Book Review – Beg For It – Megan Hart

I always start any Megan Hart book review by saying that she’s not only one of my favorite authors, she wrote my favorite favorite book of all time – Broken. She’s written a couple more that took my breath away (Hold Me Close, Tear You Apart, Vanilla, to name but a few) – I’m convinced she can do no wrong. Beg For It was no different, it was exquisite. Erotica as it should be written.

And what’s it about? Corrine works at a diner and she sees the same group of guys every day. She knows that one of them – Reese – is into her. So one day she invites him home and everything changes. He kneels before her, he calls her “Ma’am” and she realizes this is what she’s always wanted – a submissive.

“He wants to please her for reasons he can’t fully understand, has never tried     to decipher…”

15 years later, a whole lot of hurt, a whole lot of life, and Reese is back. Only this time there’s no kneeling. He’s rich and arrogant and he just bought Corrine’s company which means he’s now her boss.

Man, the sex scenes in this one! I mean, its Megan Hart, so the writing was beautiful and the characters are everything, but I have to start with the sex scenes because wow! I’ve always loved a good BDSM story and it has never mattered to me who tops and who bottoms. But Books where the man is the submissive are so few. Or maybe I should say GOOD books where the man is a submissive are few. I’ve read less than 5 and I’ve loved much much less than that. It has to be done well for me to love it. I love Alpha males so for me to be turned on by a male sub takes some time. This one was like a switch. The first scene and I was lost – hot hot hot.

Initially I wasn’t thrilled by the 3rd person narrative but it grew on me very fast. Perhaps it is why we got such rounded characters. It’s not a long book so thats quite the feat. And I just loved Reese. Corrine was my kind of heroine but Reese stole the scene. I just love when men live to please their women.

“Because everything I’ve ever done,” Reese murmured, words slurring, “has been about forgetting you or impressing you or making you proud. I’ve lived my whole life for you without having you in it.”

Sigh, he made me melt this guy.

“I want to be better for you,” he told her, “I’ve never said that to anyone else.”

Yes, officially up there with unforgettable book boyfriends.

I just wish the book was longer 😦

4.5 Stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Beg For It by Megan Hart


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