Book Review – All In (Full Tilt #2) – Emma Scott

I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this book. Book #1 was such a masterpiece I felt that anything more would ruin the story for me. Once a book ends, I don’t spend time thinking ‘ah and they’ll get children and grandchildren…’ no. Which is why I hardly ever read extended epilogues or stories written ‘years after’ the original book ended. Particularly with books that end the way Full Tilt did. Of course in real life a 20 something year old girl will find love again after such loss. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it happen. The first two or three chapters I was still battling with myself on whether to put the book down. But then it picked up and the author, yet again, managed to wow me.

All In is not a standalone story. I suppose it could be read as such but you’d miss the brilliance of the back story. So I’ll continue on with the review on the assumption that those reading it have already read Full Tilt, and just like me, were unsure whether to go All In 🙂 So Jonah made everyone promise him something. We know what he asked of Kacey, but we could only guess what he said to Theo. Theo’s attitude to Kacey was hot and cold (mostly cold) in book #1. But if you’re like me, you caught the nuances of his attitude, the way Jonah looked when Kacey thought Theo hated her…

Anyway, we start with the promises. With the pain being too much for Kacey so she moves to New Orleans. To Theo becoming her best friend. To maybe more.

I didn’t expect to love this book. And initially I debated on whether I should continue reading. I just couldn’t imagine buying into the storyline. I missed Jonah and I found Theo too… different. Just not the sweetness and beauty that was Jonah. And so this is a testament to the writing prowess of the author because she sold it to me. She did not turn Theo into Jonah, she did not diminish what Kacey and Jonah had, she did not try to make one bigger than the other. I ended up loving the difference that was Theo. How loyal and strong he was.

Plus, I felt both Theo and Kacey’s grief, I felt their confusion about what was happening and when it finally happened, I felt I had also purged my grief over Jonah and so I could be happy that these two just were.

And don’t get me started on the steamy moments! The dancing in New Orleans, wowza! It should have come with a warning sign so I would know not to read it in public! I mean the steamy scenes were just so well done. It was Theo through and through, and it was perfect.

While the book wasn’t as earth shattering as its predecessor, it did more than hold it’s on. It stood on it’s own, a different story but just as beautiful. And while Full Tilt taught me to revel in the moments, All In reminded me where truth lies. I’m the kind of person who overthinks everything, so these words were the perfect antidote.

“The feeling you have in that moment right as you wake up, before your brain mucks it all up with thoughts and words? That very first feeling is where truth lives.”

What an amazing discovery Emma Scott is to me. I can’t wait to read more of her books!

5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> All In by Emma Scott


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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