Book Review – End of Day (Jack and Jill #1) – Jewel E. Ann

Where has this author been all my life?! I’m not sure I can explain how much this book rocked my world. There I was, having never heard of the author, wondering if I should open this book which I knew nothing about… then I did, and a day later, here I am… 5 starring the hell out of the book and lining up every book this author has ever written.

End of Day is the story of two women: Jessica Day and Jillian Knight. Jessica is love with Luke, but she has to leave him. Has to start her life elsewhere. But she’ll never be the same again, because she’s messed up. She has a secret, a problem, and only Luke knows how to deal with it, how to love her through it. You know that soulmate? That once in a lifetime love? She found it. She will never find a love like Luke’s love for her.

Being with you is the best part of my day… everyday. You think you’re broken, but you’re not. And if you were… it wouldn’t matter. I love every. single. piece of you.

Then there’s Jillian. She’s just moved to Omaha. Starting a new life. Left, everything she knew behind. She’s trying to cope with all her loss. Then she meets AJ.

Jillian Knight was clearly a hundred ways of fucked-up, and the warning sirens blared in AJ’s head every time he neared her proximity, but he was deaf to their warning.

AJ clearly has his own problems. PTSD… maybe. He’s 12 years older, he’s grumpy all the time… but man is he sexy! So maybe, just maybe, AJ can help her forget, and she can help him forget…

Something so dark resided in AJ that at times she swore she felt it bleeding from his soul. She’d never felt anyone cling to her like their life depended on it. AJ needed her, maybe even more than she needed him. She physically needed him. He emotionally needed her.

But Jessica and Jillian, they’re one person. Jessica doesn’t know how to reconcile the two. But she better learn fast before her secrets catch up with her.

God I love mysteries! I love suspense. I love erotica too, and I love epic love stories… and this book had it all! The humor – man, the wit on this one… I laughed out loud, and then laughed some more. The suspense – I just didn’t know where this was going… and I didn’t feel rushed to find out, the pace was perfect. I was curious, but I was more excited about the journey. The steam – AJ, Luke, Jackson… these men… sex personified!

And so we get the two stories side by side: Day and Knight. We get to know Jessica and we get to know Jillian. We fall in love with Luke and we fall in love with AJ. The secrets are revealed to us piecemeal, but I love that it didn’t feel prolonged. In between the secrets we have the wit, we have the steam, and we have the love.

The best thing about doing what I do is discovering new authors. Staring at a cover, reading a blurb and wondering whether I want to jump in or not, then jumping in and wondering how I ever read anything else. Jewel E. Ann has my full attention now. Everything about this book was brilliant. Time to read everything else she’s ever written!

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> End of Day by Jewel E. Ann

end of day

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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