Book Review – Just One Lie – Kyra Davis

Sometimes you read a book and realize that all the books you were fawning over are just not as good as you thought they were… because this new book leaves them all in the dust. This new book is how all books should be written. So yes, I’ve found my favorite book of the year. In fact, it now sits very comfortable in my top ten books ever. Ever.

Just One Lie is my second Kyra Davis book. The first, Just One Night was so so good. But this one, whoa, this one is something else! It’s the story of Melody Fitzgerald. You might remember her as Kasie’s dead sister. Only Melody is not dead. She’s living in LA as Mercy Raye. Mercy is the lead singer of an indie band. They’re doing ok. But Mercy is still haunted by her past. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the man who killed her, Ash, is back. He’s back in her life and she shouldn’t be so happy but she is. It’s probably fate that he’s back. He hurt her once, but he’s back and he wants her back.

Ash is a stranger. He’s the stranger who took my life. One night with him, one night of rapture. That’s all it took to put an end to Melody Fitzgerald.

I used to be Melody, but that’s over and nothing about her life applies to me. Nothing. I don’t associate with Melody’s friends, I don’t have her addictions- and I refuse to have her pain!

So Mercy is starting over. But is it really starting over when the man you left behind is back in your life? Mercy is not sure she should have Ash back in her life. He’s so much like her. So self destructive. Living the fast life. But she loves him, and he loves her. She’s never really felt loved before. She needs just one person to show her he cares for her… even if that person is so so flawed.

As long as I can be his number one. As long as I can be someone’s number one. How awesome would it be to feel special again, if only intermittently? Intermittently would be better than never.

But then there’s Brad. The band’s new drummer. A Ken doll, too well put together. Everything fitting as it should… other than the drummer part. That doesn’t really fit. But he’s the best drummer the band has ever had. Only now he’s in Mercy’s life. And she’s starting to realize that things could be different. If only she wasn’t so weighted down by Melody’s life. Only as much as she tries to escape her past, it’s right there.

Those of us who are self-destructive will always love the ones who hurt us most.

God, this book made me feel. At one point I went to bed after a chapter and my heart was hurting bad. I told myself I should wake up and read one more chapter because I wanted to sleep with a lighter heart. And this book has that ability. To be funny, light, witty… but then to move to the deep and the dark… I was texting my best friend and quoting the hell out of the book… because I needed to take that break to reflect and discuss. Sigh… And though Mercy goes through the hard… she experiences happy, she experiences love… and it was so good to see. That even with the shadows that just wouldn’t let her be, she had moments of such pure beauty…

It’s not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s perfection, it’s crazy… it’s pure. It’s love.

Gah. I wish I could explain more than I am with this review. But I can’t do that without giving out too much. Because we do have a love triangle… we have Ash and Brad. I loved that it wasn’t as easy to dismiss one guy over the other… We have secrets and addictions and music and pain and heartbreak and pure pure joy. And the book spans years… it was just so incredibly perfect this book. And I know I’m just gushing about it but I can’t help myself. I want everyone to read it. To feel the angst and the pain and everything that makes this book just so perfect. And in the end…

I close my eyes and give in to the sensations. The clean air, the seduction, the love… This is what it’s supposed to feel like to breathe.

I’ve seen reviewers rating a book 6 stars out of 5. I’ve always wondered about that. Surely 5 out 5 is sufficient to let others know you loved the book. But now I’m so very tempted… because this is easily the best book I’ve read all year. I love love LOVED it, to infinity and beyond ;)

6 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Just One Lie by Kyra Davis

just one lie

I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Lay it Down (Desert Dogs #1) – Cara McKenna

I’ve had Cara McKenna’s name mentioned to me a million times, so when someone told me that this book had the hottest sex scenes ever, I had to read it!

