Book Review – Us (Him #2) – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

I absolutely loved Him and was kinda surprised there’d be a sequel because the story ended so good. Yet I also understood. I mean at the back of my mind while reading Him I kept thinking, wow, these team mates are super understanding about Wes’ sexuality. I mean I’m more of a football (soccer) fan but you don’t hear people coming out in most professional sport, so I knew there would be much more to this story. And it did not disappoint!

So Wes and Jamie are together. They’re in love. But Wes is in the big leagues now. The NHL. He is such a talented player that it would be a shame if all the media concentrated on was his sexuality. So they decide to keep it under wraps. Until after his rookie season is over, then he’ll have wowed people so much with his hockey prowess that it won’t matter. But as much as this plan is agreed upon, it becomes increasingly obvious that their relationship is hurting. They have to pretend to being just roommates. But not just that, they can’t socialise much at the risk of something slipping out. That might be ok since they have their home as their safe haven right? Wrong. One of Wes’ team mates is now his neighbour. And he keeps badging in.

I had had so much fun with book #1. It was a light read, sexy and funny and just easily a favorite. Book #2 umped the ante. We now get angst. In bucketfuls. I love angst done well and this was done superbly. When these two hurt, I hurt for them. It wasn’t just the obvious pain from miscommunication and all that, it was also the fact that it’s just harder for gay people, and probably even harder for gay people in professional sports. The fact that they have to hide who they are… the fact that bigots are everywhere… man, I felt deep for them.

But I loved how they handled everything. I loved how deep in love they were. How unshakeable their love for each other was even when everything else was crumbling down.

I don’t know how I got so luck to find someone who loves me as thoroughly as Wes does. How many people ever find that?

I’ve read a lot of MM books and I have to say this was probably the first time I felt like joining a gay rights movement. Ok. I’m being melodramatic. But for some reason this one made me feel. Maybe it’s because it also had the sports angle and I’m a huge sports fan and particularly of sports where players hardly ever come out during their playing career.

Anyway all that aside, this one is just as sexy and as funny as the first one. And we even got Blake, the loud neighbor who was just one hilarious teddy bear. I smell a book on him and Jess coming and I can’t wait!

And in the end?

His smile is just as relaxed and genuine as the day I met him. And I look… centered. It’s not a wordI’ve ever used to describe myself before. But everything I ever wanted is in that photo – the man of my dreams, and my teammates. I’ve left my smug smile behind in favour of one that’s so shiny I hardly recognise myself. But it’s me up there for sure. It’s us. And it’s perfect.


5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Us by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy


I’d like to thank the authors (and Nina!) for providing this ARC for my review.

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