Book Review – The Player (Game Maker #3) – Kresley Cole

This is my ultimate guilty pleasure! I’m a huge Kresley Cole fan, her Immortals after Dark series is one of the best Paranormal series I’ve ever read. She also does the best steamy scenes I’ve ever read – I read a lot of sex scenes as an erotica reviewer and I have to say, hands down the best scenes! So when I found out she had an Erotic Romance series coming out, I couldn’t wait. And I wasn’t disappointed. The Game Maker series is one of the hottest things out there. I actually randomly remember scenes and whip out the fan… true story.

So this is the third book in the series, the last Sevastyan brother, Dmitri. He is as sexy as the other two but even more of a loner. They all happen to be in Vegas and every single woman in the city is vying for Dmitri’s attention, but he is not interested. Which is where Victoria aka Vice, comes in. Vice is a grifter, a con woman. She comes from a long family of cons, and the opportunity to get the richest bachelor in town is one she can’t pass up. It also happens that her family is in big trouble, so she needs this rich guy to bite. She goes to meet Dmitri expecting to fail but he is immediately taken with her. And so is she. So much so that she starts questioning if she can go ahead with the con.

So I call this series my guilty pleasure for one reason, the steamy scenes are out of this world. However, the story lines I find a bit lackluster. I just never remember what they’re about and to be honest, I don’t really care. There’s a lot of insta love and unbelievable situations, and characters who are not fully formed… but there’s steamy scene after steamy scene and for that, I devour these books. Kresley Cole’s Immortals series is so well thought out, her world building amazes me, which is why it surprises me that her contemporary stories are not as deep… perhaps this is the series she gets to have fun with.. I don’t know.

I spent 3/4s of the book thinking how impossible the situation is… maybe the better word is ‘improbable’. I know its fiction and we like to lose ourselves in the impossibility of marrying the rich hot guy, but this was on another scale. It did all make sense in the end, that was the saving grace. However, that last part was so hurried. I get last minute reveals, I really do. But I spent so much of this book thinking ‘pffft, that would never happen!’, so that when we got the reveal I thought, ah it makes sense now, but maybe too little too late for redemption.

All that said, if you need the kind of books that are hot from beginning to end, these are it. I did feel like these two exclaimed a bit too much. Every other word had an exclamation point. And some of what they said during sex I just couldn’t picture someone actually saying it in real life. But, if nothing else, the hotness level still rocked my world.

For the steam factor alone I want to give this book 4 stars. And also, I’ve read 2 more books after this one and I still find myself remembering the hot scenes in The player. But because the actual story-line didn’t rock my world…

3.5 stars.

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the player

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