So this is the story. Vince is a small time criminal in his home town of Fortuity in the middle of nowhere Nevada. One of his best friends Alex is the deputy sheriff. Alex has had to put Vince behind bars a couple of times, but there’s been no hard feelings. One night Alex calls Vince and gives him a mysterious message, he wants to meet Vince, he’s scared, he’s seen some very suspicious things at the casino construction site in town. He wants to tell somebody. Vince agrees to meet up with Alex, but the meeting never takes place. Alex is dead, drunk driving. Vince knows that his friend is a heavy drinker, but he has never known him to drink and drive. So how exactly did Alex die? Vince wants to uncover the mystery… But there’s a distraction in the name Kim :)

She looked like no woman he’d ever been with, the kind they didn’t make in Fortuity. Calm, cautious. Not innocent, yet so goddamn in need of dirtying.

That’s basically the gist of the story. Kim however works for the Casino, kind of, and Vince wants nothing to do with anyone from the Casino. He wants Fortuity to remain the small town he grew up in, and that’s not going to happen once the Casino opens its doors. Flanked by Vince are his brother Case, and his bestfriends Miah and Raina… Collectively known as the Desert Dogs… Bikers in the sense that they ride bikes… But not in the Motorcycle Club sense…

So therein lay my first disappointment. I thought this was an MC book… But the ‘gang’ just rode bikes and there were only four of them. I was happy to overlook that after the initial disappointment but then I found that the story wasn’t as gripping as I’d hoped it would be. The mystery is there, but I could put the book down a couple of times… it just didn’t hold my attention. So then the remaining thing would be the steamy scenes… But those also fell flat. Needless to say, this was an all round disappointment for me.

Vince is a dirty talking possessive alpha, which is something I usually like in a book hero but for some weird reason, he just didn’t do it for me. Then his relationship with Kim just went from nothing to 100 in seconds. I’m not against instalove but I have to feel their connection and there just wasn’t any in my opinion.

The book had it’s moments. I have to admit that I’m very intrigued by the other ‘Desert Dogs…’ I hate that the mystery continues in the other books because it just did not hold my attention enough but I’m so very curious to find out who tames Case and if Raina and Miah will ever get back together again…

All in all…

2 stars

 Amazon Buy Link -> Lay it Down by Cara McKenna

lay it down

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Book Review – Dragon Bound (Elder Races #1) – Thea Harrison

Wow! This one hit me right in the feels! And other places too ;) It was recommended to me by the amazing Belle, so I started it immediately and my first thoughts? Why oh why didn’t I read this sooner?!

Dragon Bound is the story of Pia Giovanni who is half-human and half-Wyr. Pia has spent her entire life hiding. She wants to stay under the radar, avoid drawing any attention to herself, because that’s what her mother taught her. So when she steals from the biggest and baddest of all Wry, Dragos Cuelebre, it goes against everything she was taught. Suddenly she finds herself the interest of not only the dragon, but also his enemies.

I absolutely loved this book! I’m always on the look out for new paranormal series to feed my addiction, but I have to admit they are few and far between. I downloaded the sample of this book and it didn’t immediately grab me… but going of Belle’s recommendation I decided to buy the book and I wasn’t disappointed! Far from it, the book just keeps picking up and goes from nothing to everything in a matter of seconds!

Pia and Dragos are attracted to each other… but Dragos is a leader amongst the Wry and Pia is a half breed… not much Wry… what exactly is she anyway? Yes, that was the biggest mystery. As an amateur sleuth I love trying to figure out the mysteries in books and unfortunately most of them are easily solved. Not this one, I honestly had no clue until she was revealed! Way to go Ms. Harrison!!!

But mystery aside, we get the world building. I’m always amazed at the creativity of the top authors in this genre. Think JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Jeaniene Frost, Karen Marie Moning.. these are my absolute favorites and I’ve been trying to get the same feeling I get from them by trying new authors… and getting so disappointed! Till Thea Harrison that is, I’ve already downloaded book two because I absolutely cannot get enough of her writing! She explains her amazing Wry-Human world without it getting convoluted… she keeps me interested in it. She introduces new characters and I get so excited to read their story… so yes, I can’t wait to finish writing this review so I can get to reading! You’ve been warned, I see an addiction coming on :)

And right next to the mystery is the romance. God, these two heat up the pages! I haven’t been so turned on in a long while! I loved that while Dragos was extreme alpha male, Pia could handle him. She was strong and funny and exciting… the kind of heroine I love to read about. And yes, he was sexy and growly and just so freakin hot! I love the possesive kind and he was that to a T. And I loved that Pia didn’t just roll over and give him what he wanted.

