Book Review – Nuts (Hudson Valley #1) – Alice Clayton

After finding out that I do indeed enjoy humorous contemporary romance, I decided to go for an Alice Clayton book, because everyone I spoke to said she was the queen of the genre.

Nuts is the story of Roxie, a chef from small town Hudson Valley. Roxie hated the small town life, didn’t fit in in high school, wasn’t in tune with her hippie mother, so she moved to LA to become a private chef. And she was doing alright until her clients quit on her and her mom joined The Amazing Race (the absolutely awesome reality show you must watch!) So since her mum owns a diner, she needs Roxie to run it for her while she’s on the show and even though Roxie hates the idea of going back to the small town, she has no clients so why not?

So Roxie moves back to Hudson Valley and meets Leo, the hottest farmer to have ever lived. Roxie prefers casual arrangements… not one night stands per se… but she wants to be clear on where she stands and avoid the messy. And she lets Leo know. But she can’t avoid the messy for long…

I will start by saying that this was a sweet simple story… in the way that Contemporary Romance stories are simple, that is, not much happening in the way of grit, action, suspense etc… sweet though, because I did feel all kinds of warm after the epilogue. BUT, and this is a big one, there just wasn’t much happening to keep my attention. I mean, there was drama, but romantic comedy drama. The kind you can see a mile away, the kind that leads to tears and arguments on the side of the road before it all wraps up neatly.

I hardly ever read contemporary romance because I prefer more in my books. When I do read the genre, I’ve mentally prepared myself for somewhat sappy romance, which I don’t mind… not really, but this book was meant to be hilarious! To have at least that. It wasn’t. At least not to me. He’s a farmer and there were a lot of ‘oh my what a big cucumber you have wink wink‘  kinds of jokes. And of course the book is called Nuts, so you know that joke couldn’t go unsaid! I’m not a fan, sorry. And once or twice is fine but man, they were everywhere! Did I smile occasionally? Of course. Did I laugh out loud? No.

Then there was the fact that I’d been told that not only are the books funny, but they are also so steamy! Because I wasn’t getting the one, I hoped for the other. Sigh. There were a lot of ‘dot dot dot fill in the blanks’ going on. And I’m okay with that. A little. But I don’t know, I suppose I expected more. The second half got way steamier and sort of made up for the first half.

That being said, I loved Leo’s character. I appreciated the sweetness of the story in the end and while it wrapped up too neatly, I did smile and think, ‘awww’ 🙂

Yet while I’m intrigued with the idea of the second book, I think I should stay off this genre for a while.

3 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Nuts by Alice Clayton


I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this ARC for my review.

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