that are hot from beginning to end, these are it. I did feel like these two exclaimed a bit too much. Every other word had an exclamation point. And some of what they said during sex I just couldn’t picture someone actually saying it in real life. But, if nothing else, the hotness level still rocked my world.

For the steam factor alone I want to give this book 4 stars. And also, I’ve read 2 more books after this one and I still find myself remembering the hot scenes in The player. But because the actual story-line didn’t rock my world…

3.5 stars.

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the player

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Book Review – Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

Best book I’ve read all year! This one will definitely stay with me.

I bought it for the same reason many did, it was compared to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and didn’t we all just LOVE that one?! For those wondering about that comparison I’ll tell you this. Imagine Mean Girls, Devil Wears Prada and Gone Girl made a child… this would be it. Weird comparison I know, you probably think, hmm, I like fries and I like ice cream but I don’t want the two mixed together… you’re wrong. Well, you’re right about the food, but wrong about the book. It worked. Boy did it work!

So what’s it about? Well it’s one of those books you can’t say too much about because it’s the kind the reader needs to experience for themselves. But without giving much away, TifAni FaNelli has a glamourous job at a top women’s magazine, is about to get married to a handsome incredibly rich guy… a far cry from the teenager she was. TifAni went to the prestigious Bradley school where something terrible happened. It haunts her, but while people might think that’s her biggest secret, there’s more. Much more. And the truth just might be about to come out.

I took a deep breath, that old desperation flaming in me like a pull on a cigarette. It makes me capable of things I don’t want to be capable of, and if I don’t watch myself with militant supervision, my blade could very easily slip, cut Luke too deep, sever me from the life I’ve worked so hard to assemble.

So if you follow my blog you might think this is out of the realm of books I normally read. It’s not. It’s only out of the realm of books I review. I prefer erotica, I mostly go for Indies, but this one called to the side of me that devoured John Grishams and James Pattersons and Jeffrey Deavers. The side that wants a bit more thrill and less sex:)

Initially I rolled my eyes quite a bit. I don’t read women’s magazines, I’m not all that much into fashion, so all the girly female stuff was lost on me. That’s the Devils Wears Prada comparison I made. In the first two chapters I still wasn’t sure about the book. Then we get to the Mean Girls period of the book and again I thought, ok, this might not be my cup of tea after all. All spoilt rich kids making lives hell for each other. Rich kids who grow up to be such shallow people.

THEN, the awful happened. And I felt so hard, I couldn’t imagine putting the book down.

It felt so much farther than that. Like another dimension, like a life of someone else who I felt sorry for now. She had been so naive and unprepared for what was to come, it hadn’t just been sad. It had been dangerous.

You just get blindsided when you finally get the reveals. That was the best part. I was reading it thinking, ok, if you watch the news then you’ve seen this happen in that school and this happen in that other school, and maybe the book is just an amalgamation of a lot of real life tragic events. But as much as I had that part of me telling me that, I couldn’t get past how witty and well written it all is. The characters so well rounded you feel like you know each and every one of them. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t know such people in real life.

By the end of the book my heart went THUD. I’m not sure I can explain why. I was blindsided by some things, sure. But most of them were not new things. Yet… the storytelling. That’s it. It’s how the events and the reveals happened. It’s how well it’s done that got me. In the end I thought, wow, brilliant.

I’ll be thinking about this one for a long time to come.

5 stars!

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Book Review – Oracle’s Moon (Elder Races #4) – Thea Harrison

Sigh. I suppose there’s always going to be that one book that just isn’t as good as the rest in a series. For me that book was Oracle’s Moon. Yes, this is going to be on of those reviews:/ But first a synopsis.

In Serpent’s Kiss, Rune and Carling go to find the Oracle in Louisville. They don’t expect to find a young lady with two young children, Grace. Khalil, the Djinn, insists on taking care of Grace’s children as Rune and Carling consult with the Oracle. Now in Oracle’s Moon, Khalil is still hanging around and Grace is exasperated. She wants him to leave. Only Khalil made a vow to take care of the children, and to the Djinn, a vow is something to never be broken, otherwise a Djinn becomes honorless, a pariah. So Khalil is staying with the children no matter what. He doesn’t care about Grace. She’s just a weak human. Only he starts noticing her, protecting her, caring for her… and realizes she’s something more…

She was like no other human he had met before. Her Power was, quite literally, unique. She could match him, fit to his presence in the way that Djinn made love to Djinn, share in formless pleasure and arousal. It was bizarre. It was perfect.

