Book Review – Middle of Knight (Jack and Jill #2) – Jewel E. Ann

Why do I do this to myself? Another major cliffhanger that had me gasping for breath! Ok, so I do this to myself because I live on the edge, at least I’d like to think so but man, this one was a major one! (Sidebar: This review only makes sense if you’ve read book #1 in this series. Do yourself a favor, buy this series… the storyline is unlike anything you’ve read before.)

So this is the sequel to the amazing End of Day where we met Jackson and Jillian, or Jude and Jessica, depending on which part of their story interests you more… we were left with a cliffhanger then and this one starts right where we left off, with AJ… And while we get the continuation of this amazing story, we unfortunately get introduced to Ryn. I say ‘unfortunately’ because I’m sorry, this story bored me… but anyway, we meet Ryn.

Jackson has always been into older women and Ryn is gorgeous and 10 years older, so he wants her. And he falls for her. Immediately. I just didn’t get that. Ryn annoyed the hell out of me. She was so insecure and inappropriate. I mean, I get where her insecurity came from but coupled with talking about her big grandma underwear and her pancake boobs and how she wasn’t “groomed in certain areas”… I honestly just did not see what Jackson saw in her. It wasn’t that she was older, it was the way she just didn’t have herself together. And then he fell in love in a day… yeah, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this storyline and unfortunately it took up most of the first half.

I was quite disappointed because I absolutely fell in love with book #1 and I had been dying for the sequel. I’d already told my husband there would be no way this book would get more than 3 stars. But then the Jackson storyline was interspersed with the Jillian one and Jillian… sigh… a woman after my own heart. I just love everything about her character and how witty she is and how she loves and gives with everything in her.

So there was that Jillian – AJ storyline and the Jessica – Luke storyline and we got more of Luke this time. I was admittedly an AJ fan but I got to see why Jillian loved Luke so much… BUT, I still remain an AJ fan, despite that cliffhanger that nearly tore my heart out :/ But yet again I admired how well Jewel E. Ann created this love triangle… it’s really hard to not root for Luke even though I’m an AJ fan.

So Jillian/Jessica is falling deeper in love with AJ, when she never thought she could love again.

The man who would always have her heart was alive, but she would never see him again. The man who made her think love was possible without said heart was right next door, but he was on a cruel suicide mission and eventually he would die and she would never see him again.

Sigh, AJ’s story. My heart broke for him, and for his love for Jillian… and how they clung to one another even though they both knew the end was near…

“I love you, Aric James. You’ll never know how much I needed you to come into my life when you did. You’ve given my existence a life again. This feeling in my chest feels like… like a fucking heartbeat. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but it’s there… and I need it.”

Sigh… between this heartache, that crazy surprise near the end and the actual end? Just blew my mind!

In fact if it wasn’t for the Ryn storyline this would have been another 5 star read. But because of that…

4 stars.

Absolutely cannot wait for the last book because this just might be the trilogy of the year!

Amazon Buy Link -> Middle of Knight by Jewel E. Ann


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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