Book Review – Vanquish – Pam Godwin

I was anxiously waiting for this book and was surprised when one day I realised it had been released and I hadn’t heard a word about it. So of course I bought it immediately and prepared myself to be wowed!

Vanquish is Van’s story. You must remember him from Deliver (one of my favorite reads of the year!). Van is a kidnapper, a slave trafficker, a rapist, a murderer and has an unhealthy obsession with dolls. He is now out in the world and pissed off that Liv and the rest of the slaves are free, so he decides to find Liv and confront her. See, he is still obsessed with Liv… but instead of Liv, he gets Amber. Crazy, neurotic Amber with a million and one behavioural disorders. Van is fascinated. He has to have her.

He was a cold-hearted fuck with an appetite for blood, come, and tears. And he had the perfect girl to feed it.

So again, I was so excited to get Van’s story. Deliver painted him out to be the craziest of crazies and I wanted to know more about him. He was the villain I was rooting for, and for some reason wanted him to find his happily ever after. I expected the darkest of stories, at the very least a thrilling one. I got something completely different. I got a neat story all wrapped up in a bow and very predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed large aspects of it, there was just nothing unexpected in the story.

Van’s story turned out to be a version of the ‘hooker with a heart of gold.’ He was no longer dark… he was just a man with a horrid past looking to make everything right. And so he did. They met, they fell in love, they had their conflicts, they had some sad moments and some (very) hot moments, and then everything came full circle.

To say I was a bit disappointed would be right. I love Pam Godwin’s books. Nothing is ever straight forward. Her characters fight to the messy end to get their Happily Ever After. I expected the same for Van. It however couldn’t have been more straight forward :/

I will say though that the steamy scenes were HOT. I had come from reading books with hardly any steam so I was looking forward to some erotica and on that front, Vanquish did not disappoint. However, we all know Pam Godwin as a dark Erotica/Romance/Thriller writer, this did not fall in any of those categories. I suppose if you go in knowing this then you’ll just enjoy the story. But if you go in looking for another Beneath the Burn or Deliver, you’ll be a tad disappointed.

3 stars.

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