Book Review – The air He Breathes – Brittainy C. Cherry

I wasn’t sure how I felt going into this book. On the one hand I was excited to try something different and so highly rated, but on the other hand I wasn’t sure I was ready for a cry-bucketfuls kind of book. And this definitely seemed like both.

Elizabeth moves back to her small town to reclaim her old life after losing her husband. She’s not sure she can ever be whole again or ever love again. Then she meets Tristan. Tristan is the town’s newbie, a recluse, kind of weird an definitely the talk of town. Elizabeth is warned to stay away from him, he’s angry all the time, arrogant, definitely not the kind of man she wants around herself or her daughter. But Elizabeth recognises something in Tristan.

He was hard to look at, because he was so broken, but every scarred part of his existence seemed to draw me in.

He’s broken too, he’s suffered the same kind of lose she hers. Perhaps worse. So while they might not fix each other, maybe they can help each other forget… or remember…

Her soul was scarred, and mine was burned. But when we were together, the hurting hurt a little less. when we were together, the past wasn’t as painful to take in. When we were together, I never for a second felt alone.

This book was definitely not my kind of read. Unfortunately it did very little for me. Death is an incredibly difficult topic for anyone, and I read it knowing it would be a trigger for some and at the very least tug at my heartstrings. For me it did not. I felt it was trying too hard to be an emotional read. Maybe I’m dead inside because I honestly did not feel. I knew where I was meant to cry, but I mostly rolled my eyes at the overly angsty moments.

The writing was also doing nothing for me either. I mean, there was the hilarious inappropriate best friend who made me smile even though at times I thought she went too far. But mostly the book fell flat for me. There were times where I thought it was too forced… the emotion and the overly emotional lines.

You know that place in between nightmares and dreams? The place where tomorrows never come and yesterdays don’t hurt anymore? The place where your heart beats in sync with mine> The place where time doesn’t exist, and It’s easy to breathe? I want to live there with you.

Maybe it’s just me.. probably. But I mean, too too much!

Overall, I seem to be the exception to the rule. People loved this book. They felt, they cried… I on the other hand wondered when it would end.


2 stars.

Amazon buy link – The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

the air

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2 Responses to Book Review – The air He Breathes – Brittainy C. Cherry

  1. Maria Beury says:

    Surprised by your review. I thought this was a GREAT book, one of my favorites this year.

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