The thing I loved most about this series (and notice I said ‘loved’) is that I never knew who’s book would come next, and I never wanted to find out. We’d get a hint and I loved loved reading the next book to find out. But in Rune and Carling’s book I wondered who the next book would be about. Surely not of the Djinn and Grace… two characters who had not been consequential, two I really didn’t care about. So when I found out it was about them, needless to say I wasn’t excited. But the reviews were ridiculously good, so I bought the book and settled in.

It started out slow. The first two books have started out slow and really picked up so this didn’t initially worry me. Until I realized the book was just not picking up. Perhaps the reason is that I wasn’t interested in these two characters to begin with. Either way, the book was like a flatline. Not going high or low for me. Just there.

Basically Grace also starts getting attracted to Khalil. But she’s human, she doesn’t know much about the Djinn. And she really doesn’t have the time. She has the children to take care of and she has to master being the Oracle. And she starts doing this, but Khalil is a constant in her life and they both start letting each other in.

So the book had its moments. Khalil was as alpha male as the rest of the men in this series. Protective, strong and even tender when he needed to be. He was a lot arrogant, reminiscent of Dragos in book #1, so he had a lot to learn. But learn he did.

“You’re perfectly safe. I’ve got you. I’ve always got you. You’re mine. I will never let go. I will always protect you. You are my life now.”

Grace on the other hand bored the hell out of me. Some of the things she did were just questionable. She was strong, yes, but in the end she wasn’t as endearing or as witty as the rest of the heroines in this series. And together their steamy moments fell flat for me. See, Djinn are formless, and they can take up human form if they want to. So the steamy scenes while creative, just weren’t as hot.

The world building in this series continues to amaze me, but to be honest the witches and the Djinn are the least interesting to me so this book clearly wasn’t meant for me. And believe it or not, I have one more complaint, I read the other books because I wanted to, because I was intrigued by the little I knew about the characters. In this one we are clearly baited to get the next book. That whole Dragos – Oracle story was so unnecessary. I mean, now I know the next book is about Dragos and Pia… again. I mean, I’m intrigued because this is where it all begun, and I will most likely get the next book… but really, I hate being baited.

So all in all..

2.5 Stars.

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Book Review – Breaking Her (Love is War #2) – RK Lilley

This was my most anticipated read of the year, and! So devious and delicious and just so brilliantly crafted, I didn’t want it to end!

I’d been stalking RK religiously since I read Breaking Him. But you know how it works – sometimes when you’re really looking forward to something, you build it up in your head so much that you know it’s going to be a disappointment.  Not this one. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be, and then some.

It begins where book #1 left off. Dante has once again broken Scarlett’s heart and she’s drowning herself in a Costco-sized bottle of Patrón… as you do:) And as much as it hurts to go through it again, what happened the first time might have been way worse.

Once you’ve been broken, every break after, even when they hurt like hell, can never outdo the profound damage of the first time.

And while we got bits and pieces of what happened the first time, this book finally lays down all the pieces of the puzzle and man did they hurt. This was angst in bucketfuls. I cried like a baby and I guarantee you will too. It was just one thing after another trying to break these two apart. One awful thing after the next and sometimes I asked myself if human beings can truly be that awful to each other. How naïve of me! Yet these two are made for each other, no matter how many people come between them…

“Does he know he doesn’t have a chance? That he never did? You’ve never been soft for anyone else. You’ve never been vulnerable. Those things belong to me. They always have. They always will. You’ve never given that you that’s mine to anyone else and you never will.”

And as much as Scarlett would want to deny it, that has always been the truth.

He was a complicated man. Manipulative. Ruthless. Savage. In his eyes was an enigmatic power over me that was exclusive to him. The king of all my regrets. The architect of every last drop of joy I’d ever tasted. My tormentor. My savior.

Sigh😦 Yes, we all know they’re meant to be. That their kind of love doesn’t come often. And after all the scheming and hurting, we learn to forgive right there with them and it’s a journey, believe me. I felt so invested in these two and that’s why this author is so dear to me. She knows how to make it hurt but also how to make it heal. She takes you through the trenches, but then brings you right over to the glorious other side.

And did I mention the steam? I mean, angry sex, hate sex, love sex… it was all there in perfect detail. To be honest I didn’t need much, every time Dante spoke I brought out the fan:) And what a complete package he is! I mean, do men like these exist? He loved her so much, like a disease and its cure together.

To say I missed her was a cruel understatement, like saying you’d miss your soul after you gave it away. After it was torn from you. I was empty. Flesh without blood. I was not whole without her. Never would be.

