Book Review – Storm’s Heart (Elder Races #2) – Thea Harrison

The good news is, I’ve found a new addiction. The bad news is – this might turn into a paranormal romance blog while I indulge my addiction 🙂

So yes, The Elder Races series is my new addiction. Halfway through each book I tell myself I’ll read something else once done, but then I find myself one-clicking the next book :/ But anyway, what’s this one about?

Remember that fight Tricks had with Tiago in book #1? Well, I was instantly intrigued by these two. Tricks, also known as Niniane, is going to reclaim the Dark Fae throne after years of hiding from her uncle. Same uncle who killed her parents to assume the throne. Same uncle killed by Dragos in book #1. (Sidebar: This book can be read as a standalone despite these references from book #1). So Niniane is off to reclaim her throne, only one problem, she really doesn’t want to.

Niniane knew herself pretty well. She read Elle and People magazines, not the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. She had half a dozen lipsticks in her purse, all of them varying shades of pink. She loved pretty clothes, chocolate truffles and a good Pinot Noir. Her genetic makeup, not her designer mace, was the only thing that qualified her to be a potential head of anybody’s state. If the Datk Fae had a civil servant exam for the monarchy position, there was no way she could qualify even if they graded on a curve.

So there’s that… but she also got so used to living with the Wry. She’s also discovered that someone is out to kill her. She’s in a motel room contemplating all this when Tiago arrives. Thunderbird Wry Tiago, hell bent on protecting Niniane. But things happen, and he wants her, and is maybe mating with her…

Ah! What a storyteller this Thea Harrison is! I have to be honest, the book started out s-l-o-w. Book #1 did as well but picked up much faster than this one. I think I was still at 35% and wondering if it would pick up and when. THEN, it did! And boy did it pick up! I mean, Tiago is alpha male to the core, so he was bound to rock my world. Niniane was cute and hilarious, so I knew she’d be a worthy heroine… but the mystery… wowza! I loved trying to pick out the killer… I did guess it at some point but still I loved how wonderfully crafted the mystery was.

The world building also gets more intricate in this one. I think maybe too much in the first half. I mean, I didn’t mind it but it did slow things down considerably. All in all it makes the series that much better so I’m not complaining…

Annnd, back to our couple. Sigh, Tiago…

He was a warlord. To an ancient people he was a god of storm and lightning, a prince of the sky. He had been a god of war, quick to wrath and violence. Gentleness was an exoticism that bloomed only in her presence.

…the things Tiago said, the way he felt, the way he protected… ah!

“I’ll buy you a thousand pretty dresses, a mountain of pink lipsticks and a queen’s ransom in jewels, and I will never let anyone hurt you again.

Yes, I absolutely enjoyed this book. Already bought book #3. I will say again that it started out too slow. The last 65% of the book was a 5 star for me. But the fist 35% just didn’t do it for me.

4 stars.

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