Book Review – End of Innocence (Innocence #3) – Alessandra Torre

I would always and forever, madly deeply love the man. My heart was being sewn together with his, each day and night that passed, adding threads to the stitch.

Sigh 😦 I can’t believe the series is over! I absolutely enjoyed Brad and Julia’s story. While it was reminiscent of other Erotic Romance books I’ve read, it still managed to set itself apart. Brad, my favorite kind of unforgettable hero, Julia the kind of heroine that resonates with strong women everywhere, then mix in the banter, wit and writing prowess that Alessandra Torre is known for = magic!

In Blindfolded Innocence, Julia was an ingenue, one that Brad was eager to teach. In Masked Innocence, she found sexual empowerment. In End of Innocence, Julia and Brad are engaged and planning their wedding. However, in the city’s seedy underbelly, plans are being made, plans whose intent is to keep these two apart.

I again loved their story from beginning to end. I loved how independent and clever Julia was. But by the end, my favorite character was Brad. I loved how he fell in love with Julia. How he changed, how he supported her and encouraged her.

I easily fall for book heroes (and anti-heroes) but Brad quickly rose to the top of my list. He reminded me a bit of Christian Grey in how he loved and supported Julia. But as a member of an Italian Crime Family, and being so much older than Julia, he had an edge Christian could only dream of 🙂

The book’s main focus is Julia and Brad’s upcoming nuptials. We get a lot of steam, because Brad and Julia love sex more than the next person 🙂 they explored with each other and I was fanning myself the entire time…

I didn’t need to know that I was the best every woman out there has had. I only needed to be her best, only needed to learn every inch of her body and the way to light it on fire.

And boy did he light it (and mine) on fire! 😉 But more than that we get a lot of intrigue and suspense as we can already tell something is brewing but we’re not sure what. The author also used the omniscient point of view in some instances which umped up the suspense.

I loved it all. I read it super fact because it flows easily and the writing is so wonderful i wanted to keep reading.

I only have to point out one thing. In the beginning of book #1, Brad was 40. Yet in this one he’s somehow 34/36. That frustrated me somewhat because I just didn’t understand why his age was changed 😦

All in all, a wonderful conclusion and a highly recommended series.

4.5 stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review. 

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