Book Review – Dreamfever (Fever #4) – Karen Marie Moning

“I was no longer sexually vulnerable to the death-by-sex Fae Prince. Jericho Barrons was my poison now.”

Now we’re talking! The series finally moved to where I’d wanted it to go since the beginning :)

But first a synopsis. It’s finally Halloweens and all the creatures have come out to play. Mac is without her two protectors, V’lane and Barrons, which is how she finds herself in the control of the Lord Master. He turns her Priya (something of a sex addict to put it mildly) and is about to do more harm when she is rescued. But nobody ever recovers from being Priya. Unless they have Jericho Barrons to help them. And the help comes in the form on six erotically charged months (yay me!). And as all this is going on, the Lord Master finally has control of all the dark powers and has set them loose…

The first book was exciting, the next two stagnated in my opinion, this one umped things back again and I was glad I stuck it out. I have to be honest that the only reason I enjoyed this one more is because the relationship between Mac and Barrons finally turns sexual… And though the author is not one for graphic details, it was detailed enough to make me happy :)

The end of the world business also reaches its climax in this book. The inevitable, everything that Mac fought, has finally happened. Nobody could stop it if they tried. And they did try. Now it’s onto the fixing business. The world has been taken over by Unseelie, theyre not even bothering with glamor anymore. But somebody has to fix things, and that somebody is Mac.

Again, while the author is absolutely brilliant at world building, I am still not as invested in the end of the world stuff. It had its exciting moments but well… The last few chapters felt too drawn out for me. I can’t put my finger onto why I can’t stop reading though. Maybe I’m just stubborn and want to see how it all ends. Maybe the few pages that actually have Barrons in them are enough to carry the series… Maybe it’s the author’s insight into human nature that keeps me enthralled… Whatever it is, kudos Karen Marie Moning! I plan to read the last book in the series… and that massive cliffhanger at the end has me salivating!

4 stars!

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Series Reading Order

dark 1blood 2fae 3dream 4shadow 5

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Book Review – Vanquish – Pam Godwin

I was anxiously waiting for this book and was surprised when one day I realised it had been released and I hadn’t heard a word about it. So of course I bought it immediately and prepared myself to be wowed!

Vanquish is Van’s story. You must remember him from Deliver (one of my favorite reads of the year!). Van is a kidnapper, a slave trafficker, a rapist, a murderer and has an unhealthy obsession with dolls. He is now out in the world and pissed off that Liv and the rest of the slaves are free, so he decides to find Liv and confront her. See, he is still obsessed with Liv… but instead of Liv, he gets Amber. Crazy, neurotic Amber with a million and one behavioural disorders. Van is fascinated. He has to have her.

He was a cold-hearted fuck with an appetite for blood, come, and tears. And he had the perfect girl to feed it.

So again, I was so excited to get Van’s story. Deliver painted him out to be the craziest of crazies and I wanted to know more about him. He was the villain I was rooting for, and for some reason wanted him to find his happily ever after. I expected the darkest of stories, at the very least a thrilling one. I got something completely different. I got a neat story all wrapped up in a bow and very predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed large aspects of it, there was just nothing unexpected in the story.

Van’s story turned out to be a version of the ‘hooker with a heart of gold.’ He was no longer dark… he was just a man with a horrid past looking to make everything right. And so he did. They met, they fell in love, they had their conflicts, they had some sad moments and some (very) hot moments, and then everything came full circle.

To say I was a bit disappointed would be right. I love Pam Godwin’s books. Nothing is ever straight forward. Her characters fight to the messy end to get their Happily Ever After. I expected the same for Van. It however couldn’t have been more straight forward :/

I will say though that the steamy scenes were HOT. I had come from reading books with hardly any steam so I was looking forward to some erotica and on that front, Vanquish did not disappoint. However, we all know Pam Godwin as a dark Erotica/Romance/Thriller writer, this did not fall in any of those categories. I suppose if you go in knowing this then you’ll just enjoy the story. But if you go in looking for another Beneath the Burn or Deliver, you’ll be a tad disappointed.

3 stars.

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Book Review – Faefever (Fever #3) – Karen Marie Moning

This series is driving me insane! How can I be so annoyed by something yet cant seem to stop wanting more of it?

