Spotlight – Vampire Queen Series by Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill is one of my favorites of all time! And that list is short which means I could sing her praises all day long. And while I know (and LOVE) her Nature of Desire series, I just recently started this one and fell in love!

I’m only at book I, but book XIII, Night’s Templar, was released on Halloween’s! Book number XIII! That’s A LOT of Joey W. Hill, which means I’m in my own little heaven right now.

Book XIII is a BDSM paranormal romance / Male-male.


Blurb: Lord Uthe, a member of the Vampire Council, was a Templar Knight centuries ago. Even up to the present day, he has attempted to honor the spirit of the Rule, despite the volatile and highly sexual nature of the vampire world. Yet now he’s caught the attention of the Fae Lord Keldwyn, liaison between the Council and Fae Court. Keldwyn challenges Uthe’s emotional isolation and dominant nature. When a quest from Uthe’s past requires Keldwyn’s help to protect both their worlds, Uthe will have to decide whether the Fae male is a gift from God to be cherished and trusted, or a curse that will make Uthe fail the Order he promised to serve all his life.


HAVEN’T READ ANY OF JOEY’S VAMPIRE QUEEN SERIES? This is a great time to start. Joey did mention this is the 13th book, right? You have plenty to read! Since Keldwyn and Uthe’s story is pretty deeply entrenched in the culture of her vampires, she wouldn’t recommend reading it first. However, you don’t have to read ALL of the twelve preceding books to enjoy it; you just need more familiarity with the Vampire Queen’s world. According to her, Beloved Vampire (Book 4) is a standalone and a GREAT gateway book into the series with the sexy Lord Mason. Or you can read the first two in the series, Vampire Queen’s Servant and Mark of the Vampire Queen, because Lady Lyssa and Jacob started it all. Excerpts and blurbs for the whole series are here – Each book comes with a recommendation on whether it can be read as a standalone or which books should be read as prequels for it.

She thanks you all for considering her vampires, so go on, read it with me! I’m currently reading Mark of the Vampire Queen and will start posting the reviews pretty soon.

Now to contact Joey:

Twitter: @JoeyWHill



Happy reading!

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4 Responses to Spotlight – Vampire Queen Series by Joey W. Hill

  1. littleKitten says:

    I found and started following your blog after reading your review for one of the Nature of Desire books by Joey W. Hill. She is and always will be an auto buy author for me (one on a short list as well). I can’t wait to read what you think of her vampires! Daegan Rei is mine though so hands off missy!

  2. Carol says:

    After reading Joey’s vampires, I don’t enjoy anyone else’s! Joey is the best! and like littleKitten says, she’s on my automatic buy list. I’m kinda partial to Malachi!

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