“You can deny it, argue, throw fits, try to runaway. But. You’re. Still. Mine.”

“That’s insane,” She whispered. “I don’t belong to you or anyone else.”

“Yes, you do. You are mine and I will keep you. I will not hurt you and I will protect you.”

“I am not a piece of property damn it!”

“But you are in my possession.”

I loved that Dragos fell for Pia and fell hard. That he had to do all the grovelling…

“You’ve been crying again,” he said. “Why?”

She chuckled, a small, hollow sound. “Hard day, I guess.”

“Don’t deflect,” he said. “Tell me why.”

“What if I don’t want to,” she snapped.

“Tough,” he told her. He took hold of her shoulders and drew her into his arms. “You have to tell me so I can learn not to do whatever it is I did.”

Man, did I fall for this dragon! I love it when the strong, tough men become soft only for their women. When they fall so hard they shock themselves and those around them.

They hurt her. They hurt her, and that hurt him inside somewhere, in a place he had never been hurt before. He had sustained physical injury and pain many times before. It meant little to him. But this new hurt – he was in shock. He had never realised just how invincible he had been until it was ripped away from him.

Sigh… I highlighted so much of the book, I have to stop myself from jamming it all in my review. I just fell in love with this book. Everything about it. The writing, the story, the mystery, the characters (every one of them)… I’m off to read book #2!

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison


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Book Review – Evening Storm – Anne Calhoun

Very few books grab my attention from the get go. I’m the kind of person who needs at least a chapter to get into the swing of things, which is why I was so impressed when I read the first paragraph and fell in love immediately! I’ve only read one other Anne Calhoun book and I absolutely loved it! Now that this one also rocked my reading world, I’ve vowed to read everything she’s written!

So Evening Storm is the story of Simone Dermachelier, the owner of a high-end lingerie chain called Irresistible, and Ryan Hamilton, a wolf of Wall Street. They meet when Ryan brings his latest eye candy to Irresistible on a shopping spree. Simone is immediately jealous, something that never happens. But when Ryan brings girl after girl to the shop, Simone is sure she can resist his charm. Only there’s something lurking behind the facade. There’s something tortured and sad behind Ryan’s playboy persona, and though Simone knows she should stay away, she finds it hard to turn him away when he keeps coming back.

On the surface Ryan looked like any other Manhattan playboy, but the dark circles under his eyes, the haunted look in their hazel depths, the grooves on either side of his mouth, the stories he told, wove a spell of seductive darkness and complexity that kept her listening.

Ryan is in the middle of what is bound to be a catastrophe. The bank he works for is knee deep in shady dealings and thanks to his newly found conscience, he’s turned into an FBI informant. He can’t possibly drag Simone into the impending disaster. But he also can’t keep away.

I’ve talked to you for maybe ten hours of my life, but when I don’t see you, I feel half alive. And the funny thing, the thing that really sucks, is that before I met you I didn’t even realise I was half alive. You’ve ruined me for the life I used to have.”

Believe me when I tell you, you have to read an Anne Calhoun book! She spins such lyrically wonderful tales… her introduction scenes grab you immediately, her heroes are perfectly flawed and her heroines have a backbone. Like I said, I’m getting all her books after this!

The thing with this book was how easily she made a book with very few sex scenes, so erotic! These two burn up the pages, while managing to do very little. I loved that. I loved that Ryan was flawed, but still alpha… I loved that Simone held her own, managed to bring Ryan to his knees. I loved that some scenes were like poetry woven so intricately into a complicated plot. I loved that we had to wait for these two… I loved and loved and loved the hell out of this book!

4.5 Stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun


I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this ARC for my review

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Book Review – The Ground Rules – Roya Carmen

You like the sound of a book, you check it on Goodreads and there are 5 stars galore. You check it on Amazon and find more 5 stars, everyone agrees that this book is amazing! So you settle down with it and the confusion sets in, did you get the right book? How can you be the only person in the world not feeling the book? There has to be something wrong.