Let me first explain. Fae fever brings us back to Mac’s quest for the Sinsar Dubh. She still doesnt know whether to trust Barrons or not, especially since he reveals nothing about himself. She therefore finds a third ally, V’lane. Both men want the book and both are vying for Mac’s…trust if you will. But while all this is happening, something bigger is brewing, and when it hits, no one will be safe.

Now to my feelings about the book. Conflicted. That’s it in one word. I enjoy the world that the author has created. I’m absolutely fascinated by Barrons and I love that he’s such an enigma. I’m so curious about him and if I’m honest, thats why I keep reading. I’m not as enthralled with the ‘end of the world’ drama and Mac has started annoying me :/

Thing is, she does things that don’t seem logical to me. Like always planning meetings in the dark when we all know she’s afraid of it. As she should be. I get that the book would be boring if she were a coward but I just don’t think it all makes sense. The other thing is that she keeps asking questions and getting no answers. From Barrons, from V’lane and now the other sidhe seers. It seems to me she’s giving more of herself than she’s getting back and that would piss me off, but she more or less takes it. Sigh..

The brilliance of it all is that at 80% I already bought book 4 and 5.. So the author is doing something very right…

I have many disclaimers that I should add but for now I will say this, I prefer a 60/40 romance/suspense measure in my books… This one is more 20/80, 20 being the romance… So maybe, just maybe that’s the reason I am not super sold on the series…

That being said, the suspense is very well done and we’re left on a major cliffhanger…

3 stars.

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Book Review – Demon from the Dark – (Immortals After Dark #10) – Kresley Cole

Absolutely fell in love with this book! Malkom… sigh… who knew I’d love the caveman so much?!

Demon from the Dark is Malkom and Carrow’s story. At the end of book #9, we saw that immortals were being kidnapped and that Carrow from the house of witches was one of them. She finds herself in an island where the immortals are being held by an order of mortals. Carrow is blackmailed to go to a different plane to retrieve a reclusive immortal, Malkom Slaine. Malkom is a Vemon (or as Nix would say, a Dempire), a vampiric demon. Malkom thinks he’s an abomination and lives alone in the mountains.

This demon was raw, uncivilised – and he was making her melt.

But then he meets Carrow, his fated female, and he’s ready to forget his tortured background and follow her anywhere. What he doesn’t know is that, just like everybody else in his life, she’s about to betray him…

Malkom was so damned accustomed to loss, yet he knew he would never recover if he lost her.

I immediately fell in love with Malkom. He only spoke Demonish which means he couldn’t communicate with Carrow… sigh… it was so sweet to see them attempt. To see him protect her and learn from her. He was as caveman as it gets with his lack of showers and behaviour but she tamed him and they taught each other… him so tortured, her so brave… it was just beautiful.

While no immortal – or mortal for that matter – can take the place of Bowen, Malkom has just fought for a place next to him… sigh… definitely my second best in the series!

Add to their beautiful though conflicted love story, there is also a bigger story here. Since book #1 the good immortals have been aligning and it just might be time for a war. I loved seeing all of them get along, Mari and Bowen (my favorite) Sabine and Rydstrom, Conrath and Neomi…. it’s actually a big beautiful family now and such a joy to read.

I’ll end by saying that every time I start a new book and get bored, I read the Immortals After Dark series. It’s my go to series because it never disappoints.

5 stars!

Amazon Buy LinkDemon from the Dark by Kresley Cole


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Book Review – Bloodfever (Fever #2) – Karen Marie Moning

I dove into this second book in the series immediately after the first. I was looking forward to seeing the evolution of Mac from a ‘barbie’ to the most powerful sidhe seer. .. I was also so excited to see how her relationship with the enigmatic Jericho Barrons would progress.

I was disappointed on both fronts. But first a synopsis. We begin right where Dark Fever left off. Mac is still on the trail of her sister’s killer.. Barrons is still by her side but only because he wants her help in locating the Sinsar Dubh. Their alliance is working well but Mac is also aware that she knows next to nothing about Barrons. How come he can walk amongst the shades? Why is he so keen on getting the Sinsar Dubh?

As you can imagine in a long series such as this one, none of the questions are answered. I knew it would drag on for some time and to be honest I’m still very interested in getting the answers to the many questions, but I got a bit tired of getting no answer at all.

While I was prepared to not find Alina’s killer or the Sinsar Dubh, I was hoping that the relationship between Barrons and Mac would progress. At least a little bit. It did. A tiny tiny bit. Sigh. ..

