Book Review – Serpent’s Kiss (Elder Races #3) – Thea Harrison

By now you all know that this is my newest favorite Paranormal Romance series. Honestly I just can’t get enough. And this one did not disappoint!

This is the story or Rune, a Wry Sentinel and Carling, the Vampyre Queen. In book #2, Carling did Rune a huge favor and he was bound to pay it back. So Rune goes to Carling hoping that her request won’t take long to fulfill and it doesn’t. But Rune wants to stay. Here’s why. Carling is sick. Dying. Rune wants to help her find a cure because he hates to see such a strong woman broken. But also because he’s starting to feel something for her. Don’t worry, he won’t mate with her. He’s not stupid enough to mate with a dying woman. But, other things are happening; Carling’s condition makes her go into a fade… something akin to losing consciousness. But Rune finds that he’s the only one who can still reach her…

Saying more would be ruining the story for you. In fact I’m sure I’ve said too much! But I will say this… I wanted to read Rune and carling’s story as soon as it was introduced to us in Book #2! We know Rune is the playboy of the Wry.

He was the rock star of the Wry, famed throughout not only the elder races but also the human society for his good looks.

But Carling is different from other women. She hasn’t felt desire in so long…

There had never been anyone secure enough in his own power to not feel threatened by hers, nor anyone who was more interested in her than in meeting his own agenda. And there had never been anyone strong enough to make her believe in him beyond all else.

And she refuses to be like all these other women.

Carling had always found it ludicrous, even infuriating, how so many otherwise sensible and intelligent-seeming females lost their minds whenever they came near him, and no matter how he affected her, she was by gods not ever going to become one of the vacuous hordes.

Yup. This was definitely going to be something. And something it was. Explosive from beginning to end. I felt as thought the previous books started out slow, but not this one. From the get go, I was hooked!

I loved that they had a timeline, so everything seemed to be happening that much faster. I loved that they fought their attraction. I loved that when they fell, they fell hard. I loved the mystery surrounding the decision, the extra element that I won’t name that allowed Rune to be with Carling in a way others couldn’t. It was all just brilliant!

The thing about this series is that it’s clever. While I love that there’s a lot of romance and steam, I also love the world building, the politics, the detail. I was worried that like with some PnR books, I’d eventually get bored but nope. The world building just keeps getting better and better.

But back to our hero and heroine, God did they make me swoon!

… he loved them all, all the Carlings past, present and future. he saw her sharpness, her frailties and her strength, and his soul embraced all of it. The feeling was a sword thrust as deep as anything he had ever felt, piercing through his body. It seemed like he had been falling for a very long while, and each time he realized it, he had fallen a little deeper, a little further. he had never known that falling in love could be as helpless and as complete as this.

You just have to read this book. I will say that the end was not my favorite. I hate those kinds of endings. And because of that, the rating loses a 0.5

4.5 Stars!

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