Book Review – Lay it Down (Desert Dogs #1) – Cara McKenna

I’ve had Cara McKenna’s name mentioned to me a million times, so when someone told me that this book had the hottest sex scenes ever, I had to read it!

So this is the story. Vince is a small time criminal in his home town of Fortuity in the middle of nowhere Nevada. One of his best friends Alex is the deputy sheriff. Alex has had to put Vince behind bars a couple of times, but there’s been no hard feelings. One night Alex calls Vince and gives him a mysterious message, he wants to meet Vince, he’s scared, he’s seen some very suspicious things at the casino construction site in town. He wants to tell somebody. Vince agrees to meet up with Alex, but the meeting never takes place. Alex is dead, drunk driving. Vince knows that his friend is a heavy drinker, but he has never known him to drink and drive. So how exactly did Alex die? Vince wants to uncover the mystery… But there’s a distraction in the name Kim 🙂

She looked like no woman he’d ever been with, the kind they didn’t make in Fortuity. Calm, cautious. Not innocent, yet so goddamn in need of dirtying.

That’s basically the gist of the story. Kim however works for the Casino, kind of, and Vince wants nothing to do with anyone from the Casino. He wants Fortuity to remain the small town he grew up in, and that’s not going to happen once the Casino opens its doors. Flanked by Vince are his brother Case, and his bestfriends Miah and Raina… Collectively known as the Desert Dogs… Bikers in the sense that they ride bikes… But not in the Motorcycle Club sense…

So therein lay my first disappointment. I thought this was an MC book… But the ‘gang’ just rode bikes and there were only four of them. I was happy to overlook that after the initial disappointment but then I found that the story wasn’t as gripping as I’d hoped it would be. The mystery is there, but I could put the book down a couple of times… it just didn’t hold my attention. So then the remaining thing would be the steamy scenes… But those also fell flat. Needless to say, this was an all round disappointment for me.

Vince is a dirty talking possessive alpha, which is something I usually like in a book hero but for some weird reason, he just didn’t do it for me. Then his relationship with Kim just went from nothing to 100 in seconds. I’m not against instalove but I have to feel their connection and there just wasn’t any in my opinion.

The book had it’s moments. I have to admit that I’m very intrigued by the other ‘Desert Dogs…’ I hate that the mystery continues in the other books because it just did not hold my attention enough but I’m so very curious to find out who tames Case and if Raina and Miah will ever get back together again…

All in all…

2 stars

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lay it down

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2 Responses to Book Review – Lay it Down (Desert Dogs #1) – Cara McKenna

  1. Tw says:

    I really like Cara McKenna but not all her books are winners. My favourites are Willing Victim, after hours and hard time. She does absolutely write some of the best sex scenes I have read. I would give these books a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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