Book Review – The Mistake (Off Campus #2) – Elle Kennedy

As soon as I was done with The Deal, I jumped right into The Mistake. I was so excited to read Logan’s story and to find out which girl managed to tame the ultimate man whore…

So yes, The Mistake is Logan’s story. Logan hates what he’ll be forced to do after graduation. So he escapes by hooking up with random girls at parties. He plans to continue doing just this when he meets Grace Ivers, a Freshman at Briar University. She immediately falls for Logan, but Logan messes it up, and now he has to work hard to get Grace back.

I enjoyed book one in this series. I read it so fast, laughed and swooned the entire time. So I immediately knew I wanted to read book two. But I was disappointed. I mean, Logan is hot and I loved how he met Grace, BUT, book two just isn’t as good as book one. The characters are not as compelling as those in The Deal, I mean, logan is no Garrett. He’s hot, but he didn’t make my heart race. Grace is also a lesser Hannah, I felt. It’s basically another version of jock falls for the unlikely student, which we already had in book one.

I will say that Logan’s story is sad, and it did tug at my heartstrings. I love how hard he fell for grace and the ways he tried to get her back…

Thing is, these books can be read as standalones, and I think if I’d read The Mistake first, I probably wouldn’t have had the problems I had with it. Unfortunately I had read The Deal, so this just didn’t excite me as much. In fact by the end, I just wanted to get to the last page. Then I got to the epilogue and it was sweet.

Because yes, even though my review is one major complaint, the book does have its positives. The humor, the erotic scenes… it had its moments. And because of those moments…

3 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> The Mistake by Elle Kennedy

the mistake

I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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