Book Review – Breaking Her (Love is War #2) – RK Lilley

This was my most anticipated read of the year, and! So devious and delicious and just so brilliantly crafted, I didn’t want it to end!

I’d been stalking RK religiously since I read Breaking Him. But you know how it works – sometimes when you’re really looking forward to something, you build it up in your head so much that you know it’s going to be a disappointment.  Not this one. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be, and then some.

It begins where book #1 left off. Dante has once again broken Scarlett’s heart and she’s drowning herself in a Costco-sized bottle of Patrón… as you do 🙂 And as much as it hurts to go through it again, what happened the first time might have been way worse.

Once you’ve been broken, every break after, even when they hurt like hell, can never outdo the profound damage of the first time.

And while we got bits and pieces of what happened the first time, this book finally lays down all the pieces of the puzzle and man did they hurt. This was angst in bucketfuls. I cried like a baby and I guarantee you will too. It was just one thing after another trying to break these two apart. One awful thing after the next and sometimes I asked myself if human beings can truly be that awful to each other. How naïve of me! Yet these two are made for each other, no matter how many people come between them…

“Does he know he doesn’t have a chance? That he never did? You’ve never been soft for anyone else. You’ve never been vulnerable. Those things belong to me. They always have. They always will. You’ve never given that you that’s mine to anyone else and you never will.”

And as much as Scarlett would want to deny it, that has always been the truth.

He was a complicated man. Manipulative. Ruthless. Savage. In his eyes was an enigmatic power over me that was exclusive to him. The king of all my regrets. The architect of every last drop of joy I’d ever tasted. My tormentor. My savior.

Sigh 😦 Yes, we all know they’re meant to be. That their kind of love doesn’t come often. And after all the scheming and hurting, we learn to forgive right there with them and it’s a journey, believe me. I felt so invested in these two and that’s why this author is so dear to me. She knows how to make it hurt but also how to make it heal. She takes you through the trenches, but then brings you right over to the glorious other side.

And did I mention the steam? I mean, angry sex, hate sex, love sex… it was all there in perfect detail. To be honest I didn’t need much, every time Dante spoke I brought out the fan 🙂 And what a complete package he is! I mean, do men like these exist? He loved her so much, like a disease and its cure together.

To say I missed her was a cruel understatement, like saying you’d miss your soul after you gave it away. After it was torn from you. I was empty. Flesh without blood. I was not whole without her. Never would be.

My review cannot do this book justice. I have so much of the book highlighted it’s impossible to figure out what to put in here and what to leave out for the reader to discover for themselves. But I will say this, the series title could not be more appropriate if it tried. We get both love and war. The two mix so well together you can’t tell one without the other. And maybe the reason I got so invested in these characters’ happiness was because of how deeply they suffered. How they clawed their way to each other despite the odds.

But more than that, it’s the author’s voice, that is so uniquely hers, that makes this book one of the best I’ve read in a long time.

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Breaking Her by RK Lilley 

breaking her

I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

You haven’t read book #1?! Click on the below cover for a free sample!



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10 Responses to Book Review – Breaking Her (Love is War #2) – RK Lilley

  1. JP says:

    I am so jealous that you have read this already! I have been obsessing about this book coming out since I finished Breaking Him last year. There is something about these characters that really speaks to me- even though they are really ruthless. For whatever reason, I never feel like Dante is the “bastard” (as he is often referred to ). I always hold out the hope that ultimately he is protecting Scarlett often at the expense of himself. I can’t imagine he would let his Gram down on the promise he made to her so many years ago…where he promised to always protect and defend Scarlett.
    Please tell me this has a HEA!!???

    • I’m jealous of those who haven’t read it because they get to experience it all new and shiny! I’m actually still re reading some parts 🙂 and I couldnt agree with you more about Dante. I never ever thought of him as a bastard. I always believed he had a good reason to do whatever he did. No one loves that hard then just throws it away. And about the HEA, I hate saying yes or no but look back on every RK Lilley book before that and you have your answer 🙂

      • JP says:

        Oh man! I have only read the up in the air and the last book of Tristan and Danika. So I am hoping that’s a yes. I don’t think my heart can handle anything less.

  2. JP says:

    OK so I read it and I am not ready to give my review just yet. I need to digest. I am unsure how I feel about it honestly and I am a bit let down by that. I didn’t feel the connection as strong as I did before throughout the entire book. Sure there were chapters where I did, but not all the way through. It wasn’t as heart breaking as I thought it would be but perhaps because the “breaking” wasn’t really described very well. It was mentioned sort of briefly but not the hellish feelings that went along with it like last book. And you didn’t get to read what Dante really went through those 5 years…it was mostly Scarlett. So I guess my biggest issue is….I think I wanted more of Dante’s POV from the past …what he was thinking and feeling and what his mother was saying and then of course with Gram.Why did Gram always want them together? In Breaking Him you got the feeling Gram and Dante had talked about this…. how could Dante be so completely blind to Tiffany and why didnt Scarlett tell him more? Maybe I feel this was rushed a bit?? What did I love? I loved that a lot of the present tense chapters had Dante and Scarlett together. I loved that he kept trying regardless of what she said BUT I didn’t feel he was as Alpha as he was in Breaking Him. Lastly, I guess I felt it was as bit over the top that all of that happened to Scarlett and JUST Scarlett. I kind of felt it was enough already- although from the ending of Breaking Him I KNEW there was SPOILER ALERT******murder.

    • I do see what you mean. I mean it’s the kind of thing I didn’t miss because I just love the author’s voice so much. There are books you take time to get into and there are some you just automatically love from the begin and this is me with her books. That said, I was not the biggest fan of the Gina storyline… I had some moment of thinking, how did she hide that from him?! The spoiler alert 😉 for me worked because it was so freakin sad when Dante went to her… I actually cried 😦 I do want to see what you feel after a couple of days. I’m reading a new book now which I would normally love if I wasn’t still thinking about Dante 🙂

      • JP says:

        Yeah. I might re-read. But one more thing……spoiler*********I wanted JUSTICE served to Tiffany and Farrah. Farrah?! How could you. Diabolical. I am hoping Bastian gets a book OR maybe she does a book entirely from Dante’s POV like Mr. Beautiful! ?

  3. Oh that would be a good idea! Though I asked her whether we should expect a Bastian or Anton book and she said she’s been working on Antons 🙂

  4. nicolarendell says:

    Thank you for this, Jessy!

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