Book Review – Beloved Vampire (Vampire Queen #4) by Joey W. Hill

Ah what a book! I was intrigued by Lord Mason as soon as he was introduced to us, and even though I’m a huge fan of the Dommes in this series it was good to get a male Dom and an actual submissive. But don’t be deceived, their story was nowhere near easy.

Jessica’s dying wish is to visit the cave where Farida was buried. Her body is frail, so she knows this will also be her last resting place. And she loves that thought. Farida is a woman Jessica had never met but who gave her so much courage through her writings. See Jessica was the servant to Raithe – a vampire who tortured her for 5 years. But Jessica did what very few have done, she killed a vampire. But she was in the process of being 3rd marked, which means she’s dying as well. She discovered Farida’s journal in Raithe’s home, and so she read all about this woman and the love of her life, Mason. A tragedy but one filled with so much love.

Jessica visits the grave hoping to finally find eternal rest. But she finds Mason instead. Yet that can’t be. Farida’s story was set about 300 years ago. Unless Mason is also a vampire. Is she doomed to always be in the mercy in vampires? But she’s dying. Unless Mason can do something about it.

From the beginning I was hooked. I mean, I’d had a small crush on Mason from previous mentions but the intro, the circumstances… they pulled me in from the get go. While Mason wants to save Jessica, she doesn’t want to be saved. She’s had it with this life. Endured much more than anyone should. Yet Mason fights for her, tries to get her to realize that her fight isn’t over.

“Your war isn’t over, though you fought so long you cannot see it yet. What I can give you now is rest. Let me protect you… Do me the honor, and I will not fail you. I swear it, even if I have to destroy my own spirit to make it so.”

Oh Mason! What a hero! Unlike the other vampires in this series, he was a sensitive one from the beginning. He fell in love and fell hard. He lived differently, cared differently… it was just incredibly sweet to see him fighting so hard for Jessica. But he’s still a vampire, a Dom, he won’t take anything less than submission. And so he took control… wowza! I’m still fanning myself an hour after finishing the book!

Jessica is a natural submissive so it shouldn’t have been hard for her to submit to a man like Mason, but it was. She doesn’t believe there’s anything like a good vampire. Raithe and his cronies made sure she could never trust a vampire again. But she wants Mason, she can’t help but want him. And even though she wants to submit to him, can she be a servant? We all know how Vampires like to share. She could never stand another person touching her.

But Mason fights for her. He shows her how different he is. How life would be with him. But of course he has his own worries. He worries he will fail her the way he did Farida.

Sigh, an absolutely amazing story. So much pain but so much love. So much dedication. I want to live in Joey W. Hill’s world forever!

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Beloved Vampire by Joey W. Hill


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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