I will say that I still want to see where all this is going. I’m still in awe (if a bit grossed out) by the world the author has created. There are many players and many questions. I’ll move on to book 3, I’m hoping for something to progress… anything and maybe I just might stick out the entire series.

3 stars.

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Book Review – The Erotic Light – Nina Lane

It was no secret how much I loved The Erotic Dark. I was surprised and very excited to learn that there would be a sequel and devoured it as soon as I could.

The erotic light is the continuation of Lydia’s story. She is still at the Nouvelle Vie where she is to follow the commands of three men: Preston, Kruin and Gabriel. If you do remember, Preston is the insane one who gets of on humiliating Lydia, Kruin is the quiet one who gets of on spanking Lydia, and Gabriel is the sweet one who loves to converse with Lydia.

The three had by the end of The Erotic dark come to some sort of agreement which while not as smooth, was accepted by all. But things have started to change. Preston notices how much Lydia feels for Gabriel and he doesn’t like it. He is after all the one who saved Lydia and introduced her to the other men, so he wants Lydia to be his and only his. Because of this, their uneasy truce is broken.

I’ll start by saying that this book took a very different direction from what I expected. Because of how things ended in The Erotic dark, I expected the four of them to learn how to accept their weird arrangement. I expected that they would even start loving each other or at least, get along. But things change. Preston becomes more insane and gabriel becomes even sweeter, which leads to a battle between the two where Kruin is the referee and Lydia the collateral.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of the direction it took. thing is, it moves from being dark erotica to something else I can’t quite place. It still has the humiliation and the punishments but it was clearly moving on to a lighter place, hence the title I guess.

I ended up enjoying large aspects of the book once I reconciled with the fact that I would not be getting what I wanted, but like a petulant child, it was still at the back of my mind and I didn’t let it go enough to enjoy this new direction. I don’t want to give away too much but I will say that if you loved Gabriel in book #1 then you will love this new direction.

To each his own, I say and I do hope to hear from fans of book #1. I’m curious to hear what you thought.

3 stars

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erotic light


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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Book Review – Dark Fever (Fever #1) – Karen Marie Moning

I’ve really been looking forward to reading this series! One of those books you keep in the back burner rubbing your palms together waiting for the right moment… Then I went on holiday and bought the entire series :)

Dark fever did not disappoint! I read it so fast my husband had to remind me of his presence :) so whats the story about? MacKayla Lane is a happy go lucky 22 year old southern belle. She loves pink, chilling at the pool and listening to her ipod. That all comes crushing down when she gets a phone call. Her 24 year old sister Alina has been murdered. Alina had travelled on a university exchange programme to Dublin. As far as Mac knows, Alina was just a more ambitious version of her, so why would anyone kill her? And so brutally at that?

Mac refuses to watch the case go cold in a difference country. She travels to Dublin intent on solving the case. There she realizes that things are not as they seem. Alina was in much more danger that anyone could have imagined. And not from humans but from a variety of deadly supernaturals. Mac, determined to solve the case, finds herself in the same deep waters Alina was in. The only difference is that Mac has someone helping her… Or using her… Or both… Jericho Barrons. An enigmatic hottie who is hiding more than he shares. Who or what is he? And what does he want with Mac? Can Mac solve her sister’s murder? And at what cost?

I can’t tell you how thrilling the whole ride was! It has been some time since I was addicted to a series (another paranormal one, go figure) so I desperately wanted to like this one. Turns out I loved it. The adventure, the excitement of whodunit, the wit, the sexy sexy Barrons but most importNtly, the world building. Incredible. Unlike anything I’ve read before.

I was never one to love Urban Fantasy which I felt included more supernaturals than my poor brain can handle… But recently I’ve been proved very wrong. It still takes time, but I’m more intrigued and excited than I am when it comes to any other genre.

More positives= the heroine was positively likeable. She was very girly which I thought would be a problem (I’m not girly) but she turned out strong and daring, plus the author’s voice gave her wit and brains. I loved that. Speaking of the author’s voice, I loved everything about it. The only thing missing from the book was sex. I’m an erotica reviewer so yes I missed it. I’m holding on to hope that subsequent books will have at least a bit of the sexy barrons seducing Mac :)

4 stars!

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Book Review – Rogue – Katy Evans

It’s quite obvious that I’m a huge Katy Evans fan. Her debut, Real, is still one of my favourite books of all time. Her love stories have such intensity, such beauty in their rawness… and this one was no different.

