Book Review – Dawn of Forever (Jack and Jill #3) – Jewel E. Ann

What a stunning conclusion to this dangerously different trilogy! Jewel E. Ann definitely struck gold with this story. It is so outside the norm, I wasn’t even sure how to classify it but it hit all the right notes.

So, Luke saw Jillian (Jessica) and he has to find her. I mean, she was the love of his life. He can’t be expected to see her ghost and not go investigating. So he does. Meanwhile, and this is a big one, we were left weeping after AJ’s napkin message. Yeah, prepare for more tears because that side of the story is just heartbreaking. I was always team AJ, no matter what, and his story made me cry like a baby. But Jillian now has to go back to Portland, and what she finds there is something she didn’t expect.

With romantic suspense, it’s really hard to give a synopsis. Basically anything I could say will give away the story. And that would just be a disservice to the reader. Believe me, you want to experience this one for yourself, all the surprises, the heartbreak, the love, the suspense, the drama… it was just the perfect mix and it made my heart ache and I swooned and I cried… sigh…

That being said, it was inevitable that the Knights couldn’t stay hidden forever. It was inevitable that their past would come looking and it was inevitable that Jillian and Jackson Knight would have to confront Jessica and Jude Day. But as inevitable as that was, you will not be able to predict how it all plays out.

And while everything about this series for me was about Jillian (I mean, how cool is she?!), we have her brother Jackson. He was hot, dangerous, cocky, and let’s be honest, a man-whore.. but even he deserves his happily ever after. You remember he met Ryn. Oh Ryn with all her problems deserves a good man. But she gets Jackson.

“I love your imperfections. I need them. They give me hope that you will love mine too.”

But can Ryn love a killer? Can Jackson ever tell her about his past?

And while I wasn’t as invested in his love story. His and Jillian has to be the most unconventionally beautiful sibling relationship.

In so many ways the greatest love story of her life was not with Luke or AJ… it was with Jackson. He was the constant in her life. His love defined unconditional. Someday she would tell him… someday.

But Jillian’s love story as we know has another constant. Luke.

He hated the color of her hair. He hated that another man had loved her body and her heart. He hated that she sat ten feet away and yet she felt so out of reach. If he dwelled on all the things he hated, it would make it impossible to love her. And if he chose to do one thing for the rest of his life… it would be to love her.

Man, what a tragic story. What heartache. But in all that tragedy was the love. And in the end, the Knights, the Days, they deserve so much love. And I smiled throughout the entire epilogue.

4.5 stars!

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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