Book Review – The Pawn (Endgame #1) – Skye Warren

My aim is to read every Skye Warren book ever written. I’m such a huge fan! Her Stripped series, her Beauty series, the standalone book Wanderlust – all so brilliant and the reason she remains the queen of dark erotica. So when I came across her new series Endgame, I had to get my hands on it, particularly because book #2 is just a day away!

So The Pawn is Avery’s story. Avery is beautiful, rich and has a handsome fiance – privileged in every way. Until her dad is disgraced and beaten up. She loses the money, the friends and ends up having to take care of her father. When she learns that she might lose her house as well, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She goes to Gabriel Miller, the man responsible for her father’s downfall and one of the richest men in Tanglewood. She asks for a loan, but Gabriel has far more interesting things in mind. See, Avery is a virgin, and that’s the only thing she has left to give.

In true Skye Warren fashion, the writing is pure brilliance. The mythology mixed in with the push and pull of revenge, lust and romance – absolutely loved it! While this is not the darkest of reads, it definitely has the dark side to it: a virginity auction, a dangerous anti-hero and a definite taste of the forbidden.

And the sex, wowza. I am yet to read a Skye Warren book where I didn’t require a fan 😉 I mean, I read a lot of Erotica. I’ve read very many hot scenes and very many “meh’ scenes. I’ve read authors who’ve outdone themselves in one steamy scene but become very ‘meh’ in others. Not Skye Warren. Each scene is steamier than the last.

And I actually loved that there was a cliffhanger. I was just not ready for this story to end! There’s just so much more left to learn about Gabriel. He has this dark side that’s obvious, but this tender side that comes out when you least expect it. And the biggest question is, what’s his motive? He’s told Avery in every turn that he’s not the charming prince coming to rescue her, yet, isn’t that what he’s doing?

I can’t wait to read The Knight!!!

4 stars!

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