Book Review – Safeword (Power Exchange #2) – AJ Rose

I’d been missing some MM action so I decided to try this series (seeing as so many people had rated it so highly). I’d noticed that book #2 was getting all the 5 stars while a lot of people agreed that book #1 kinda lacked the mystery element. So what did my silly self do? I decided to start with book #2, bad bad mistake, but we’ll get to that.

This is the story of Gavin Degrassi, a detective with the St. Louis precinct. Book #2 starts with the after effects of what happened to Gavin in book #1. Seeing as I didn’t read book #1, I will say that while reading the book you do put the pieces together. I feel like the author recapped enough to give you the gist of the story in book #1. But I will also say that it annoyed me that I hadn’t read book #1 because a lot of what happens to Gavin in this book is him dealing with things the reader can only know in full if they read book #1.

But anyway, so Gavin went through a horrific year, dealing with a serial killer who kidnapped him and his boyfriend (and Dom) Ben. You would imagine after what he went through he would have a quiet year but no. He has another serial killer on the loose. And the worst thing is that this one is killing cops and seems to have it in for Gavin. Gavin and his partner Myah are assigned to the case. And the book is the whodunit type where the reader is kept guessing trying to figure out who the killer is.

I loved the mystery. I mean, I used to be a huge Jeffrey Deaver and James Patterson fan so I love solving crimes in the comfort of my living room 🙂 While it was gory, it was also so well done that you couldn’t really figure it out. I liked that it wasn’t drawn out. It wasn’t as if things were being held up so the book could be longer. Everything flowed well and it took me to the edge of my seat a couple of times.

Meanwhile, Gavin is still trying to come to terms with what happened to him (in book #1). See Gavin is a sub. His Dom Ben is trying to help him but Gavin is dealing with touch aversion and so their sex life is suffering. Gavin does start healing though and things in the bedroom become very creative. I mean, it was hot. I love BDSM books which are well done and this one was. These two were hot together. But this book is more mystery than sex, so these scenes were few and far between. As somebody who was looking for the latter, I did feel a bit disappointed :/

Overall a good book. The mystery is well done and the sex scenes are hot. But my advise would be to read book #1. You get to see how Gavin and Ben came to be and that’s something I would have loved to see. I would go back and read it but my problem was, as well written as the book was, it didn’t have enough sex scenes. And this is not the book’s fault, but mine. I mean, I was looking for Erotica and ended up with Romantic Suspense. Also, I made the wrong choice of starting with Book #2 which means I missed out on how these two fell in love. So all these factors combined made sure I could put the book down. It took me a week to read and normally it takes me 3 days maximum, and sometimes a day if I really can’t put the book down.

All this to say, it was a case of it’s me not you.

3 stars

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