And you get where I’m going with this, but first a synopsis. Mirella and Gabe have been together forever. They have a good marriage – they love each other, they have two wonderful children and their sex life is still going strong. One night they meet a couple, Weston and Bridget. This new couple is very well together, clearly rich and oh so very hot. The new couple proposes an arrangement, not exactly swinging, more like a couple swap. There are rules:

1. Don’t sleep around.
2. Don’t kiss and tell.
3. Be nice.
4. Don’t text or call.
5. Don’t fall in love

These rules are in place to make sure there’s never any jealousy between the married couples. But of course the rules start being broken one by one. Bridget is clearly into Gabe.. and vice versa… but it’s Mirella and Weston who slowly dip their toes into the forbidden waters… and find that they love it.

So here’s the thing… there are people who will never read a book that has cheating in it, or a love triangle et cetera… I’ve always thought that if a book makes me feel… then the book has accomplished what it set out to do. Then The Ground Rules came around. Everyone lauded it as angsty… but I have to say I was angry the entire time…. or rolling my eyes. I mean, for someone with a loving husband and two lovely kids, Mirella behaved abhorrently… like a lovestruck teenager. I don’t claim to always make the right decisions but when it comes to my marriage and my child, I certainly will try. And I feel she didn’t.

As much as I want to end this, I’m willing to put everything on the line – my sanity, my marriage, my heart.

Gah! She just jumped in headfirst into something that would clearly hurt her husband and children. She hardly thought of them… even when she knew how badly it would hurt them. I’m of the opinion that if something leads you to hurt those you love, then you should cut it off. As soon as she realised that things were getting deeper with Weston, she should have stopped the deal. It would hurt her for some time but surely it would save those she loves… right?

I’m probably coming off as very judgmental, I tried not to judge her, but I’ve honestly never thought theses things end well. I have friends who swing… and though I would never do it (tempting as it may be) I’ve always thought at least they’re not hurting anyone… but the arrangement in The Ground Rules was just a mess to begin with. All that jealousy that should have been a red flag – ignored.

Gah! This book was just not for me. Mirella behaved like a teenager… she ignored responsibility, she lashed out… I just did not like her at all. Also how long did it take her to realize what the proposition was?

Suddenly, it all falls together. My heart drops. I feel nauseous. I’m no idiot – I’ve put two and two together.

I actually laughed out loud. Took her forever to put two and two together! She also just couldn’t make up her mind. I’m indecisive, but jeez Mirella drove me nuts! One minute the proposition puts ‘the look of horror’ on her face, and in the same sentence she just wants ‘to go straight to bed.’ I mean, make up your mind woman!

Sigh… this book made me angry. I suppose the fact that it brought out such a strong emotion means something… but I’ve never differed this much with other reviews. I might be alone in my thoughts… but well..

2.5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen

ground rules

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Priest – Sierra Simone

“This novel is entirely fictional and entirely for entertainment, it’s not intended to offend or provoke. That being said, this novel is about a Catholic priest falling in love. There is sex, more sex, and definitely some blasphemy.

The blurb had me intrigued, but that warning is what made me lock myself up in a room and put up a Do Not Disturb sign! And boy what a rollercoaster!

So Priest is the story of Father Tyler Bell, a 29 year old priest at St. Margarets. Father Bell took his oath 3 years ago after a personal tragedy made him devote his life to the Church, to God. Nothing could make him break that vow. Until she arrives. But Tyler can handle temptation, he’s sure he can… Maybe he just needs some divine intervention….

“I stood for a minute in my slacks and shirt and stared at the processional cross, (feeling a bit betrayed if I was being honest.) If I was forgiven, why hadn’t God also removed this temptation from me? Or given me more strength? To resist it? I knew it wasn’t fair to hope that Poppy would move away or become a Baptist or something, but why couldn’t God eliminate my attraction to her? Deaden my senses to the way she’d felt under my blessing… deaden my eyes to those red lips and bright hazel eyes?