My review cannot do this book justice. I have so much of the book highlighted it’s impossible to figure out what to put in here and what to leave out for the reader to discover for themselves. But I will say this, the series title could not be more appropriate if it tried. We get both love and war. The two mix so well together you can’t tell one without the other. And maybe the reason I got so invested in these characters’ happiness was because of how deeply they suffered. How they clawed their way to each other despite the odds.

But more than that, it’s the author’s voice, that is so uniquely hers, that makes this book one of the best I’ve read in a long time.

5 stars!

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breaking her

I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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Book Review – Serpent’s Kiss (Elder Races #3) – Thea Harrison

By now you all know that this is my newest favorite Paranormal Romance series. Honestly I just can’t get enough. And this one did not disappoint!

This is the story or Rune, a Wry Sentinel and Carling, the Vampyre Queen. In book #2, Carling did Rune a huge favor and he was bound to pay it back. So Rune goes to Carling hoping that her request won’t take long to fulfill and it doesn’t. But Rune wants to stay. Here’s why. Carling is sick. Dying. Rune wants to help her find a cure because he hates to see such a strong woman broken. But also because he’s starting to feel something for her. Don’t worry, he won’t mate with her. He’s not stupid enough to mate with a dying woman. But, other things are happening; Carling’s condition makes her go into a fade… something akin to losing consciousness. But Rune finds that he’s the only one who can still reach her…

Saying more would be ruining the story for you. In fact I’m sure I’ve said too much! But I will say this… I wanted to read Rune and carling’s story as soon as it was introduced to us in Book #2! We know Rune is the playboy of the Wry.

He was the rock star of the Wry, famed throughout not only the elder races but also the human society for his good looks.

But Carling is different from other women. She hasn’t felt desire in so long…

There had never been anyone secure enough in his own power to not feel threatened by hers, nor anyone who was more interested in her than in meeting his own agenda. And there had never been anyone strong enough to make her believe in him beyond all else.

And she refuses to be like all these other women.

Carling had always found it ludicrous, even infuriating, how so many otherwise sensible and intelligent-seeming females lost their minds whenever they came near him, and no matter how he affected her, she was by gods not ever going to become one of the vacuous hordes.

Yup. This was definitely going to be something. And something it was. Explosive from beginning to end. I felt as thought the previous books started out slow, but not this one. From the get go, I was hooked!

I loved that they had a timeline, so everything seemed to be happening that much faster. I loved that they fought their attraction. I loved that when they fell, they fell hard. I loved the mystery surrounding the decision, the extra element that I won’t name that allowed Rune to be with Carling in a way others couldn’t. It was all just brilliant!

The thing about this series is that it’s clever. While I love that there’s a lot of romance and steam, I also love the world building, the politics, the detail. I was worried that like with some PnR books, I’d eventually get bored but nope. The world building just keeps getting better and better.

But back to our hero and heroine, God did they make me swoon!

… he loved them all, all the Carlings past, present and future. he saw her sharpness, her frailties and her strength, and his soul embraced all of it. The feeling was a sword thrust as deep as anything he had ever felt, piercing through his body. It seemed like he had been falling for a very long while, and each time he realized it, he had fallen a little deeper, a little further. he had never known that falling in love could be as helpless and as complete as this.

You just have to read this book. I will say that the end was not my favorite. I hate those kinds of endings. And because of that, the rating loses a 0.5

4.5 Stars!

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Book Review – Us (Him #2) – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

I absolutely loved Him and was kinda surprised there’d be a sequel because the story ended so good. Yet I also understood. I mean at the back of my mind while reading Him I kept thinking, wow, these team mates are super understanding about Wes’ sexuality. I mean I’m more of a football (soccer) fan but you don’t hear people coming out in most professional sport, so I knew there would be much more to this story. And it did not disappoint!

So Wes and Jamie are together. They’re in love. But Wes is in the big leagues now. The NHL. He is such a talented player that it would be a shame if all the media concentrated on was his sexuality. So they decide to keep it under wraps. Until after his rookie season is over, then he’ll have wowed people so much with his hockey prowess that it won’t matter. But as much as this plan is agreed upon, it becomes increasingly obvious that their relationship is hurting. They have to pretend to being just roommates. But not just that, they can’t socialise much at the risk of something slipping out. That might be ok since they have their home as their safe haven right? Wrong. One of Wes’ team mates is now his neighbour. And he keeps badging in.

I had had so much fun with book #1. It was a light read, sexy and funny and just easily a favorite. Book #2 umped the ante. We now get angst. In bucketfuls. I love angst done well and this was done superbly. When these two hurt, I hurt for them. It wasn’t just the obvious pain from miscommunication and all that, it was also the fact that it’s just harder for gay people, and probably even harder for gay people in professional sports. The fact that they have to hide who they are… the fact that bigots are everywhere… man, I felt deep for them.

