Book Review – Dreamfever (Fever #4) – Karen Marie Moning

“I was no longer sexually vulnerable to the death-by-sex Fae Prince. Jericho Barrons was my poison now.”

Now we’re talking! The series finally moved to where I’d wanted it to go since the beginning 🙂

But first a synopsis. It’s finally Halloweens and all the creatures have come out to play. Mac is without her two protectors, V’lane and Barrons, which is how she finds herself in the control of the Lord Master. He turns her Priya (something of a sex addict to put it mildly) and is about to do more harm when she is rescued. But nobody ever recovers from being Priya. Unless they have Jericho Barrons to help them. And the help comes in the form on six erotically charged months (yay me!). And as all this is going on, the Lord Master finally has control of all the dark powers and has set them loose…

The first book was exciting, the next two stagnated in my opinion, this one umped things back again and I was glad I stuck it out. I have to be honest that the only reason I enjoyed this one more is because the relationship between Mac and Barrons finally turns sexual… And though the author is not one for graphic details, it was detailed enough to make me happy 🙂

The end of the world business also reaches its climax in this book. The inevitable, everything that Mac fought, has finally happened. Nobody could stop it if they tried. And they did try. Now it’s onto the fixing business. The world has been taken over by Unseelie, theyre not even bothering with glamor anymore. But somebody has to fix things, and that somebody is Mac.

Again, while the author is absolutely brilliant at world building, I am still not as invested in the end of the world stuff. It had its exciting moments but well… The last few chapters felt too drawn out for me. I can’t put my finger onto why I can’t stop reading though. Maybe I’m just stubborn and want to see how it all ends. Maybe the few pages that actually have Barrons in them are enough to carry the series… Maybe it’s the author’s insight into human nature that keeps me enthralled… Whatever it is, kudos Karen Marie Moning! I plan to read the last book in the series… and that massive cliffhanger at the end has me salivating!

4 stars!

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Series Reading Order

dark 1blood 2fae 3dream 4shadow 5

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