Yes, Poppy remains all he can think about… He wants her bad, he’s starting to feel that maybe he needs her more than he needs his vocation… And maybe he can’t resist the temptation that is Poppy Danforth. Maybe he doesn’t want to.

“I wanted to pray in complete darkness. I wanted nothing between my thoughts and God, in between this woman and my vocation. I wanted everything but my sin and these starbursts in my eyes stripped away. I’m sorry, I prayed. I’m so sorry. Mostly, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.

And yes, that’s all the story I’m giving you… Because the blurb doesn’t give us much, I went in blind and so should you. I will tell you however, how the book made me feel.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the only other book priest I know, Soren. I also went to a Catholic high school… So I tried very hard to separate these two facts from my reading experience. Tried to not to make any comparisons. I’m not sure I succeeded. I’d been warned there would be blasphemy, and there was lots of it. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with that. It seemed unnecessary in my opinion, the having sex in church at the Alter, the using sacred oils for their… well I suppose you’ll read what they used it for. There was also a lot of cursing. I don’t know any real life priests, but that cursing seemed excessive to me… Anyway, all I’m saying is that if you don’t mind the blasphemy then you’ll have an even better reading experience than I had.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the book. I did! In fact, I’ll go as far as to say I loved huge chunks of the book. The steam, if you overlook the locations, was HOT. The writing was just sublime. It was almost poetic in its decadence. The epilogue was probably the best I’ve read all year…. So yes, I did 5 star parts of the book.

I’ve never been more confused as to how I’d rate a book. It had some 4/5 star moments, it had many 3 star moments. So I think I rate it..

3.5 Stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Priest by Sierra Simone


I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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Book Review – Better When it Hurts (Stripped #2) – Skye Warren

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.

Sigh… This is the book I’ve been waiting for since the year began! I’ve read good books, but this… this one is now at the top of my favorite books this year!

This is the second book in the Stripped Series by one of my favorite authors, Skye Warren. I have admittedly not read the first, they’re all standalones, but after reading this one I’m scrambling to get the first one and every book after!

This is the story of Lola and Blue. Lola, is a stripper at The Grand. She knew Blue from another life, when they were both foster kids. But she hurt him. She lied about him, he was sent away, and now he’s back for revenge. But Blue is after something else too. He wanted Lola badly, they had something all those years ago, back when she was Hannah… he’s going to take everything he missed.

“I’m the only one who gets to fuck you. I wasn’t going to let him slap you around, Lola. The only person who’s going to mark this pretty skin is me.”

Lola is conflicted. She once loved Blue… but now the bigger emotion is fear… She doesn’t know how far Blue will go to exact revenge…

And maybe that’s the scariest part, that even he doesn’t know where the hard edge is. He’ll keep pushing and pushing until I fall. And I’ll let him, because all my life, I’ve craved that wind on my face.

Once I started this book I could not put it down! I kept checking my reading progress and despairing that I was reading too fast! The book had this emotional depth, I felt and felt and felt. Lola’s story wasn’t a light one – a foster child, everyone she knew taking from her, she let them, maybe even encouraged them. But Blue was different. And when he comes back for her, all the emotions of past come rushing back. Basically the book did what only one more book has done since the year began, it brought on the angst.

“I thought I could fuck you and not feel anything again. I thought I could have you and forget you. But that was impossible from the start. I’ve never been able to forget you. And you make me feel everything, Lola. You make me del alive.”

And then the steam… whoa! Now this is how erotica should be written. Again, the book did what few have done this year, it brought on the steam! These two had enough anger and enough lust to keep the pages burning. I’m just in awe of how the author can mix in dirty filthy lust with a story line so emotional and not compromise either.

I did have one qualm, the book was too short. I would have loved for the author to keep us in suspense longer. Maybe the book was unputdownable because it was fast… but I would have loved to have felt the tension for longer, wonder about the characters history for longer….

But again, the angst, the steam, the writing…

He guides me away, out of the dark, into the golden afternoon light. I’m blinded by it, but I don’t slow down. I know he can see, and I’m content to let him lead. More than content, I’m happy in my surrender. Forever fulfilled in the calloused hands that will hold me and hurt me, calm me and keep me, love me and never let me leave.

