Book Review – The Score (Off-Campus #3) – Elle Kennedy

What a perfect perfect book! I’m counting my lucky stars for being on this amazing book train that just won’t quit with hit after hit, and this one is the icing on the cake!

So I loved The Deal, who didn’t? The Mistake was a ‘meh’to me and to be honest I wondered if I would continue with the series. So so glad I did! The Score blows those two out of the water! I mean, it is absolutely perfect in every single way. Ok, so first a synopsis.

Dean is the team’s ultimate player. We all know the rest are (or were before their women tamed them), but Dean takes it to the next level, and he doesn’t hide the fact. He loves sex, he hates relationships, and he’s upfront about it all. Then in comes Allie Hayes. Allie is Hannah’s best friend, so she knows all about Dean’s ways. And she would anyway since it’s known all over campus. But Allie doesn’t care because she’s not interested in Dean. She has her own problems. She’s just broken up with her boyfriend of 3 years and she’s heartbroken. She’s also very aware that she’s some kind of serial monogamist so she knows one night stands are not her thing. Until she’s left alone with Dean and can’t help it.

Ok, one night stand off the list. She’s done. But Dean isn’t. He’s left wanting round 2 which is very surprising to him as it’s never happened before. But Allie is back to wanting nothing to do with him. And so our amazing story starts 🙂

The thing I loved most about The Deal was how easy it was to read. It had it’s sticky moments but no overly angsty moments, and the Score lives up to that. I smiled from the beginning. How cocky-yet-not-really Dean was. How funny Allie was. How easily they gelled together despite their different backgrounds and outlook in life… their banter was THE BEST! Absolutely loved how funny the book was – and it’s all to do with the author’s voice. So easygoing and witty. She made me think I know Allie, and what’s more, she made me believe in Dean. By that I mean, both voices were uniquely theirs.

I find that it’s sometimes over the top and unbelievable when a female author tries to do a male POV. This one just worked. And don’t get me started on the steam. Man was Dean hot! I mean, so he’s alpha male like the other heroes in the series, but there was something so refreshing about him. So incredibly HOT! You’d think the whole player thing might be overdone but it wasn’t. I swooned the entire time and cheered them all the way to the last page.

All this to say, I LOVED the book. The best one in the series yet! And definitely brings back faith in the New Adult genre.

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> The Score by Elle Kennedy


I’d like to thank the author (and Nina!) for providing this ARC for my review.

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  1. Suz says:

    Great review Jessy!

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