Book Review – Just One Lie – Kyra Davis

Sometimes you read a book and realize that all the books you were fawning over are just not as good as you thought they were… because this new book leaves them all in the dust. This new book is how all books should be written. So yes, I’ve found my favorite book of the year. In fact, it now sits very comfortable in my top ten books ever. Ever.

Just One Lie is my second Kyra Davis book. The first, Just One Night was so so good. But this one, whoa, this one is something else! It’s the story of Melody Fitzgerald. You might remember her as Kasie’s dead sister. Only Melody is not dead. She’s living in LA as Mercy Raye. Mercy is the lead singer of an indie band. They’re doing ok. But Mercy is still haunted by her past. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the man who killed her, Ash, is back. He’s back in her life and she shouldn’t be so happy but she is. It’s probably fate that he’s back. He hurt her once, but he’s back and he wants her back.

Ash is a stranger. He’s the stranger who took my life. One night with him, one night of rapture. That’s all it took to put an end to Melody Fitzgerald.

I used to be Melody, but that’s over and nothing about her life applies to me. Nothing. I don’t associate with Melody’s friends, I don’t have her addictions- and I refuse to have her pain!

So Mercy is starting over. But is it really starting over when the man you left behind is back in your life? Mercy is not sure she should have Ash back in her life. He’s so much like her. So self destructive. Living the fast life. But she loves him, and he loves her. She’s never really felt loved before. She needs just one person to show her he cares for her… even if that person is so so flawed.

As long as I can be his number one. As long as I can be someone’s number one. How awesome would it be to feel special again, if only intermittently? Intermittently would be better than never.

But then there’s Brad. The band’s new drummer. A Ken doll, too well put together. Everything fitting as it should… other than the drummer part. That doesn’t really fit. But he’s the best drummer the band has ever had. Only now he’s in Mercy’s life. And she’s starting to realize that things could be different. If only she wasn’t so weighted down by Melody’s life. Only as much as she tries to escape her past, it’s right there.

Those of us who are self-destructive will always love the ones who hurt us most.

God, this book made me feel. At one point I went to bed after a chapter and my heart was hurting bad. I told myself I should wake up and read one more chapter because I wanted to sleep with a lighter heart. And this book has that ability. To be funny, light, witty… but then to move to the deep and the dark… I was texting my best friend and quoting the hell out of the book… because I needed to take that break to reflect and discuss. Sigh… And though Mercy goes through the hard… she experiences happy, she experiences love… and it was so good to see. That even with the shadows that just wouldn’t let her be, she had moments of such pure beauty…

It’s not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s perfection, it’s crazy… it’s pure. It’s love.

Gah. I wish I could explain more than I am with this review. But I can’t do that without giving out too much. Because we do have a love triangle… we have Ash and Brad. I loved that it wasn’t as easy to dismiss one guy over the other… We have secrets and addictions and music and pain and heartbreak and pure pure joy. And the book spans years… it was just so incredibly perfect this book. And I know I’m just gushing about it but I can’t help myself. I want everyone to read it. To feel the angst and the pain and everything that makes this book just so perfect. And in the end…

I close my eyes and give in to the sensations. The clean air, the seduction, the love… This is what it’s supposed to feel like to breathe.

I’ve seen reviewers rating a book 6 stars out of 5. I’ve always wondered about that. Surely 5 out 5 is sufficient to let others know you loved the book. But now I’m so very tempted… because this is easily the best book I’ve read all year. I love love LOVED it, to infinity and beyond 😉

6 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Just One Lie by Kyra Davis

just one lie

I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this copy for my review.

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