Book Review – The Master (The Game Maker #2) – Kresley Cole

I once read ten Kresley Cole books in two weeks. That’s how much I adore her writing. I’m talking of course about her paranormal series, Immortals After Dark. I’ve never read anything like it, so when she released The Professional, an erotic romance book, I was definitely going to read it – her steamy scenes in the paranormal are so hot, I couldn’t wait to see what she’d do with erotica. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Then I went on a blogging hiatus which made me miss the release of The Master. So yesterday night I’m still stuck in a book slump when I decided to re-read The Professional, came across The Master and started immediately. I couldn’t sleep! Read it in one go and though I’m completely sleep deprived, I’d do it all over again. This author is one after my heart! Steamy scenes so steamy I could be convinced she invented the word!

So yes, this is Erotica done so so well. And the story? Maksimilian Sevasyan is a Russian politician with Mafiya links. oh and a Billionaire, let’s not forget that. He’s a hobbyist, or what you’d call a man who never dates and has a different escort every night. So he’s in Miami and he hires an escort for the night. Same thing he goes for, tall, blonde and European. Unfortunately, Ivana is unwell, so she sends her cleaning lady Cat.

Cat is not an escort, never had sex for money. In fact, only ever slept with one guy. But Cat is in trouble, she needs the money. Though she’s nervous, she admits that she would sleep with the hot Russian even if money was not on the table, so she does, and it’s hot, and different… and pity she’ll never see him again. Because she’s not an escort, and he doesn’t hire the same escort twice. Until he does 🙂

Man was this book hot! If you’re looking for well written Erotica, then look no further! I mean, these two heat up age after page! But they both have their secrets… and Cat’s might be the biggest of them all.

I absolutely loved the book! I loved watching them fall for each other. Loved the super feisty heroine, fell for the sexy alpha male… and while I had issues with the Spanish (I have Latina friends who don’t infuse every sentence with a Spanish word, it just seemed off), still the book won me over. I loved the steam, the angst, and the end…

His was on the right side of his cheat; mine was on my left… because we were intertwined. In sync. Lock and key. Our bodies, our lives.

sigh… I’m not sure what to do with myself now that it’s over.

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> The Master by Kresley Cole


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