Book Review – Oracle’s Moon (Elder Races #4) – Thea Harrison

Sigh. I suppose there’s always going to be that one book that just isn’t as good as the rest in a series. For me that book was Oracle’s Moon. Yes, this is going to be on of those reviews :/ But first a synopsis.

In Serpent’s Kiss, Rune and Carling go to find the Oracle in Louisville. They don’t expect to find a young lady with two young children, Grace. Khalil, the Djinn, insists on taking care of Grace’s children as Rune and Carling consult with the Oracle. Now in Oracle’s Moon, Khalil is still hanging around and Grace is exasperated. She wants him to leave. Only Khalil made a vow to take care of the children, and to the Djinn, a vow is something to never be broken, otherwise a Djinn becomes honorless, a pariah. So Khalil is staying with the children no matter what. He doesn’t care about Grace. She’s just a weak human. Only he starts noticing her, protecting her, caring for her… and realizes she’s something more…

She was like no other human he had met before. Her Power was, quite literally, unique. She could match him, fit to his presence in the way that Djinn made love to Djinn, share in formless pleasure and arousal. It was bizarre. It was perfect.

The thing I loved most about this series (and notice I said ‘loved’) is that I never knew who’s book would come next, and I never wanted to find out. We’d get a hint and I loved loved reading the next book to find out. But in Rune and Carling’s book I wondered who the next book would be about. Surely not of the Djinn and Grace… two characters who had not been consequential, two I really didn’t care about. So when I found out it was about them, needless to say I wasn’t excited. But the reviews were ridiculously good, so I bought the book and settled in.

It started out slow. The first two books have started out slow and really picked up so this didn’t initially worry me. Until I realized the book was just not picking up. Perhaps the reason is that I wasn’t interested in these two characters to begin with. Either way, the book was like a flatline. Not going high or low for me. Just there.

Basically Grace also starts getting attracted to Khalil. But she’s human, she doesn’t know much about the Djinn. And she really doesn’t have the time. She has the children to take care of and she has to master being the Oracle. And she starts doing this, but Khalil is a constant in her life and they both start letting each other in.

So the book had its moments. Khalil was as alpha male as the rest of the men in this series. Protective, strong and even tender when he needed to be. He was a lot arrogant, reminiscent of Dragos in book #1, so he had a lot to learn. But learn he did.

“You’re perfectly safe. I’ve got you. I’ve always got you. You’re mine. I will never let go. I will always protect you. You are my life now.”

Grace on the other hand bored the hell out of me. Some of the things she did were just questionable. She was strong, yes, but in the end she wasn’t as endearing or as witty as the rest of the heroines in this series. And together their steamy moments fell flat for me. See, Djinn are formless, and they can take up human form if they want to. So the steamy scenes while creative, just weren’t as hot.

The world building in this series continues to amaze me, but to be honest the witches and the Djinn are the least interesting to me so this book clearly wasn’t meant for me. And believe it or not, I have one more complaint, I read the other books because I wanted to, because I was intrigued by the little I knew about the characters. In this one we are clearly baited to get the next book. That whole Dragos – Oracle story was so unnecessary. I mean, now I know the next book is about Dragos and Pia… again. I mean, I’m intrigued because this is where it all begun, and I will most likely get the next book… but really, I hate being baited.

So all in all..

2.5 Stars.

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