Book Review -Softer Than Steel (Love &Steel #2) -Jessica Topper

I fell so deep in love with Louder than Love! It was one of those unexpected finds that bind you to an author. So I spent the last couple of months googling Softer than Steel to make sure I wouldn’t miss its release. I did, but that’s besides the point 🙂 I finally got to read it and for those who like to know from the get go whether I loved a book or not I will say this, it was not Louder than Love, but it has its appeal.

Softer than Steel is the story of Rick Rottenburg, or if you’d like, Riff Rotten 🙂 Riff lost the love of his life Simone to cancer. She was everything to him and saying that he lost his will to really live would not be a stretch. However, now that he has his best friend Adrian back and his band reunited. He has started finding a lot to live for. Unfortunately for him, Adrian is not living and breathing the band as he used to. He’s in love. And Rick is not as thrilled about that. Add to that the panic attacks and Rick knows he has to do something to save himself. That’s how he ends up in a yoga studio with the gorgeous half Indian, half Irish instructor Sidra. Sidra is done dating musicians however. Her last love attempt with a musician left her heratbroken so she’s done with that. But Rick is something else… and so their story begins 🙂

I was so excited to start this book! Like I said, I’d been waiting for such a long time for it to come out. And maybe I built up too many expectations because it sadly didn’t live up to them. Was it well written? Incredibly. The author has this way of paying attention to detail. It really makes you feel like these are real people and not just fictional characters. The way they talk to each other and laugh and love, its detailed and beautiful. That said, I’m not a yoga fan. i mean I have nothing against yoga, I gave it a try when i was pregnant and it just wasn’t my thing. So all the detail in the book about the yoga just sort of lost me. I wanted to skim through it but that would have been skimming half the book.

The misunderstanding between Rick and Sidra on the building could also have been avoided. I don’t mind miscommunication being the central tension point of the story. I love angst in any form. But this just felt like it could have been avoided from the get go. So when it hit i couldn’t help but roll my eyes. And then it took them forever to resolve it… sigh. Lastly on my list of critique is the lack of steam. Adrian and Kat had it in spades, I just couldn’t get into Rick and Sidra. i mean i get it, this is a contemporary romance story, not erotica, but I always need some heat in the book for me to love it and this one just lacked in that department. I mean, it could be a case of me not you but well…

All that said, I will repeat that this author has a way with words. I love how the British guy sounds British all way through. How the characters are so well rounded. How the details make the book. It’s a journey with her. It’s not churning out 50 books a year, its taking time to craft a story and this author does that. It just didn’t work as well for me this time.

3 stars.

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