Book Review – Hold You Against Me (Stripped #4) – Skye Warren

I love Dark Erotica so it goes without saying that Skye Warren is one of my favorite authors. And not just because she writes one of my favorite genres but because her literary prowess is on another level. Her books are poetry to me… like lyrics and art and everything brilliant and good put together… all this to say, read her books!

I absolutely love the Stripped Series, its dark and naughty and so so delicious – Hold you Against Me wasn’t any different. It captured my attention on the get go. It’s the story of Clara. Clara is Honor’s sister who you may remember from Love the Way You Lie. Clara is a Mafia Princess, born in the life. She meets Giovanni when she’s about 15 and falls for him. He’s only a foot soldier, so really nothing in grand order of things. But he’s her friend, her first kiss, her protector, her secret.

Giovanni is my secret, a shard of glass buried so deep in my soul it would kill me to remove it.

Years later, Clara still can’t feel for any man the same way she feels for Giovanni. Only now that she has the chance to know him again, he’s a different man, a violent man – not the boy she left behind.

The soldier of the boy. The monster or the lover. Which one is he? I think he might be a little of both, but the two can’t exist side by side. They’re fighting each other, battling within him. It remains to be seen which side will win.

I actually squee when I get a Skye Warren book and if you know me you know I’m not a Squee-er. But from the first line I’m usually hooked, and again, this was no different. I devoured this book in a day and a half – and that’s only because I had to work. The first half was everything a Skye Warren book is – engaging, dark, dangerous with enough steam to light up a… lighthouse 🙂 I really couldn’t put the book down.

However, the second half did something else. It was still engaging, it was still as naughty as I like it… but, it was rushed. That was one of the first things that slowed down my rush to a 5 star review. First, Giovanni didn’t need to be bad. Clara was already in love with him and would have done almost anything. I feel like he was made bad to satisfy the ‘dark erotica’ theme. I mean it made for some hot hot scenes but it felt unnecessary to me. Then to top it off, things happened very fast, they were resolved very fast and I soon found myself at the Epilogue. That was disappointing because until then, I had in my hands a 5 star book.

Ah well, still my favorite series by Skye Warren, still top of the charts for me when it comes to everything I love, hot sex scenes, possessive men with a soft side, danger and grit and tough loveable heroines.

4 Stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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