Rogue is the story of Melanie. You might remember her as Brooke’s crazy best friend in Real. Melanie wants what Brooke has, a man who sees her for who she is and loves her all the more for it. She’s always been the romantic, searching for love anywhere and everywhere. Her search has led to countless horrible one night stands but she never gives up. And one rainy night she meets him. Greyson King.

I have seen works of art and beautiful men, beautiful buildings and beautiful rooms, but at this moment as he looks at me, I can’t remember ever seeing anything besides him.

And for the first time ever she thinks this could be more than a one night stand. This could be what she’s been searching for. But Greyson is nobody’s prince.

I like the way she hunts for the next man; I liked watching because somewhere, deep down, I knew I’d have enough, and her hunt would be over the day I decided to let her know I intended to be that man. Fuck her prince charming. She’s getting me.

He has a tale darker than Melanie could ever imagine. He’s a dangerous man with a list, and she’s on that list…

I loved their story! The heat between these two was palpable… the steam? Wowzer! I’ve read a couple of books lately where the steamy bits are so lackluster I skim over. I read and review erotica for a reason… I love the steamy bits and want to see them well done… and Katy did them so good… so good ;) I’ll leave it there and wait for you to read them yourselves :)

And while the steam had all my attention, the story was not far behind. It was not a mystery to solve as we find out Greyson’s job pretty much right off the bat. However, Melanie is in the dark about all of it… and when she realizes that her prince is nothing but a rogue, will she want to keep him?

Love didn’t feel like this when I imagined I’d fall in love. Love was exciting and precious in my mind, not frightening and unexpected.

Another Katy Evans winner!

4 stars!

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Id like to thank the author and the publisher for providing this copy for my review.

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Blog Tour: Book Review + Excerpt + Giveaway – Six of Hearts – LH Cosway

It’s official! LH Cosway can do no wrong. Her stories are pure magic. I love how buoyant and happy they make me, how they force me to dream again, to believe in the impossible. She has such skill and I just wish she could write faster so I never have to leave her world!

Six of Hearts is the story of Matilda and Jay. Matilda works for her solicitor father as his secretary. She meets Jay when he comes in to request representation. Jay is an illusionist. Until recently, he had his own show which was cancelled when a newspaper printed a nasty story on him, accusing him of murdering his partner. Matilda is immediately taken by Jay but she’s always had problems approaching men. So when Jay moves into her house, it should be the perfect opportunity for her, but she has no clue where to start.

This book is another magical adventure. Jay is of course a magician so there’s that, but there’s also more. If you’ve read Painted Faces and Still Life with Strings, then you know what kind of magic I’m talking about. LH Cosway is all about taking what could be an extremely angsty story and filling it with such hope that you can’t help but smile through it all.

It’s clear from the beginning that Jay and Matilda are soul mates. Their lives are intertwined from the start, but as much as they want each other, there’s something holding Jay back…

“I need you to be my friend, matilda, to spend time with me. But please don’t push for more, even if it feels like want you so badly it hurts, even if I’m the one doing the pushing, because if you do, I might just be selfish and take you… and you’d destroy me.”

There’s definitely something he’s hiding…

“It’s about the fact that if you knew the truth, you might not want me anymore, and I couldn’t live with you not wanting me.”

Matilda has no clue what it could be… but when all is revealed, it shakes her world.

Sigh… I absolutely loved their story. It has the same feel as previous LH Cosway books. The same style of writing that makes me think of a mix between chic lit and New Adult… the humor and light heartedness mixed with angst and love… it’s a wonderful combination and I for one I’m a huge fan.

I love how the heroine is your girl next door. And though she might not lead a perfect life, she has friends and family and hopes and dreams and laughter… and the hero though incredibly sexy and confident, has his own problems… and when they come together, they learn from each other and heal each other…

I want another LH Cosway book now! Seriously! She makes me believe in the impossible again.

We both know that mystery is better than the truth. So why not live with the magic? Be a kid again and believe in the fantastical. Life is more fun with a little smoke and mirrors.

4.5 stars!!!

Amazon Buy Link -> Six of Hearts by LH Cosway

six of hearts


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.


“Come on upstairs, and I’ll get you some antiseptic for that,” I whisper, touching his hand for a second. I slip off my heels and leave them at the bottom of the stairs.

