Book Review – Move the Sun (Signal Bend #1) – Susan Fanetti

This is officially my newest addiction!

I’ve been in a book rut of sorts for months now. I’ve read a few good books, one excellent book and many mediocre ones in between. I’ve been looking for a new author, a new series… anything to get me out of my rut and I dare say I found it! I’ve had this series on my kindle for weeks now and just the other day I decided to give it a go… one word: Brilliant! I honestly can’t wait to finish this review so I can dig into book #2!

So what’s it about? Lilli Accardo has had a tough life. Life has definitely not been kind. But Lilli has never been one to wallow in self pity… not for long anyway. She moves to the small town of Signal Bend. A mysterious move that catches the eye of none other than Isaac Lunden. Isaac is the President of the Night Horde Motorcycle Club and de facto protector of the town and its citizens. See, the town is slowly dying, and the only way to keep it afloat is through the protection of the Night Horde and their not quite legal dealings. Signal Bend is one of those towns where time stood still. Everyone knows everyone… nobody moves into Signal Bend… most people move out. So what exactly does Lilli want with the town?

What a refreshing book! I mean, how many MC Biker series are out there? Having read some of them, I can honestly say that this is the most refreshing one yet. It’s different. It does not conform to all the other standards set by the more known Biker books. It keeps the authenticity of the biker world while maintaining a different sort of identity.

I am admittedly not the biggest fan of the ‘Biker ‘MC’ Genre.’ I mean I’ve loved some of the books and absolutely love how uninhibited these bikers are… makes for the best kind of erotica in my opinion 😉 However, since reading my first ever biker series, I haven’t felt like the rest have come close to dethroning it. A lot of imitations out there. Dirty mouthed bikers and uninspiring female leads… gets monotonous. But for some reason I wanted to read Susan Fanetti’s take on things and I was not disappointed.

First, the female lead is strong and intelligent. Most female leads in biker books tend to not have a career or much of an education. They’re bossed around by the alpha male leads and well… let’s just say, they are not memorable. Lilli on the other hand was intelligent. Graduated summa cum laude and knew her way around protecting herself. I loved that she gave as much as she took, and that she kept Isaac on his toes.

Isaac is also not your typical MC President. Yes, he’s sexy as all hell BUT, he wasn’t just a hot body and a dirty mouth. What surprised me the most was how honest he was. How sweet he was. He was secure enough to love Lilli, even when things looked like they might not work out. He just stole my heart. That and the fact that he absolutely turned it on under the sheets… and everywhere else. If, just like me, you’ve been looking for well written erotic scenes, then this is it! And they are not few, let me tell you 🙂

So there is love and there is perfect perfect steam… but there was also conflict. I mean it IS a biker book in the end. Isaac and Lilli are both keeping secrets from each other. They’re attracted to each other, they can’t keep their hands off each other, and yes, they’re falling into something deeper… but they both have things to do in Signal Bend. They can’t risk involving each other… and that’s where the line between trust and threat stands.

Again, I absolutely loved this book. I loved how action filled it was. How I couldn’t figure out the mystery until the author laid it out for me. I hate it when I know what’s happening before I’m meant to. And worse still before the unsuspecting heroine. There was no unsuspecting heroine here. Just a lot of mystery, a lot of sex and a whole lot of loving.

An absolute must read!

5 stars to the love that moves the sun and other stars!

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12 Responses to Book Review – Move the Sun (Signal Bend #1) – Susan Fanetti

  1. Navy says:

    Thank you and thank you!!!! I have been on a book rut too. To the point where I have reread several books and not joking I have started four new books from my tbr but haven’t been able to get into them. Going to try this one.

  2. Madeline Jacquemin says:

    Yes this is a really fabulous series,but be aware it gets really gritty and at times gut wrenching ,never the less I loved it best out of every MC book I have ever read.😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    I personally think that SF’s biker books are the best in the genre. Not too romantic, not too dark, just enough combination of both plus really hot love scenes as well!!!!

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