Book Review – CODA (Songs of Submission #9) – CD Reiss

God I loved this book! Loved loved loved! You’d think by the time this series gets to book #9 it would start to slowly lose steam but it just gets better and better! If you’re looking at the series reading order and thinking ‘no way I’ll read 9 books’, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. Put aside anything you want to read and start from book #1, you won’t be able to stop till you’re done! That’s a promise.

CODA is a story about what happens after the happily ever after. We find Jonathan and Monica 6 months after Jonathan’s heart surgery. Both suffering post traumatic stress, both worried that Jonathan’s new heart will give out, both treading on thin ice around each other. They still love each other, but there are so many things going unsaid these days. Not to mention the fact that their love life has now turned vanilla. But Jonathan is determined to change this. He’s determined to reclaim Monica. He’ll do anything to keep her.

I still hadn’t adjusted to being two people in one body, and my wife knew it. She was drifting away like a bottle bobbing in the surf, tide by tide. She wasn’t Jessica. She’d never leave, at least not for someone else. But she’d leave with distraction and indifference. And at the thought of the lost intimacy, I felt a blade of ice cold rage so thick I had no room for a reaction or an emotion. My head was clear. The anger had pushed out all the clutter. She was mine to lose, but she was mine.

Sigh… what a wonderful wonderful story! I’m so in love with these two I don’t know what to do with myself! I want to beg CD Reiss to make this a never ending series… to keep writing and writing about these two until… well… until someone in their right minds picks it up and makes it a TV show that never ends 🙂

We get everything in the book, heartbreak, love, lust… oh my, the lust! The book opens with ‘I brushed my thumb against her nipple‘ and I immediately started looking for the fan… I knew it was going to be a hot ride and it did not disappoint. I’ll even go as far as saying CD Reiss writes the sexiest scenes I’ve ever read. Whether you’re into BDSM erotica or not, you’d have to be dead for these scenes not to turn you on 🙂

And the writing… God, the writing! I was on a road trip with my husband and I kept reading scenes out loud to him. He’s not a fan of fiction but by now he knows CD Reiss because I just couldn’t shut up about the book. Did I mention that I read it in one day? And I was on holiday with a 9 week old baby?! If that’s not addiction I don’t know what is!

So Jonathan decides to reclaim back his wife. He becomes the dominant we all know and love… and boy was it hot! But it wasn’t just that. It was emotional and downright sad at times. These two go through a lot. They suffer. But they come out on the other end. Not without scars, both physical and emotional. But stronger in their love and their desire for each other.

He was my sky. And through blood and breath, sin and sorrow, I was his sea, and wherever the horizon was, and the world ended, we were there, together.

If you thought you loved these two before, you’ll fall into a deeper level of obsession. They must be the best fictional characters ever created.

5 stars! Infinite stars! Just… brilliant!

Amazon Buy Link -> CODA by CD Reiss


I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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