Book Review – Tease (Songs of Submission #2) – CD Reiss

“I understand words like no and stop. Outside of those, your body is my playground.”

This is officially my newest addiction! I have completely disregarded my TBR list since I got my hands on this series… that’s how good it is.

Read my review for Beg, Book #1 here.

So Monica and Jonathan are still seeing each other. Monica is not deluding herself to think that anything permanent can come out of it. And Jonathan has been clear, he is still in love with his ex-wife and the most he can give is a good time. Monica is ok with having a good time, especially since the good time is so good 😉 Problem is, she is starting to want more…

I watched the sun come up through Jonathan’s window, felt his breath on my neck, and thought don’t fall in love don’t fall in love don’t fall in love. I didn’t look at him while he slept. I didn’t stroke the top of his hand where it rested on my belly. I didn’t think about him. Nothing. Not his scent or the sound of his voice. Not his sharp wit or his easy smile. My job there was to enjoy him, and sense sooner rather than later when it was time to move on. That was the only way I would get out intact.

The biggest reason as to why I love this series so much is because of their banter. It is so effortless, witty… beautiful to read. It just flows and they are just so good together… in and out of the bedroom. And speaking of the bedroom, Monica is starting to exhibit submissive… leaning towards masochistic tendencies… and Jonathan loves it 🙂

Monica’s career is also starting to take off… but her ex, Kevin, is back in the picture. Problem is, while they had a destructive relationship, Kevin was always faithful… and Monica is starting to wonder if she can ever expect that from Jonathan… and guess who’s also back? Jonathan’s ex wife… (and I have a few choice words for her!)

Another cliffhanger and more questions raised… so guess what I’m about to do? Burn my TBR list and move on to Submit, book #3!

I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves clever and witty heroines and the sexy Doms who bring them to their knees…

4 stars!

Amazon Buy Link: Tease by CD Reiss


Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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