Book Review – Love The Way You Lie (Stripped #1) – Skye Warren

As soon as I read book #2 in this series I knew I wanted to get my hands on the rest of the series… and I wasn’t disappointed! This book is poetry… this entire series is poetry.. dirty filthy erotically charged poetry, and Skye Warren is my very own Pablo Neruda 🙂 So this is Honey’s story. Honey, real name Honor, is clearly hiding from something. All the girls who work at The Grand, a seedy strip joint, are. But Honey is unlike the others. She’s not hardened, she’s definitely scared of something. And when she sees Kip, she knows she should be afraid of him.

I don’t like the way he watches me. There’s patience in the way he watches me. And patience implies waiting, it implies planning.

But something draws her to him. It’s not just physical attraction, though that’s definitely there… it’s the way he makes her feel protected. Something she’s never felt before. So it’s confusing for her Honey, to be afraid of someone, yet feel protected by him. She knows he’s hiding something, but so is she. She’s curious about him, but knowing him would be allowing him to know her, something she just can’t do.

Kip stands there looking gruff and intimidating, like he would take on the whole world for looking at him sideways. There are scars on his knuckles that say he tried. And there’s a bend in his nose that says he’s lost. But despite all that violence, he touches me with desire. He already has my body, already bought and used up. But he wants something else. He wants me.

Sigh… the writing! See why it’s like poetry to me? The way the author pulls me in and holds me there… I mean, the storyline is amazing, the characters are amazing, but it’s the writing I can’t do without. It’s the writing that makes Skye Warren a favorite. The writing that makes me abandon everything else and pick up her books.

I don’t know much about trust. It’s a language I don’t speak. But I hear the sound of it, the heart of it, when I’m near him. I want this badly enough to try. I need him badly enough to shake with the effort.

Ah Kip… the things he did, the things he said!

“Shh.,” he soothes. “I didn’t say anything,” I say. I feel his smile. “I heard you anyway, Honey. I always do. You don’t have to say anything. You just have to feel, and i can hear it like a goddamn church bell.”

This is definitely one of my favorite series of the year. The heat is beyond anything… the angst, the love, the writing… I realise I haven’t given you much of the story but that’s because you have to read it yourself. I did wish it to be longer but don’t we always want that of the books we love?

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Love the Way You Lie by Skye Warren


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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