But I loved how they handled everything. I loved how deep in love they were. How unshakeable their love for each other was even when everything else was crumbling down.

I don’t know how I got so luck to find someone who loves me as thoroughly as Wes does. How many people ever find that?

I’ve read a lot of MM books and I have to say this was probably the first time I felt like joining a gay rights movement. Ok. I’m being melodramatic. But for some reason this one made me feel. Maybe it’s because it also had the sports angle and I’m a huge sports fan and particularly of sports where players hardly ever come out during their playing career.

Anyway all that aside, this one is just as sexy and as funny as the first one. And we even got Blake, the loud neighbor who was just one hilarious teddy bear. I smell a book on him and Jess coming and I can’t wait!

And in the end?

His smile is just as relaxed and genuine as the day I met him. And I look… centered. It’s not a wordI’ve ever used to describe myself before. But everything I ever wanted is in that photo – the man of my dreams, and my teammates. I’ve left my smug smile behind in favour of one that’s so shiny I hardly recognise myself. But it’s me up there for sure. It’s us. And it’s perfect.


5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Us by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy


I’d like to thank the authors (and Nina!) for providing this ARC for my review.

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Book Review – Him (Him #1) – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Like everyone else who reads Romance, I’m a huge Elle Kennedy fan. The way she writes seems so effortless, its a joy every time I read her books. So I went googling and found Him. MM! Look up ‘Fate’ and you’ll understand why this is exactly that. I was looking for an MM book, I was in an Elle Kennedy book fog and then I found Him:)

Him is the story of Wes, an Ice Hockey player who happens to be gay. Wes fell in love at 13, with his best friend Jamie who he met at a Hockey camp. Just so happens that Jamie is straight. Wes wanted Jamie so bad he coaxed him into a bet. A dare if you will. Things got awkward and they haven’t spoken for 4 years. They see each other again at a game and all the old feelings come rushing back, Jamie has no clue why he lost his best friend and he wants to find out. Wes has Jamie back and he just can’t lose him again. And so their story begins:)

I’ll start with a disclaimer. I do not watch Ice Hockey. I know nothing about the sport. In fact while writing my review I kept wondering if you call it a match or a game… but that doesn’t matter because I didn’t need to know anything about the sport. I learned quite a bit though… but that’s not why we’re here. We’re hear because this book was hot! I mean these two… wowza! I loved how laid back Jamie was. I loved how well they just fit. I loved the sweet ache of it all.

Our mouths fit together so perfectly. Every time we kiss, I fall even more in love with him, and it has nothing to do with sex or lust. It’s him. His closeness and his scent and the way he soothes me. My life has been chaotic for as long as I can remember, and I always dealt with it alone. My parent’s criticism, my confusion over my sexuality. But for six weeks every summer, I didn’t have to be alone. I had Jamie, my best friend, my rock.

See? This book made me MELT!

I mean, a gay and a straight guy storyline is nothing revolutionary but it was done so well. I  felt their emotions and their struggles and every time they called each other ‘babe’ I melted a little more. It was that sweet a book. Nothing too angsty, nothing too emotional… just a nice quick addictive read.

I’d never read a Sarina Bowen book but these two writing together was pure magic. It just worked. Sometimes when you read a book by two authors you can tell their distinct voices which kinda sucks. But not with these two. The book was sweet and witty and so so hot!

Definitely recommended for anyone who wants the kind of read you can’t put down. The kind that makes your heart melt and puts one of those silly love sick smiles on your face. It was exactly what I needed… and the end?

I look up and find him in the mob, and it’s like the sun just came out. It’s only been an hour since I saw him last, but he has the same damn effect on me every time.

I’m not sure what’s going to be in the sequel. I’m kinda scared all this bliss is about to be interrupted… but I can’t wait!

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

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Book Review – Dawn of Forever (Jack and Jill #3) – Jewel E. Ann

What a stunning conclusion to this dangerously different trilogy! Jewel E. Ann definitely struck gold with this story. It is so outside the norm, I wasn’t even sure how to classify it but it hit all the right notes.

So, Luke saw Jillian (Jessica) and he has to find her. I mean, she was the love of his life. He can’t be expected to see her ghost and not go investigating. So he does. Meanwhile, and this is a big one, we were left weeping after AJ’s napkin message. Yeah, prepare for more tears because that side of the story is just heartbreaking. I was always team AJ, no matter what, and his story made me cry like a baby. But Jillian now has to go back to Portland, and what she finds there is something she didn’t expect.