He follows silently behind me, and I wonder if he’s checking out my arse again like last time. I don’t have the courage to turn around and investigate, though.

When we reach the bathroom, I pull a bottle of antiseptic from the shelf and some cotton wool from the cupboard. Jay sits down on the edge of the bathtub, watching me.

“You really shouldn’t have attacked that man,” I say. “I’ve had worse things said to me over the years.”

His eyes darken. “Who’s said worse to you, Matilda?”

I shrug it off. “Almost every time my friend Michelle and I go out, we get crude stuff shouted at us. I think it’s all part and parcel of being around drunk men with no filters.” I pause and amend, “The women can be fairly nasty at times, too.”

“Well, that’s probably because they’re jealous. And the men do it because they misguidedly think it’ll get them laid.”

I laugh softly and pour some antiseptic onto the cotton wool before sitting down beside him and bringing it to his hand. “‘Misguided’ is definitely the right word.”

When the cotton wool meets his knuckles, he hisses and curses, “Motherfucker.”

“You know what? You Boston-Irish swear even more than us Irish-Irish,” I joke.

“Yeah,” says Jay. “I’ve got a dirty mouth, but it’s mostly used for good.”

I glance at him. The way he’s looking at me makes me feel all funny and hot, so I hand him the cotton wool.

“There. You can finish yourself off,” I say, standing up.

I have to resist the urge to face palm when I see the size of his smile. Sometimes I think my brain might just be a gaping hole containing nothing but unconscious innuendo.

“You know what I mean,” I mutter as I open the door to leave.

“Oh, I know exactly what you mean,” Jay calls after me.

“I’m going to bed.”

“Sleep tight.”

I can still hear him chuckling as I close my bedroom door.


One person will win signed copies of all four contemporary romances by LH Cosway… including Six of Hearts!!!

Just click on a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter. Good luck!

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Book Review – Unbeloved (Undeniable #4) – Madeline Sheehan

This is one of my absolute MUST READ series! The first book, Undeniable, set the stage for a series that’s unlike any other Biker MC series out there.

In Unbeloved, we are reacquainted with Dorothy. You might remember Dorothy as Jase’s lover. Dorothy is in love with Jase, but has lived for years as ‘the other woman’, seeing as Jase is married. Dorothy is tired of watching Jase with his wife and indulges in another affair, with another Hell’s Horseman, Hawk. She maintains both affairs for a long time before it all comes crashing down. After years of avoiding both men, she has to acknowledge that she still has feelings for one man.

I enjoyed this instalment. Nothing new there… all the books are as gritty and raw as the first one was. However, this one felt different…. and I’ll explain why. Firstly, Undeniable was an epic story that took place in a span of decades. While this is the same in that respect, it differs in the storytelling. In Undeniable, everything was spelled out to us, we got to live the pain, the suffering and the love that was Deuce and Eva’s relationship. In this one, everything felt a bit hurried. While I enjoyed it, I did wish the author would slow down, so I could take my time to cry for Dorothy’s lose and rejoice in her happily ever after.

That being said, I did have tears in my eyes because this was one angst-filled instalment. Dorothy’s happily ever after is not an easy one… and that’s an understatement. She gets the man of her dreams only to lose him again, and it was hard to read. When her happiness came, I was so happy, the tears fell. However, I felt robbed of the moment again. It all felt like it went too fast. I reached the epilogue hoping to see more of this HEA only to find something different… sigh… I just needed more!

The other thing I noticed was the lack of steamy scenes. We all know how unapologetically these bikers take their women. That’s part of why I love the series so much. I love the idea of these possessive bikers taking what they want when they want it. It’s a tiny (huge) fantasy of mine. However, the steamy scenes were about three if not less and they were glossed over. Again, I needed more :/

I think the reason this ended up feeling like a novella was because we already knew Dorothy’s story. This then felt like an extended epilogue. It’s the author’s style to tell us about the other characters in this incredible world she’s created, but then we might end up knowing so much that the subsequent books might never be as epic as the first.

That being said, I absolutely cannot wait for ZZ’s book. Though we know all about his background, his life now sounds even more dangerous, more interesting… and that introduction made my mouth water! I’m not as curious about Preacher but maybe it’s because we don’t know much about him, which might make his book another Undeniable in its epicness :)

4 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Unbeloved by Madeline Sheehan



Series Reading Order


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