Book Review – Sing (Songs of Submission #7) – CD Reiss

This is the best series ever! The build up, the steam, the banter, the wit… everything about it is just so perfectly put together. And it truly has come to an end 😦

Sing begins right where Resist left off. Jonathan is not well and thus begins the book. No, I won’t tell you any more because it would ruin the entire book. What I will do instead is tell you what I loved so much about it.

First of all, I felt like I was reading poetry. The words, the way they flow… everything about it was so beautifully crafted. It’s not every day you come across this kind of writing, that’s for sure. She took what is now a common fantasy, you know, the billionaire Dom, and turned into a work of art.

“Goddess,” he said, his breath on my mouth, “Have me, please. I was wrong. You’re not the sea under my sky. You are the sun I revolve around, the stars that mark me, the moon rising through me. I’m lost without you. And if you won’t have me, I’ll break, I swear to God. I know it’s selfish , and I’m sorry. Let me serve you. Have me as yours.

Sigh… Jonathan, book boyfriend numero uno. The stuff he does, the way he loves, the things he says…

“…tomorrow I’m going to destroy you. I’m going to mark your body and ruin your mind. By noon, you won’t know whether to laugh or cry. But tonight? Tonight, I will revere you. I will build an altar of myself. I will frame you in the stars.”

But Monica is not far behind. While I love Jonathan for obvious reasons, what I love about the series is how strong Monica is. She’s intelligent, talented and very worthy of the man Jonathan is.

“I want you to understand something,”, I said. “That man. He’s not some boyfriend in a line of them. He is my alpha and omega. He is the sky over me. Without him, I’m lost. There’s no one whose soul balances mine the way his does. I waited my life for him… no man can match him.

This is one couple I won’t forget anytime soon. Their love for each other, their fights with one another, their make ups, their break ups… the joy, the angst, the steam and everything in between was written with such heart, such emotion, such wit, and it only gets better and better as you read on.

So I will be re-reading this series. I actually want to go back and read nothing else but this beautiful story. Do yourself a favor and join me 🙂

Infinite stars! Ok, ok, 5 stars!

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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4 Responses to Book Review – Sing (Songs of Submission #7) – CD Reiss

  1. I have been hearing amazing things about this series! I definitely want to read it!

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