With romantic suspense, it’s really hard to give a synopsis. Basically anything I could say will give away the story. And that would just be a disservice to the reader. Believe me, you want to experience this one for yourself, all the surprises, the heartbreak, the love, the suspense, the drama… it was just the perfect mix and it made my heart ache and I swooned and I cried… sigh…

That being said, it was inevitable that the Knights couldn’t stay hidden forever. It was inevitable that their past would come looking and it was inevitable that Jillian and Jackson Knight would have to confront Jessica and Jude Day. But as inevitable as that was, you will not be able to predict how it all plays out.

And while everything about this series for me was about Jillian (I mean, how cool is she?!), we have her brother Jackson. He was hot, dangerous, cocky, and let’s be honest, a man-whore.. but even he deserves his happily ever after. You remember he met Ryn. Oh Ryn with all her problems deserves a good man. But she gets Jackson.

“I love your imperfections. I need them. They give me hope that you will love mine too.”

But can Ryn love a killer? Can Jackson ever tell her about his past?

And while I wasn’t as invested in his love story. His and Jillian has to be the most unconventionally beautiful sibling relationship.

In so many ways the greatest love story of her life was not with Luke or AJ… it was with Jackson. He was the constant in her life. His love defined unconditional. Someday she would tell him… someday.

But Jillian’s love story as we know has another constant. Luke.

He hated the color of her hair. He hated that another man had loved her body and her heart. He hated that she sat ten feet away and yet she felt so out of reach. If he dwelled on all the things he hated, it would make it impossible to love her. And if he chose to do one thing for the rest of his life… it would be to love her.

Man, what a tragic story. What heartache. But in all that tragedy was the love. And in the end, the Knights, the Days, they deserve so much love. And I smiled throughout the entire epilogue.

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Dawn of Forever by Jewel E. Ann


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Book Review – The Closer You Come (Original Heartbreakers #1) – Gena Showalter

So this book forced me to realize two things about myself:

1.) I like a some mystery in my books, and I want to be left guessing for a long time.

2.) I’m not a fan of small town contemporary romance.

So as you can guess, I solved the mystery very fast and yes, this is a small town contemporary romance. But I’ll start with a synopsis.

Strawberry Valley is a small town where everyone knows everyone. Three men move to town and all the women are excited. Brook Lynn’s sister, Jessie Kay, is one of those women. She’s already slept with Beck and now she’s moved on to Jase. Brook Lynn is tired of always rescuing her sister… but her sister is the only family she has. She finds Jessy Kay in Jase’s room… and though it feels wrong, she’s attracted to Jase… and Jase is attracted to her. But Jase has secrets. He’s sure that if Brook Lynn finds out about them she’ll leave, like everybody else in his life. But their attraction only grows stronger and soon they can’t deny themselves.

She was just so bright, a total contrast with his mind, which was always so dark. He felt drawn to her, and it both ramped him up and soothed him. It was difficult not to crave her presence.

It was a sweet book… maybe too sweet. Quite early on I realized this would not be more than a 3 star for me. Mostly because we are let in on Jase’s secrets before brook Lynn figures them out. I know this is a stylistic feature where the fun is in wondering what Brook Lynn’s reaction would be. I’m not a big fan of this stylistic feature. BUT, I read on… mostly because I thought it was a sweet book. There were some positives to it and Jase was incredibly hot so why not?

But then things didn’t get better. There was a small mystery woven into the story and I had figured it out as soon as it was mentioned. Which was maybe 30% in. Which means when it was revealed at around 97% (I kid you not), I was over it.

Now I mentioned I’m not a fan of small town contemporary romance… I love mystery and darkness and erotica… and this one had very little, if any, of the three. The main story (as is the case in Contemporary Romance) is how the main couple come together and how they fall in love. It’s just not enough to hold my interest unfortunately. So I was willing to admit that this was a 3 star read for me only because I’m not a fan of sugary sweet and fluffy Contemporary Romance, and that CR fans would probably love it… but then my rating dropped due to the other reasons mentioned above.

Then we move on to the humor… I felt the book tried too hard. I mean, I could tell where the jokes were but I didn’t laugh. I mostly rolled my eyes. There were too many cliches…

“On a scale of one to ten, you’re a nine… and I’m the one you need.”



I feel bad criticizing this book so much but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.What I did learn though is that I should stay away from this genre. There was some potential of it being a deeper story… but the potential wasn’t realized.

So if you’re a Contemporary Romance fan… if you love a story based only on two people falling in love and the small bumps they face along the way, if you don’tt mind a fluffy story, then this is for you. Unfortunately for me…

2 stars.

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