Book Review – Sustained – Emma Chase

I started this book with a bit of trepidation. Actually if I’m honest, a lot of trepidation. I’m not a huge fan of romantic comedies, books or movies. I’m afraid they try too hard and end up being not that funny. Also, the blurb didn’t really grab my attention. But, I’ve had Emma Chase recommended to me a million times so I thought I’d give a try and boy I’m I glad I did!

Sustained is the the story of Jake Becker, a high flying lawyer aiming to be partner at his firm. He’s actually on his way because he’s not only hard working, he also has nothing holding him back. He doesn’t have a girlfriend or wife, neither does he want one. He’s happy with his meaningless one night stands.

Some women can handle a nameless one-night stand or a casual hookup. But honestly, most can’t. As long as they understand sex is the only thing I have to offer, the only thing I want in return, I’m up for a repeat. The minute their eyes get that soft, sentimental- or worse- wounded look, I’m out. I don’t have time for games, don’t have any interest in talking about “where this could go.”

Until one incident leads him to Chelsea McQuaid. Chelsea is legal guardian to 6 children. Yes, six! Her brother and his wife passed away leaving Chelsea as the sole family the kids have, and even though she’s only 26 with a life of her own in a different city, Chelsea takes up the challenge of raising six kids. But it’s not easy, they’re little troublemakers, and with how drastically their lives have changed, some are turning into big troublemakers. Which is where Jake Becker, comes in. Only he finds himself falling for Chelsea, something he never ever expected.

… for the fucking life of me, I don’t know how she’s gotten by without filing a shitload of restraining orders, or without gifts and cards and flowers clogging up her mailbox everyday. Because as I watch her with the judge, I don’t know how anyone could know her and not ridiculously, pitifully love her.

So like I said, I was worried I wouldn’t find the book funny. I was worried the whole 6 children thing was meant to be a set up for hilarious moments… but the book surprised me. Not only did it grab me from the beginning, it took a whole different direction I wasn’t expecting. I suppose it’s because I haven’t read this author before, else I would have know to expect a story with depth, angst, loads of humor and steamy steamy moments.

We got the alpha male, we got the amazing heroine… we got the amazing writing, the laugh out loud moments and the swoon worthy moments…. all done so well. With such finesse and mastery. I am definitely picking up every Emma Chase book I can find.

4.5 Stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> Sustained by Emma Chase


I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this ARC for my review.

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