Reading Progress

Currently Reading: The Devil’s Eyes by Jennifer Loren

the devil's eyes

0% – Just about to start this one! A recommendation from Sally a Goodreads friend 🙂

And I’m already picturing David Gandy as Nicholas Jayzon


9% – I’m getting a bit irritated…i’m seriously not sure what tense the book is written in..keeps changing! Like this line for example: “My comfort level doesn’t improve as I began to feel as if I am only here for the view, nothing more.”


30% – I’m still unsure about this one but at least now we have some steam 😉


37% – Nick sighs looking away. “I want you to want me more, but if you don’t, I won’t stop you from leaving.”

Awww! Nick is vulnerable! Starting to enjoy this now 🙂

59% – I watch her lie down on top of me and nothing in my life ever made more sense than this…

Ok so its picked up…I’m enjoying Nick’s POV more than Kayla’s.

72% – Its gotten so good! Glad I stuck it out!

Happy GIF


86% –  Please don’t tell me this is happening! 😦


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