Book Review – Louder Than Love – Jessica Topper

What a wonderful little find!!! So I was stalking somebody’s Goodreads page because I realized we almost always agree on what we think are 5 star reads… Which is where I came across this book… Seeing it stored in that somebody’s ‘favorite books’ list made me buy it and start it immediately… I went in blind, which is lucky for me because I’m not a big fan of rock star books, and this is that… yet so much more than that…

Katrina or Tree as her friends call her, has moved back home after losing her husband… As a librarian, she decides to organize something for the kids at the local library… She herself has a four year old, Abbey. Abbey is in love with a particular kids’ show and so Katrina decides to hunt down the show’s theme song artist… She lands him, Adrian Graves and is surprised when she finds he’s not only older than she is, but she’s also attracted to him. But he’s everything she’s not, where does he fit in her organized librarian life?

Despite all my organizing and arranging, I had never noticed the logical order to it all. The Dewey Decimal System placed Marriage and Family at 306.8. And death and Dying at 306.9. How very tidy. Grief and love, hand in hand. Yet beside me sat Adrian, and what I felt for him defied classification. Was there a  a place for reclusive rock stars? For a heavy metal hero with a heart of gold? “You,” I kissed each temple, then nose tip and chin. “You are glorious chaos.”

This book gave me everything I needed, and more. Katrina’s description of losing her husband was so vivid, so emotional but more than that it made me understand. It was all so well written I marvelled at every page.

“I wanted to tell him about who I was before Pete, and what I had been like when I met him. How we connected, how we had blended our lives together seamlessly. Like a glass vessel, slowly turning, without end. And, inevitably, how I shattered without him, left with nothing but glass shards no one would dare touch. How Abbey, my family, and my friends gathered around me, trying to sooth my sharp edges, bleeding and hurt as well. How time then wrapped around me, working to wear down the points until I was left with sides as soft ash supple as tumbled sea glass. Once translucent, now opaque. Changed.

Then there was her relationship with her daughter and her friends… So so wonderfully written, I felt like I knew them all…. And as a young mother with my friends also jumping on the baby wagon, I felt excited for it all just because this book made it much more…

I was on a road trip with my husband and I kept reading out loud chunks of the book… I identified so much with Ka,  even though much of what she went through has never happened to me…. At one point my husband said ‘are you the one who wrote the book? It’s so you!’ And it was. I loved and loved and loved every page…

And while I identified with the heroine, I fell in love with the hero…. There was so much depth to him… Half the time I wanted to cry, the other half I wondered where men like these exist… Sigh

“I have never been loved…” I heard his voice catch. “… like I have been loved by you. And I have never loved like I love you. You’ve got to know this.”

It has mature characters, witty and downright hilarious parts and so much emotion, good and bad. Brilliant, well rounded characters, love, loss, laughter, rock and roll…. All in the most wonderfuly written package…it was just what I needed.

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Louder than Love by Jessica Topper


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