One of my favorite books of the year.

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Better When it Hurts by Skye Warren


I‘d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Louder Than Love – Jessica Topper

What a wonderful little find!!! So I was stalking somebody’s Goodreads page because I realized we almost always agree on what we think are 5 star reads… Which is where I came across this book… Seeing it stored in that somebody’s ‘favorite books’ list made me buy it and start it immediately… I went in blind, which is lucky for me because I’m not a big fan of rock star books, and this is that… yet so much more than that…

Katrina or Tree as her friends call her, has moved back home after losing her husband… As a librarian, she decides to organize something for the kids at the local library… She herself has a four year old, Abbey. Abbey is in love with a particular kids’ show and so Katrina decides to hunt down the show’s theme song artist… She lands him, Adrian Graves and is surprised when she finds he’s not only older than she is, but she’s also attracted to him. But he’s everything she’s not, where does he fit in her organized librarian life?

Despite all my organizing and arranging, I had never noticed the logical order to it all. The Dewey Decimal System placed Marriage and Family at 306.8. And death and Dying at 306.9. How very tidy. Grief and love, hand in hand. Yet beside me sat Adrian, and what I felt for him defied classification. Was there a  a place for reclusive rock stars? For a heavy metal hero with a heart of gold? “You,” I kissed each temple, then nose tip and chin. “You are glorious chaos.”

This book gave me everything I needed, and more. Katrina’s description of losing her husband was so vivid, so emotional but more than that it made me understand. It was all so well written I marvelled at every page.

“I wanted to tell him about who I was before Pete, and what I had been like when I met him. How we connected, how we had blended our lives together seamlessly. Like a glass vessel, slowly turning, without end. And, inevitably, how I shattered without him, left with nothing but glass shards no one would dare touch. How Abbey, my family, and my friends gathered around me, trying to sooth my sharp edges, bleeding and hurt as well. How time then wrapped around me, working to wear down the points until I was left with sides as soft ash supple as tumbled sea glass. Once translucent, now opaque. Changed.

Then there was her relationship with her daughter and her friends… So so wonderfully written, I felt like I knew them all…. And as a young mother with my friends also jumping on the baby wagon, I felt excited for it all just because this book made it much more…

I was on a road trip with my husband and I kept reading out loud chunks of the book… I identified so much with Ka,  even though much of what she went through has never happened to me…. At one point my husband said ‘are you the one who wrote the book? It’s so you!’ And it was. I loved and loved and loved every page…

And while I identified with the heroine, I fell in love with the hero…. There was so much depth to him… Half the time I wanted to cry, the other half I wondered where men like these exist… Sigh

“I have never been loved…” I heard his voice catch. “… like I have been loved by you. And I have never loved like I love you. You’ve got to know this.”

It has mature characters, witty and downright hilarious parts and so much emotion, good and bad. Brilliant, well rounded characters, love, loss, laughter, rock and roll…. All in the most wonderfuly written package…it was just what I needed.

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Louder than Love by Jessica Topper


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Book Review – The Master (The Game Maker #2) – Kresley Cole

I once read ten Kresley Cole books in two weeks. That’s how much I adore her writing. I’m talking of course about her paranormal series, Immortals After Dark. I’ve never read anything like it, so when she released The Professional, an erotic romance book, I was definitely going to read it – her steamy scenes in the paranormal are so hot, I couldn’t wait to see what she’d do with erotica. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Then I went on a blogging hiatus which made me miss the release of The Master. So yesterday night I’m still stuck in a book slump when I decided to re-read The Professional, came across The Master and started immediately. I couldn’t sleep! Read it in one go and though I’m completely sleep deprived, I’d do it all over again. This author is one after my heart! Steamy scenes so steamy I could be convinced she invented the word!

