Book Review – Tight – Alessandra Torre

I’m a huge fan of Alessandra Torre… the twists and turns in her books and the scorching hot sex scenes have me addicted. So of course I was going to read her newest 🙂

Tight is the story of Riley and Brett who we first met in a short story – Still. Riley is on a bachelorette holiday with her friends when she meets Brett. She thinks it’s a one night stand but it turns out to be much more.

“I told you, this doesn’t have to be anything.”

“Or,” he shrugged, stepping forward, his mouth pressing softly against my cheek, my lips crying for the missed contact, the taste of his tongue, the onelastchance that might have flown by, “it could be the start of everything.”

Brett is Mr. Perfect… or so he seems. He wants Riley and so he pursues her. But things about him are not adding up. He has a secret, that’s for sure, and it’s huge.

I knew what I felt. I loved him. But I didn’t know him. And I didn’t trust him. The man I had fallen for hid something. I could feel it, slipping into bed with us at night, slithering up my bare legs, looking for a vulnerable place to bite.

I’ve always been a big fun of huge plot twists, from my Nancy Drew days to my John Grisham days. So when I found Erotica, I thought I had to say adieu to plot twists because let’s be honest, there’s hardly much more than sex in most of these books. Then I found Alessandra Torre’s books and I couldn’t believe I’d found both. Tight continues in the same thread as her other books, there’s a huge plot twist. I thought I had it figured out but of course she threw in another twist meant to blow my mind.

I shouldn’t have followed them. I should have paid the cabbie, gotten out, and walked back into the lobby. Taken the elevator up to my room and waited on Brett. You see, here is where my story ends.

Thud! Yeah, that was my heart! All the while I had the feeling I knew where this was going… but when I read that I started doubting myself. Problem is, while I was dead wrong… I still felt the book would have been better with what I had in mind. I know, I know… she’s the author and I should leave her to it..AND, kudos for throwing me off the scent but… gah! The twist was a bit anti climactic :/

So what I’m I going on about? That you will have to read for yourself. It’s hard to review a book with a twist because you don’t want to sell out too much of the plot. But I will say this, expect some good erotica with a dark tale intertwined with humor. Ah, that’s the new thing, humor. I fail to remember if her other books were quite as witty… but the main character Riley made me smile a couple of times because of her wit 🙂

So all in all the book had some really good moments and some funny moments and it felt solid all the way till the twist was revealed and then I felt slightly underwhelmed. But that’s just me.

3.5 stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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