Book Review – Shadow and Soul (The Night Horde SoCal #2) – Susan Fanneti

So I’m still on this quest to read everything Susan Fanetti has written. Why? Because she was my favorite discovery of last year. Hers are THE BEST biker books I’ve read… It’s not just grit, it’s also the fact that it all seems real. When I think of bikers, I don’t think of hearts and flowers, and let’s be honest, that’s what we get from other biker books… Fanetti’s show the darker side of what these men do… The outlaw ugly side… But she also gives us the hearts and flowers… because these bikers need that too 🙂

Shadow and Soul is Demon’s story. We met Demon AKA Michael in Strength and Courage where he was fighting to get custody of his son Tucker. While his brothers are out leading the outlaw life, Demon is staying back to avoid problems with the law, he needs to stay clean to get his son back. Meanwhile, we meet Faith. Faith grew up in that biker life. Her dad, Blue, was the SAA of the club and while she loved him with everything in her, she also hated that she couldn’t date. With Blue as a dad, dropping threats everywhere, no man would come close to Faith. Especially not the new prospect, Michael. But Faith and Michael were drawn to each other… Couldn’t stay away… And that led to so many rights… And so many wrongs… Ten years later they might have a chance to fix what they had… But they both have secrets…

“He’d been no good then, and the past ten years hadn’t made him better. He had seen things, done things that should never touch her. The darkness in him was darker, the wrongness more wrong.

Sigh, I loved this installment. It had everything that was missing in Book One. It has more heart. Demon’s story is not an easy one… Neither is it pretty. And while Demon is known for his quick temper, he has a heart hidden under all that…Man, did I feel for him..

“Theres a lot of darkness in that boy. He fights it, and there’s sweetness in him, too, almost a purity. But he doesn’t always win. And now he really knows what kind of damage he can do when he loses control. We all know. So he runs before he loses it. You can’t push Demon. Let him come to you. And then we’ll see what we see.”

And Faith was just my kind of heroine… And the best match for Demon. Their story had angst in bucketfuls…. It made me hurt. If I was a crier, I’d have cried…

Why the fuck couldn’t he control himself better? Why the fuck was it always wrong urges that got the reins in their teeth? Why the fuck did he feel everything- everything so fucking hard?

I loved almost everything about the book. My only reservations were the sex scenes. When I think of my first Fanetti book, I think of steam and grit in equal measure… But her steamy scenes are sadly not as steamy anymore… It’s a lot of ‘fuck oh fuck..’ And not much in the way of ‘feels’… But that was my only reservation… The rest of the book is a winner.

4 stars

Amazon Buy Link -> Shadow and Soul by Susan Fanetti


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