Book Review – Prisoner – Skye Warren & Annika Martin

I’m a huge Skye Warren fan. I loved her Beauty Series and Wanderlust is one of my favorite dark erotica books… so of course I was excited to read Prisoner. Prisoner is the story of Abbie, an undergraduate student who is tasked with teaching prisoners for her class project. On her first day she meets Grayson. From all the shackles and the guards, he’s clearly the biggest and baddest of them all… yet for some reason she’s drawn to him.

As part of the project, the prisoners have to write a memoir that will appear in an online journal. Grayson knows that that’s his only chance to get word out to his people. He has to join that class… and toying with the new prim teacher isn’t too bad either 🙂

The book’s blurb doesn’t give away too much, so the reader more or less goes in blind. I was excited by the prospect of the story… I love when dark erotica is actually as it should be, dark, no colour coating. And what could be darker than a prisoner taking a captive. Is that even possible? I was intrigued. It however turned out to not be everything I’d hoped for.

I’ll start with the positives, an original storyline… at least not one I’ve read before. I loved the build up to their relationship… their interactions. I loved how deep the story turned out to be… how much more complicated it was… but then we have the negatives…

My biggest problem was the telling of the story. As I said, I loved that it was complicated. That there was this underlying story that made Grayson so much more than a prisoner… and another that introduced us to a not so prim Abbie. However, it was all ‘told’ to us. It was as if the authors were in a bit of a hurry… I wish we would have experienced all that happened to Grayson with him… I wish it wasn’t presented to us in such a hurried way. It was then hard to really feel for him… connect with him. I felt as if much of the important story was thrown in while if we had chapters of ‘the past’ or something similar, I would have felt as part of the story and not an outsider.

Related to this was the fact that all this ‘telling’ made for a very descriptive, easily readable book, but one that was hard to connect with. I didn’t feel as much as I wanted to. The sex scenes were hurried, even the action scenes felt odd… I didn’t feel my heart lurch,  it was just a feeling of ‘oh, that’s sorta interesting.’ Ditto the love story… insta love :/

Maybe it’s because I read a lot of thrillers… I just love to feel the energy of a story unfolding… the emotions that go with it… this one just didn’t have the same effect. It’s a pity because the underlying story is intriguing… if only the reader was given time to enjoy it.

Although it was not the execution I would have hoped for, the originality was there in spades.

3 stars.

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I’d like to thank the authors for providing this copy for my review.

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