Book Review – Debt – Nina G Jones

Once I fall in love with an author’s work, it’s really hard for me to read anything else. I find myself buying book after book until I read everything they’ve written. Or, unless I hit that one book that I can’t finish, then it’s time for me to find another author to obsess over. My current obsession is Nina G. Jones. After reading Take Me With You, I had to get another one of her books, and Debt it was.

Debt is the story of a Tax and Mia. Tax and Mia went to High School together. They ran in different crowds – Mia was popular, Tax was the outsider. Years later, Tax is back, exacting revenge on everyone who wronged him – and that includes Mia.

I will suck her fry, I will fuck the life out of her, I will ravage her until she is hollow and used, and then when she thinks things can’t get any lower, I will destroy the company she loves and kill her.

However, he’s starting to wonder if she deserves his vengeance. Maybe he was wrong and Mia was good all along.

Meanwhile, Mia is falling in love with the dark brooding stranger. He says he’s here to collect a debt and she has to pay. Yet Mia knows she hasn’t done anything to deserve such vengeance. He scares her, but he brings out something else in her.

My dad used to warn me that the devil doesn’t have horns and a pitchfork, he’ll appear as the most beautiful thing you’ve seen. He’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you feel good. You’ll do things you never thought you would, but he’ll tell you it’s okay. And before you know it, you’ve sold your soul to him. That’s how I know Tax is my devil.

The deal is to sleep with him, which isn’t too hard since she loves it. It’s everything she’s ever wanted but never found.

Reckless. Irresponsible. Dirty. Dangerous. Exhilarating. Erotic. Wild. Euphoric. How can one thing be all of those? How can peering into the gutter of my soul feel like I just touched heaven?

But she’s starting to want more from him. More than the dominance and the humiliation, she wonders if he’s capable of giving more.

If he could just give me more, if he could keep the intense and angry side, but show me something else, I could deal. I might even be happy. But his hardness only works if there is some other softness. It’s one thing to bend me over and fuck me like a gutter slut, it’s another thing to really see me as one.

So this is a dark read. Not as dark as Take Me With You, but Tax is definitely the anti hero. He has a plan to destroy everyone who crossed him and that means he’s ready to do anything and everything. Mia is the last in that line of vengeance. And he’s ready to destroy her in every way possible. But he’s not ready for Mia. He wasn’t planning to sleep with her but it happened and they both loved it. Mia loves his dominance and the way he takes and takes before he gives. And not only is it just about the sex, he’s starting to realize he can have more.

For fourteen years I have only lurked in the pitch black corners of my psyche. Mia pulls me out even it it’s just to peer out of the dark and remember what it was like to bask in the glow of something good. And Mia gets to peer into her own dark corners with me.

But will Mia have him when she discovers everything he’s done?

While it was a bit too wordy in places, it definitely hit the right note with me. The author doesn’t shy away from making it dark. Lines are crossed. But, Tax is redeemable. You definitely feel for him from the onset. But he’s also super hot. The sex scenes – wowza! I mean, initially they didn’t really rock my boat. I’m into a lot, but not humiliation. But eventually, when the heart got involved, it became incredibly hot. I absolutely loved the way the author describes orgasms 🙂

And the end… ah!

4 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Debt by Nina G Jones



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