Book Review – Rule (Songs of Corruption #3) – CD Reiss

What an incredible ending to an amazing series! Definitely tops all mafia romances. The thing with Rule was that it was unapologetic. We all know Antonio Spinelli is a Capo, we all know what he’s done… and while he was seeking redemption, his crimes were not watered down. We got him as he is, and we loved him all the same.

Rule is the last book in the Songs of Corruption series. Theresa and Antonio have been through it all. They even faked their own death. But they have to live again. Jonathan is on his death bed, there’s no way Theresa can sail off to the sunset without seeing him. But the mafia world is waiting for Antonio to come back. There’s a bounty on his head. Friends and enemies alike are waiting for the chance to kill him, for real this time.

Honestly I couldn’t think of a better ending for this book. It had it all, the steamy, no holds barred sex between Antonio and Theresa… wowzer! It should be a given that erotic romances should make us squirm in a good way. But I can’t tell you how many I read and just skim over the ‘steamy’ parts or read as if I’m going through a grocery list. Not Rule. I was reading it on my way to work hoping no one was looking over my shoulder! So yes, steamy is an understatement! They should create a whole new word for the heat these two created!

And the grit. The unapologetic way Antonio went about it. The way our corrupted Theresa joined him without looking back. She embraced being a killer. She embraced protecting her man even though he wanted to keep her safe and away from the ugliness of the mafia world. She went all the way.

Do you know how difficult it is to create a hero who is really an anti hero? Many authors water it down so the reader doesn’t fall into a moral quandary. Not CD Reiss. She did what the writers of The Sopranos did. She created a super flawed character. A dangerous man. A killer. An anti hero. And made us fall in love with him. That’s genius!

And the romance. Sigh, the romance. Like Romeo and Juliet. Fated and tragic.

“There is no world without you in it. Nothing. I’m not talking about despair. I’ve lost people. This isn’t me being a child. There is one universe. Just one. And it’s between us. If you destroy that universe you destroy me.”

Everything worked to keep these two apart. Things from the past coming to life to try to destroy them. A whole ambush from the present. But they fought on, blood and fire.

“You’re mine. You’ll always be mine. We live together, or we die together. There is nothing in between.”

And in the end?

I was sure we would pay for our sins in either this life or the next… but maybe salvation would come in the form of love.

There’s no review that can do this book justice. It’s just on another level. Thrilling, suspenseful, romantic, erotic, edgy… all written with a slow build of foreboding… and while you know you will get there, it’s the way you get there. The way CD Reiss makes love to words, the poetry in it. Just brilliant.

5 Stars!

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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