Book Review – Mark of the Vampire Queen (Vampire Queen #2) – Joey W. Hill

Wow… just , wow! This book definitely upped the ante! It was everything the first one was and more! It filled in gaps that I felt were missing in the first book, it sucked me in and refused to let me go till the last page.

So Jacob now has the 3rd mark. He belongs to Lady Lyssa in every way a servant can. he knows he means more to her than that. She knows it too, but she won’t admit it out loud. She’s lived centuries feeling so lonely and he’s exactly what she’s always craved. Everything about him fills the empty spaces she always felt within her.

For her part, she let him know how beautiful she though he was, inside and out. How for the first time in so long, she didn’t feel alone.

But she’s dying, and she’s going to take him with her, and she can’t bear the thought of that. Only Jacob doesn’t mind at all. For him there’s nothing beyond his lady.

 I’ll gladly go wherever she’s going, if I’m worthy to follow. I’ll know I’m in hell only if I wake and find I’m somewhere she’s not.

Jacob has grappled with the idea of being a servant, a slave. But his biggest test is yet to come – the annual kill. He wants to help Lyssa, he abhores the idea but he also knows she needs it to survive. But more than that, he needs to get her safe and sound to the next counsel meetings. there’s a lot she needs to accomplish there, before time runs out.

Sigh, what a book! These two just stole my heart, over and over again. Jacob proved his devotion to Lyssa. he won her heart, but only to risk losing her. He knows that Lord brian is looking for a cure, but he can’t talk to anyone about Lyssa’s illness. Yet at the same time it’s not in him to sit and wait for death. How he fought for her, gave everything for her. And even though some might say she was extremely cruel in book #1, she proves her love for him here, her devotion.

 Rex had tried to control and dominate her, but in the end he’d had no ability to do so because she never trusted him enough to let him into her soul. Now she’d put her heart and soul as well as her physical well-being into the hands of a mere human. and she’d never felt safer in her life.

Yup, this book had heart. I was swooning the entire time. Close to tears and my heart so full I was surprised it didn’t burst out of my body. But beyond the love and the sweet stuff, we get the steam. I’m just in love with how Joey W. Hill does steam. Kinky and just so hot I couldn’t bear to read anything but another of her books after I was done. And all that mixed in with politics, poetry, action and everything in between.

I don’t remember a book boyfriend before Jacob and I doubt there’ll be one to take his place.

Absolutely everything erotic fiction should be.

5 stars!

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 mark of vampire

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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11 Responses to Book Review – Mark of the Vampire Queen (Vampire Queen #2) – Joey W. Hill

  1. Joey W Hill says:

    “I don’t remember a book boyfriend before Jacob and I doubt there’ll be one to take his place.” Oh, I am SO using that for a review quote, lol. Thank you so much, Jessy! I’m delighted you’re loving my vampires! Thank you so much as well for taking the time to write your wonderful reviews.

  2. littleKitten says:

    One name Daegan Rei! Jessy wait till you meet him you will continue to swoon *promise*! I’m so glad you are enjoying the Vampire Queen series, it’s my all time favorite vamp series! I wish I could read it for the first time all over again!

  3. littleKitten says:

    Oh Joey’s right Gideon (Jacob’s brother) is awesome! But trust me when I say Daegan will get you off in more ways than one. After you finish Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity don’t forget to stop by and read the short story One on One. There are a few others shorts that you would like when you start missing the characters like the rest of us addicts 😉

    • Joey W Hill says:

      Ooh, and don’t forget “The Bet” as well. They have two freebie novellas, the two scoundrels. They’re too difficult for me to stay away from! lol

      • littleKitten says:

        AAAAhhhh, I could never forget The Bet. I understand the struggle Joey lol! I’ve re-read those two a lot! We addicts would love another novella starring these two, hint, hint, poke, poke!

      • Joey W Hill says:

        LK, I know, I know! Lol – and I love the fact you all never get tired of them. Just posted the Christmas vignette on the fan forum, which tells how Daegan came to be (it’s about the night his vampire mother and Lucifer met – wink). Only a short cameo from Daegan and Gideon in it, but if you want more of the backstory, it might help soothe the addiction!

      • littleKitten says:

        Awesome, I love love love backstories! Thanks for the heads up Joey, you’re the best!

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