Book Review – Touch (Pagano Family #2) – Susan Fanetti

I am so glad I stuck with this series! Book #1 was so-so in my opinion but this one… wow, this one! Takes me back to THE Susan Fanetti who wrote my favorite books of the year Move the Sun and Behold the Stars! Back to vintage form, she has created another hero to rival Isaac… sigh, swoon and everything in between!

Touch is the story of Luca Pagano. Luca is a man-whore and he doesn’t try to hide it. He doesn’t see himself in a steady relationship and that’s fine by him. He has a steady stream of blondes he sleeps with and he would like to keep it that way… until he meets Manny. Manny or Emmanuelle, is a masseuse and a publicist for her brother’s band. She suffers from a condition that makes her different from most other people; amongst other symptoms, she says exactly what she’s thinking. So when she decides she likes Luca, she goes ahead and says it. She’s not exactly Luca’s type but what the hey… they can have some fun. Until Luca learns of her condition and he can’t help but feel for her, want to make her life different.. and he wants to be a part of that life…

Ah I loved this book! Definitely up there with my favorite of the year! Luca was the perfect hero. Fell in love a bit too fast but the way he persevered and fought for his relationship with Manny was just beautiful.

“I don’t know how to love. That’s my whole problem. I don’t know how to do it.”

“You love your brother. Your mom and dad.:

“That took my whole life. And it’s different from what you want. I can love them from the distance I need. What you want from me is different.”

“I just want to touch you.”

See, Manny’s condition makes it difficult for anyone to get close to anyone outside her family. But Luca tries… he teaches her how to love… and he loves her enough to persevere everything thrown his way. And believe me a lot gets thrown their way. It’s as if the universe conspires to just keep them apart… from mental breakdowns to Mafia deals gone wrong…

“I’m losing you, bit. You’re sneaking away from me, I can feel it.”

Expect some hard to handle scenes… but in the end…

“You’re butterflies. Everybody else is spiders.”

That gave me goosebumps. And you’ll see why when you read the book.

I’ll end by saying that I’m in love with Susan Fanetti’s writing. Absolutely in love. I may not love all the books the same way… to be honest some have been huge hits while others have hit the mark in my opinion, but the one constant is that her writing draws me in. I could honestly read nothing but her books till the end of the year and be completely sated. In fact i have to stop myself from diving into the third book in this series because this is an Erotica Blog not a Susan Fanetti fan club (though I could turn into into the latter 🙂 )

5 stars!

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