Book Review – Destroyed – Pepper Winters

I thought she was a saint. She thought I was a sinner. Too bad we didn’t try to find the truth. We both paid the price. We destroyed each other.

I was so excited to read a Pepper Winters book! I’m always getting recommendations and with a prologue like that I just had to.

Destroyed is the story of Hazel. She accompanies her friend Clue to an underground (mostly illegal) fight club, Obsidian. There she meets the owner who goes by the name Obsidian Fox. The attraction is instant.

He was just… more. More in every way. More man. More danger. more threat that I’d encountered in any male, but it was the scar that made him unique. Jagged, irregular, it transformed half his face from perfection to sordid story. Half of him seemed approachable while the other steeped in hell.

There’s a pull that binds the two of them together. They’re both perplexed by this connection. See Hazel has a sad secret, one that holds her back, and Obsidian has a dark secret, one that does not allow him to get close to anyone.

The attraction however forces Obsidian to do something he’s never done before. He goes after the girl. And since he wants her so bad, he takes her by force. Hazel is pulled into obsidian’s world. One that’s full of darkness, a man she can’t touch, a man who’s dangerous to her and everything she holds dear. But she wants to fix him, and she finds she can’t stay away.

Somehow my need to help him became tangled with the desire to make him fall for me. To keep him, so I could always be there to bring him back from the dark.

Again, I was curious to enter into the dark erotic world of Pepper Winters. And I was immediately captivated – I love tortured heroes after all. And none is more tortured than Obsidian Fox.

“I want you to touch me. I want you to break me. I’m yours, Hazel.”

I felt for him as he battled his feelings for Hazel. I rooted for him as he attempted and failed to heal himself.

And then there was Hazel. Sweet sweet Hazel with a backbone of steel. How she tried to fix this man. How she tried to make her world right as it crumbled around her. And though it was hard, they fought and fought for what they wanted. And though they failed, they always tried again.

I will however say that I have some caveats. I found that I skimmed some, it felt a tad too long. I also lost my concentration in parts and found myself feeling strangely apathetic to some scenes and uncomfortable in some. But that’s all me. I can in no way say another reader will feel the same.

It is definitely not the darkest book I’ve read nor was it meant to be. It’s mostly about an extremely tortured hero who learns to heal.

3 stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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3 Responses to Book Review – Destroyed – Pepper Winters

  1. Kelly says:

    Is there at least an HEA?

  2. There is, though its a long way to it!

  3. Kelly says:

    I read the free sample and I had a hard time getting into that so I am not sure whether i’ll bother buying it. Have you read the Beast?

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