Book Review -Fire & Dark (Night Horde SoCal #3) – Susan Fanetti

I’m bound to start every Susan Fanetti book review by reminding everyone what amazing books Move the Sun and Behold the Stars were! Up there with my favorite books of all time! So I use that as my standard for every book she writes. And some of the others have been just as good. Touch for example, brilliant brilliant book. Fire & Dark? Not so much.

But first a synopsis. Connor Elliot is Hoosier’s son and Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde MC. He’s 36, and prefers them young. We’re speaking 18 to 21 age bracket. He just doesn’t want complications and the young ones are easier. Until he meets Pilar Cordero. Pilar is a firefighter. Much too ballsy and bold for the kind he goes after but she’s hot and she’s definitely not shy. Pilar goes for what she wants and she wants Connor. Just for sex though. She uses sex to forget all the crap she sees at work and she’s set her eyes on Connor. Only Connor is exactly her type. And they both start feeling much too much, much too soon.

Susan Fannetti is one of my guaranteed ‘must-read’ authors. And while this one wasn’t her best, it wasn’t bad either. See, she writes gritty biker books. She doesn’t shy away from the edgy stuff and she certainly doesn’t over romanticize biker life. They’re outlaws, they kill, that’s that. But this one felt too soft for me.

They fall in love too soon. I loved how in other books she made the characters fight for it. In this one there was some fight but only a halfhearted one. They saw each other and fell for each other. Life did give them a humongous bridge to cross but they crossed it with hardly any problems. I mean, that whole Hugo thing should have been near insurmountable but it was resolved in too few pages.

The sex is also usually hotter than it was here. I mean I still remember scenes from Move the Sun… wowza! But this one… sigh. I mean, Pilar had a particular kink, and I’m never one to judge, to each his own and all that, but man was she confusing to me. If I were a man I’d probably run the opposite direction. I mean she had too many rules, she didn’t want to be called Pilar, she wanted it hard, but not that hard… I mean come on! .

But I have got to say, even though this was not the best book I’ve read, it’s only because Susan Fanetti has written such amazing books. I can only judge this one from the benchmark set and Move the Sun is the highest benchmark one can set. So saying that, it was a sweet read… for contemporary romance. It wasn’t as gritty, as edgy, as deep as the other books I’ve read from this author, but it was kinda sweet. It’s not super memorable but it had its moments and for that I give it…

3 stars.

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