So yes, this is Erotica done so so well. And the story? Maksimilian Sevasyan is a Russian politician with Mafiya links. oh and a Billionaire, let’s not forget that. He’s a hobbyist, or what you’d call a man who never dates and has a different escort every night. So he’s in Miami and he hires an escort for the night. Same thing he goes for, tall, blonde and European. Unfortunately, Ivana is unwell, so she sends her cleaning lady Cat.

Cat is not an escort, never had sex for money. In fact, only ever slept with one guy. But Cat is in trouble, she needs the money. Though she’s nervous, she admits that she would sleep with the hot Russian even if money was not on the table, so she does, and it’s hot, and different… and pity she’ll never see him again. Because she’s not an escort, and he doesn’t hire the same escort twice. Until he does :)

Man was this book hot! If you’re looking for well written Erotica, then look no further! I mean, these two heat up age after page! But they both have their secrets… and Cat’s might be the biggest of them all.

I absolutely loved the book! I loved watching them fall for each other. Loved the super feisty heroine, fell for the sexy alpha male… and while I had issues with the Spanish (I have Latina friends who don’t infuse every sentence with a Spanish word, it just seemed off), still the book won me over. I loved the steam, the angst, and the end…

His was on the right side of his cheat; mine was on my left… because we were intertwined. In sync. Lock and key. Our bodies, our lives.

sigh… I’m not sure what to do with myself now that it’s over.

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> The Master by Kresley Cole


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Book Review – Strength & Courage (Night Horde SoCal #1) – Susan Fanetti

Move the Sun and Behold the Stars were hands down the best books I read in 2014. Susan Fanetti became an instant favorite. So when I saw that she had a new series out, I wasn’t going to read anything else!

Strength and Courage is book #1 in the Night Horde SoCal series. We meet new characters who are part of the bigger family of the Night Horde Missouri. In this first book, we meet Muse, a former nomad who now belongs to the Night Horde. Muse doesn’t talk much, and no, he didn’t get his name because he’s a deep thinker either. Muse just likes minding his own business. Unfortunately, he took on a kind of mentorship role to Demon, known for quickly losing his temper.

Demon’s son Tucker has just been placed into a foster family without Demon getting a chance to prove he can be a good father. Frustrated, Demon seeks out the woman who took his son away, Sidonie Tuladhar. Muse is now caught up trying to help demon get his son back, but that means having to talk to Sid. The two are attracted to each other, but Sid is a strong woman, she doesn’t need a macho caveman dictating her every move. And Muse needs to protect her, it’s just what he does, who he is.

“He’d never been with a woman who wouldn’t just do what he said. Not only did Sid do what she wanted, she also got in his face for even trying to handle a situation. He found himself feeling hesitant, trying to think about how to say things or do things in a way that didn’t make her feel like he was being pushy, or a ‘caveman’. Which was pretty fucking offensive, frankly. He was struggling to figure her out, but he knew why he was trying. She had him. He was hooked. Well and truly.

I was so excited to get back into Susan Fanetti’s biker world. While she rocked my world with Touch, a mafia book, bikers books are what she does best. So yes, I was excited. But while her characters pulled me in, the book lacked the depth that was Move the Sun and Behold the Stars. The characters have their problems and the problems aren’t light either… but they were resolved too quickly in my opinion… the steamy scenes were also ‘meh’ in my very eloquent opinion ;) I honestly can’t say what it was that just wasn’t as good as the other books… but something was missing.

I liked the book enough. I read it in a day. I had moments when I thought, wow… moments like when Muse understood Sid…

“I get it, hon. I know you need to be strong enough to handle your own shit. I’m not trying to boss you around. I’m not trying to take your strength away from you. I’m trying to add mine to it. That’s what love is, right? That’s what family is.”

sigh… but mostly I read on without any high highs or low lows… a kind of flatline… not a bad flatline, but a flatline nonetheless.

I will say though that I love Fanetti’s heroines. They are not silly women doing nothing and waiting to be rescued by bad ass bikers. They are clever and sassy. They give as much as they get. I’ve read many biker books and Fanetti’s remain my favorite. I will definitely be reading more of her books, but I hope she finds the magic that was Move the Sun, Behold the Stars and Touch.

3. 5 stars.

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