Book Review – Evening Storm – Anne Calhoun

Very few books grab my attention from the get go. I’m the kind of person who needs at least a chapter to get into the swing of things, which is why I was so impressed when I read the first paragraph and fell in love immediately! I’ve only read one other Anne Calhoun book and I absolutely loved it! Now that this one also rocked my reading world, I’ve vowed to read everything she’s written!

So Evening Storm is the story of Simone Dermachelier, the owner of a high-end lingerie chain called Irresistible, and Ryan Hamilton, a wolf of Wall Street. They meet when Ryan brings his latest eye candy to Irresistible on a shopping spree. Simone is immediately jealous, something that never happens. But when Ryan brings girl after girl to the shop, Simone is sure she can resist his charm. Only there’s something lurking behind the facade. There’s something tortured and sad behind Ryan’s playboy persona, and though Simone knows she should stay away, she finds it hard to turn him away when he keeps coming back.

On the surface Ryan looked like any other Manhattan playboy, but the dark circles under his eyes, the haunted look in their hazel depths, the grooves on either side of his mouth, the stories he told, wove a spell of seductive darkness and complexity that kept her listening.

Ryan is in the middle of what is bound to be a catastrophe. The bank he works for is knee deep in shady dealings and thanks to his newly found conscience, he’s turned into an FBI informant. He can’t possibly drag Simone into the impending disaster. But he also can’t keep away.

I’ve talked to you for maybe ten hours of my life, but when I don’t see you, I feel half alive. And the funny thing, the thing that really sucks, is that before I met you I didn’t even realise I was half alive. You’ve ruined me for the life I used to have.”

Believe me when I tell you, you have to read an Anne Calhoun book! She spins such lyrically wonderful tales… her introduction scenes grab you immediately, her heroes are perfectly flawed and her heroines have a backbone. Like I said, I’m getting all her books after this!

The thing with this book was how easily she made a book with very few sex scenes, so erotic! These two burn up the pages, while managing to do very little. I loved that. I loved that Ryan was flawed, but still alpha… I loved that Simone held her own, managed to bring Ryan to his knees. I loved that some scenes were like poetry woven so intricately into a complicated plot. I loved that we had to wait for these two… I loved and loved and loved the hell out of this book!

4.5 Stars!

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I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this ARC for my review

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