Book Review – Faefever (Fever #3) – Karen Marie Moning

This series is driving me insane! How can I be so annoyed by something yet cant seem to stop wanting more of it?

Let me first explain. Fae fever brings us back to Mac’s quest for the Sinsar Dubh. She still doesnt know whether to trust Barrons or not, especially since he reveals nothing about himself. She therefore finds a third ally, V’lane. Both men want the book and both are vying for Mac’s…trust if you will. But while all this is happening, something bigger is brewing, and when it hits, no one will be safe.

Now to my feelings about the book. Conflicted. That’s it in one word. I enjoy the world that the author has created. I’m absolutely fascinated by Barrons and I love that he’s such an enigma. I’m so curious about him and if I’m honest, thats why I keep reading. I’m not as enthralled with the ‘end of the world’ drama and Mac has started annoying me :/

Thing is, she does things that don’t seem logical to me. Like always planning meetings in the dark when we all know she’s afraid of it. As she should be. I get that the book would be boring if she were a coward but I just don’t think it all makes sense. The other thing is that she keeps asking questions and getting no answers. From Barrons, from V’lane and now the other sidhe seers. It seems to me she’s giving more of herself than she’s getting back and that would piss me off, but she more or less takes it. Sigh..

The brilliance of it all is that at 80% I already bought book 4 and 5.. So the author is doing something very right…

I have many disclaimers that I should add but for now I will say this, I prefer a 60/40 romance/suspense measure in my books… This one is more 20/80, 20 being the romance… So maybe, just maybe that’s the reason I am not super sold on the series…

That being said, the suspense is very well done and we’re left on a major cliffhanger…

3 stars.

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2 Responses to Book Review – Faefever (Fever #3) – Karen Marie Moning

  1. tracy says:

    Hi Jesse; I have been getting your emails for a while now and love to read your book reviews. But I get the sense you have been leaning heavily towards more sci-fi and vampire smut books lately and I must admit I miss reading reviews about smutty fiction. For some reason I just cant get into the alternate universe stuff. Hoping to see some more variety soon! Keep reading. Enjoy

    • I did get really into paranormal for a while there but the phase is actually gone 🙂 I’m reading Dark Erotica/Romance right now since to be honest I really missed my smut! So variety soon 😉

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