Book Review – The Ground Rules – Roya Carmen

You like the sound of a book, you check it on Goodreads and there are 5 stars galore. You check it on Amazon and find more 5 stars, everyone agrees that this book is amazing! So you settle down with it and the confusion sets in, did you get the right book? How can you be the only person in the world not feeling the book? There has to be something wrong.

And you get where I’m going with this, but first a synopsis. Mirella and Gabe have been together forever. They have a good marriage – they love each other, they have two wonderful children and their sex life is still going strong. One night they meet a couple, Weston and Bridget. This new couple is very well together, clearly rich and oh so very hot. The new couple proposes an arrangement, not exactly swinging, more like a couple swap. There are rules:

1. Don’t sleep around.
2. Don’t kiss and tell.
3. Be nice.
4. Don’t text or call.
5. Don’t fall in love

These rules are in place to make sure there’s never any jealousy between the married couples. But of course the rules start being broken one by one. Bridget is clearly into Gabe.. and vice versa… but it’s Mirella and Weston who slowly dip their toes into the forbidden waters… and find that they love it.

So here’s the thing… there are people who will never read a book that has cheating in it, or a love triangle et cetera… I’ve always thought that if a book makes me feel… then the book has accomplished what it set out to do. Then The Ground Rules came around. Everyone lauded it as angsty… but I have to say I was angry the entire time…. or rolling my eyes. I mean, for someone with a loving husband and two lovely kids, Mirella behaved abhorrently… like a lovestruck teenager. I don’t claim to always make the right decisions but when it comes to my marriage and my child, I certainly will try. And I feel she didn’t.

As much as I want to end this, I’m willing to put everything on the line – my sanity, my marriage, my heart.

Gah! She just jumped in headfirst into something that would clearly hurt her husband and children. She hardly thought of them… even when she knew how badly it would hurt them. I’m of the opinion that if something leads you to hurt those you love, then you should cut it off. As soon as she realised that things were getting deeper with Weston, she should have stopped the deal. It would hurt her for some time but surely it would save those she loves… right?

I’m probably coming off as very judgmental, I tried not to judge her, but I’ve honestly never thought theses things end well. I have friends who swing… and though I would never do it (tempting as it may be) I’ve always thought at least they’re not hurting anyone… but the arrangement in The Ground Rules was just a mess to begin with. All that jealousy that should have been a red flag – ignored.

Gah! This book was just not for me. Mirella behaved like a teenager… she ignored responsibility, she lashed out… I just did not like her at all. Also how long did it take her to realize what the proposition was?

Suddenly, it all falls together. My heart drops. I feel nauseous. I’m no idiot – I’ve put two and two together.

I actually laughed out loud. Took her forever to put two and two together! She also just couldn’t make up her mind. I’m indecisive, but jeez Mirella drove me nuts! One minute the proposition puts ‘the look of horror’ on her face, and in the same sentence she just wants ‘to go straight to bed.’ I mean, make up your mind woman!

Sigh… this book made me angry. I suppose the fact that it brought out such a strong emotion means something… but I’ve never differed this much with other reviews. I might be alone in my thoughts… but well..

2.5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link -> The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen

ground rules

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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2 Responses to Book Review – The Ground Rules – Roya Carmen

  1. Heather Hicks says:

    I’ve read a few books like this, sometimes I feel horrible after I read them, other times it’s different. Weird. I think I will just stick to straight up romance novels and not branch out too much. I’m kinda boring I guess. Right now it’s Leslie Hachtel and her book Texas Summer, it has a great heroine and I like that most about it. is her site, she has a few other books that I am also looking forward too.

    • I always try to be a bit adventurous with my reading but sadly it hardly ever works. I suppose I have a ‘type’ 🙂 I’ll try out Leslie’s books though, thanks Heather!

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