Book Review – The Vampire Queen’s Servant (Vampire Queen #1) – Joey W. Hill

I’m a huge Paranormal Romance fan and I’m a humongous Joey W. Hill fan, bring them both together and I was in bliss for two days straight! How have I never read this series before?!

The Vampire Queen’s Servant is the story of Lyssa and Jacob. Lyssa is a vampire, one of the few born vampires and highly respected in the vampire community. Lyssa, like other vampires, usually takes a human servant to feed all her appetites 🙂 But she hasn’t had one in a very long time, since her last one, Thomas, died in very tragic circumstances. She’s decided she’s fated to be alone, until Jacob comes along. Jacob is Thomas’ protege. Thomas has shown him all the tricks to be the best human servant to Lady Lyssa. But some things aren’t learnt… things like fate. Jacob is an alpha male, never submitted to a woman before, but his heart recognises Lyssa’s. He is meant to serve her, be with her… and if that means submitting, well he will try. And while Lyssa doesn’t want a new servant, while she’s convinced Jacob will never be a submissive, she wants him.

And so begins our tale. And what a tale it was… with all the sex one could ever want and with all the preternatural happenings to make this exquisite paranormal erotica. I’ve only ever read one other male submissive book (not surprisingly a Joey W. Hill one) and I absolutely loved it. And here she captures that same essence with much more bite.

Lyssa is going to make Jacob submit. She recognises what she feels for him but that doesn’t mean he can escape what he is, a servant, her slave. He can either leave it or take it. And since he’s not leaving, then he has to submit. I loved the push and pull of these two characters. Watching an alpha male fall so hard for a woman he would do anything. The steamy scenes were out of this world – I mean, of course they had that inhuman quality but also, wowza!

I also loved the character building, the villains, the struggles… but this book was all heart to me. Watching Lyssa break down her walls and fall for Jacob. Watching her trust him and allow herself to be taken care of. Something a vampire queen doesn’t need, but something a woman definitely needs.

There were many formidable women, with or without vampire strength. But it was his experience that all of them had a need for love, unless damage to their heart had caused them to wall it off. They all desired to be cherished emotionally, and the art of conveying that through physical touch was one of the most potent ways to do it.

I will warn you though that there is pretty strong BDSM elements in this one. Jacob is made to submit in every sense of the word. But like I said, there’s lots and lots of heart in it… and I loved that there was a balance. I liked Lyssa’s character. She was a strong heroine, perhaps cruel at times but from what she had gone through, it was not surprising. Now Jacob I fell in love with. I absolutely love it when a man falls so hard he can’t see straight.

“He would seduce her with his body even as he told her with his tears he loved her. More than anything. More than his own life.”

What it did lack for me was world building. I do like my paranormal romance to be full of oohs and aahs… I love to immerse myself and forget the real world and this did not allow me to. At least not long enough. That being said, I have book two and I’m going in!

4 stars.

Amazon Buy Link – The Vampire Queen’s Servant by Joey w. Hill

vampire queen

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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5 Responses to Book Review – The Vampire Queen’s Servant (Vampire Queen #1) – Joey W. Hill

  1. littleKitten says:

    Awesome review!!! This is one of my favorite series of Joey’s! Those Green brothers are smokin hawt!!! Wait until you get to Vampire Mistress and Trinity, geez they’re great, now I’m thinking reread.

  2. Bennita says:

    I definitely have to read this one. I also am a huge fan of Joey Hill’s books. Herwriting and characters are outstanding and the fact that this is a paranormal read (my fave)doesn’t hurt.

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